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Why choose us as your preferred partner for company events in France?

We understand that the corporate environment is competitive and that you’re looking for a unique edge: an event that is  both distinctive and impressive.

How do we make this happen for our valued clients? Our formula is simple and effective. First, we ensure that we understand your goals and your requirements for the event in question. Then we go further. A company event reflects the group holding it, so we take the time to learn about yours: its goals, values, and business strategy. As the leading corporate travel agency for France, we can then guarantee the creation of an event that is in strong keeping with your company values and brand image.

The next stage blends creativity with painstaking analysis. We input your goals and requirements to form one axis or row of our event ‘spreadsheet’. The other axis, or column, is filled by over 20 years of experience in corporate events and travel management and an extensive knowledge of France: its incredibly rich culture, history, food and wine, and natural wonders. We match our knowledge to the event requirements, exploring different themes, venues, food, wine, and entertainment options. The entire team at our corporate travel agency takes an active part in this stage. Each staff member uses their specialist knowledge to search for that surprise element to create an event that exceeds clients’ expectations. Working hand in hand with you, our logical,l coherent approach delivers the options that will best meet your needs. This is the essence of a dedicated, professional corporate travel agency.

Whether your planned event is a client entertainment function, company team-building program, conference or awards ceremonywe apply an entirely bespoke approach. We explore all the options, ensuring the ideal balance of elements and adding that special “spark”. Our involvement can vary: we might intervene from the early planning stage in creating the concept, or assist in delivering the event to your exacting plans and standards.

More than just an event management partner

Our philosophy is one that values authenticity. We are proud of France’s culture and play our part in honouring it. When planning an event, elements such as the venue, catering, and entertainment can reflect not only the company’s values but showcase the celebrated traditions of the region where the event is held. We involve local experts and artisans in planning company events throughout France: cultural ambassadors who will bring much to the experience for your guests and staff. We’re your dedicated corporate travel agency with a special French touch!

We value our clients’ trust and prize the close relationships we have built over time. Our agency is dedicated to  fulfilling your requirements and vision to the utmost degree. Let our expertise guide you for your next corporate event, private company gala or team-building getaway in France.

For those looking for some inspiration, we share some of our favorite past events and bespoke, creative company functions in the Exclusive section.

Our satisfaction lies in working with clients on a repeated basis. We would be thrillled to become your privileged corporate travel agency for France. So contact us now to start designing your next company event or team-building tour in France.

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Looking for an agency dedicated to business tourism and world-class company events? Exclusive France Tours is your go-to partner.

Corporate tailor-made packages

Bretagne: des bâtiments historiques
Tailor-made packages
L'hotel Gouin.
Tailor-made packages
Des remparts le long de la mer en Bretagne
Tailor-made packages
La salle de réception dressée pour un dîner.
Tailor-made packages
corporate travel management in France - wine course
Tailor-made packages
la place devant le grand hôtel de Bordeaux
Tailor- made packages

CREATING BUSINESS TOURS AND STAYS in unique and extraordinary  places around France is one of our areas of expertise. Whether for an international board meeting, a strategy planning day or a reception for your most important clients, we work with you to develop the concept, venue and ambiance that perfectly match your brief. We go beyond meeting your goals and requirements. In crafting your unique corporate event, we take the time to get to know and understand the company itself: its goals, values, and precise business strategy. In so doing, we ensure that the events we design just for you perfectly uphold and reflect your company culture, brand and values.

Need some suggestions for your next company event or tour?

For those based in Paris and limited for time, the Champagne region may be an ideal location for your next event or team-building trip. Close to the capital but still a world away, the change of scenery allows your guests to leave their concerns and pressing tasks behind and focus on the event at hand. Themes can be built around your specific needs and requirements. For a marketing conference, what better venue than the cellars of some of the region’s most prestigious champagne houses?  For companies dedicated to values of sustainability, an organic vineyard might offer the perfect setting. For companies wishing to promote women in management, a meeting at the famous champagne house of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin would emblematise that commitment. Otherwise, for those wishing to demonstrate the strength of family-owned companies, the fascinating and world-renowned champagne house Taittinger could make an ideal venue.

You may want to organise a company meeting for delegates who do not know each other well: in this case, you will need a  more isolated, intimate setting to foster interaction. For an international board meeting, one of our favourite locations is a small hotel situated deep in a picturesque forest. The former hunting lodge beautifully restored into a charming hotel provides privacy and intimacy. With the Burgundy vineyards a simple drive away, there is the option for wine-based activities: an authentic 2CV rally and a private gala dinner at the historic Hospices de Beaune.

The possibilities are endless…

You may want to add a physical challenge or outdoor excursion to your event to encourage interaction and bonding – perhaps for a meeting of senior management from different countries. Possibilities include the Pic du Midi in the Pyrenees National Park, 2,676 metres above sea level. Camping under the stars, surrounded by stunning snow-capped mountain peaks:  the perfect setting for conversation and camaraderie. Team activities such as abseiling can help build mutual trust and confidence.  Sailing a yacht along the Mediterranean coastline provides for a novel way to encourage interaction and bonding. Working as a team will inspire confidence and understanding. The fresh air and rhythm of the waves will certainly push away the pressures of the office, leaving minds free for new and creative ideas.

Perhaps you need to organise a strategy-planning day. What could be more inspiring than the World War I and II battlefields of Normandy? Local historians can add flavour with anecdotes from famous generals, describing their winning battles tactics. One can expect novel and creative thoughts to surface.


Tailor-made packages

Incentives & teambuilding

Are you looking for TEAMBUILDING and INCENTIVE PROGRAMS? The themes and activities offered by our corporate travel agency will then be adapted to suit your particular needs, whether these include fostering cohesion and cooperation, inspiring creativity and openness to new approaches, or simply rewarding a job well done. The list of possibilities is all but infinite given France’s rich history and culture and expansive natural beauty.

Our approach is to match your exacting requirements against our extensive knowledge of France’s rich offerings. It is also necessary to hone the theme in terms of history, food, wine, the arts, nature excursions, and sporting activities. We then help clients select a region in France, since almost all of these will have qualities and destinations that match your desired themes. Finally, we define activities, and from there offer a list of possible venues. We work closely with you to ensure we understand your goals as only then can we build an event that exceeds your expectations. We also take into account the company’s values and strategies as we view the event as an extension of corporate activities.

Some ideas to inspire you…

There is nothing like the expertise of locals. As a bespoke corporate travel agency in France, we can offer team-building activities that are closely intertwined with French culture and environment.

Not surprisingly, gastronomy is a popular theme: thanks to France’s rich culinary history, gourmet activities and events can be organised to suit almost all geographical requirements. Cooking challenges and classes, treasure hunts, or a festive lunch with the Chef can inspire teamwork, bonding and interaction. Additional sub themes can be applied. If your company takes a strong position on environmental sustainability, then the focus can be organic, ‘green’ produce.

Rallies are another popular activity and can be matched to almost any theme: history, culture, gastronomy, arts, wine. Some love the nostalgia of the yesteryear with authentic Citroën 2CV vintage cars. The 2CV, a true symbol of the French life, is indeed perfect for cruising back country roads – debonair, rustic and just plain fun. Some prefer cycling excursions,  with the  openness, fresh air and ability to travel as a group they afford. Rallies can include a physical challenge if desired.  Cycling is also popular for companies wishing to make a statement around environmental issues.

Are you seeking to re-invigorate creativity and dynamism among staff? From group art workshops to powerful choir activities, we can create inspiring group activities that allow colleagues to form more cohesive ties and build bonds around common interests.

Treasure hunts, gourmet rallies, mountain biking challenges, safari photos, strategy games… Whatever activities appeal to you and match your needs, get in touch with us to start building your ideal team-building event

Incentives and teambuilding activities

un atelier de teambulding
Teambuilding and Incentives
Un rallye photo en segway à Beaune
Teambuilding and Incentives
Teambuilding and Incentives
corporate travel management in France - biking rally in the Provence vineyards
Teambuilding and Incentives
un convoi de 2 cv dans un vignoble
Teambuilding and Incentives
Un groupe de personnes recherchant des indices sur un monument
Teambuilding and Incentives

Exclusive Evenings

Marie d'Exclusive France Tours
Marie Tesson
Exclusive France Tours
Much of our inspiration comes from you: your REQUIREMENTS, imperatives, and vision. Once the main thread has been found, all we have to do is find THE location that will make your evening unforgettable. There again, France offers an abundance of excellent choices!
dîner dans le clos du cadre à Beaune
Exclusive evenings
un dîner privé au restaurant Paul Bocuse
Exclusive evenings
salle de réception aux hospices de beaune
Exclusive evenings
des tables lors d'un diner privatisé
Exclusive evenings
des sonneurs au clos de voguent
Exclusive evenings
préparation de la salle du Clos de Vougeot pour un dîner privatif
Exclusive evenings

Another absolute pleasure for us is designing and producing OUTSTANDING PRIVATE EVENINGS for you. Nothing is more rewarding to us than seeing the excitement and satisfaction in your eyes as your important event unfolds.  With more than 20 years of experience as a corporate travel and event management agency, we understand the planning and organisation required to ensure all appears seamless and smooth to guests. We sustain these magic ephemeral moments by adding the unexpected touches and  surprises that will sustain memories and company stories for years to come.

Our approach to planning varies according to your needs. Some  clients have already decided on the theme and need to plan an event around it. Others the venue, and others a blank canvas. Being your French corporate travel agency, we explore themes such history and culture, food, wine, art, discuss the regions, and then carefully select possible venues and entertainment options.

Let your imagination run free! As your privileged corporate travel agency in France, we will make your projects a reality.

Unusual venues

Are you looking for the surprise factor? If so, consider dining in a wine tank or a wine cave under a prestigious estate or a champagne house. Another magical evening that we particularly enjoy organising in the Loire Valley starts with a languid, smooth river cruise onboard a traditional boat. You then disembark on a deserted wild island; some local  musicians welcome you while a wonderful cocktail beneath the stars is served. Dining under the stars at an altitude of 3,000 metres is yet another possibility …

Private & exclusive properties

You may prefer holding your events on  private properties, full of charm and a refined atmosphere. These little gems, which we came across during our inspection tours and various explorations all around France, may open their doors to you for very specific events. Envision a dinner in a prestigious castle in the Bordeaux area; or a festive night that unfolds in the  endless cellars of a champagne house. Alternatively, if you are seeking a more intimate and refined evening you may prefer a private property or renowned wine estate in Burgundy. Our travels take us all over France and we delight in making new discoveries to add to our portfolio. Thes estates reflect their history, which the owners are often happy to share to add to the experience.

Abbeys lost in the middle of nowhere

Abbeys in the middle of nowhere – lost in time and place. Their unique atmosphere provides an ambience entirely of its own. The sense of timelessness also brings grace, prestige and the promise of enduring memories. Dotted all over France, some are renowned, while others are isolated, almost secret: one will prove ideal for your event. By way of example consider the majestic Royal Abbey of Fontevraud near Saumur; or the intimate Ferté Abbey with its fascinating history; and last but not least, the charming Sainte Eusèbe abbey in the heart of Provence.

Prestigious castles

Prestigious castles and mythical historical sites are part of the fabulous heritage of France. Magic is the word that comes to mind. The list is almost endless – Loire Valley, the regions of  Bordeaux, Champagne, Dordogne or Burgundy. Each one is unique but all will enchant your guests, adding an element of importance and grandeur.

Restored country houses

You will literally fall in love with restored “bastides” or country houses; in fact, architects respectful of their pasts, have brought new life to these emblems of French culture, highlighting their original architecture and the traditional colours of Provence. Many are highly sought after, including the Bastide de Gordes in the heart of the Luberon; it is now a palace hotel with an unexpected level of luxury and high service.

Iconic & festive places

In a country as diverse as France, there are also iconic places dedicated to celebrations and parties. The dedicated resources make even the most extravagant requests possible and ensure attention to detail. They offer the highest standard of service and professionalism. The Byblos hotel in Saint Tropez is certainly one of the most emblematic venues in France.


Some venues are ever-sought-after for their incredible prestige and historical importance. The Versailles Palace and the Chateau Vaux le Vicomte near Paris; the chateaux of the Loire valley, particularly Chenonceau and Chambord;in Burgundy, the Clos de Vougeot Castle and the Hospices de Beaune; Chantilly Castle near Paris; the Dukes Palace in Avignon; on the French Riviera, the Kerylos Villa, the Castle of La Napoule and the Ephrussi de Rothsild Villa; in Provence, the “Quarries of light”; in Lyon, the Charity Chapel— the possibilities for prestige and elegance are endless!

Looking for a bespoke corporate travel agency in France for your business tours and corporate events? Just contact us…

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