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Exclusive Activity: Private art tours and cultural travel in France

For whom: Art, cinema, and architecture lovers; or anyone curious to learn about these topics

Why: Better understand French culture through its artistic masterpieces


Art should not only be viewed– it should also be lived and felt. Our private art tours offer the very best of French cultural travel. Whether you’re most interested in painting, sculpture, architecture or other forms, we will build customised and entirely bespoke tours that will help you discover the vast riches of France, from museums to exhibitions, cultural and regional events.

Thanks to our expert on-the-ground partners, we will find guides who can unlock the beauty and history of French art and culture, catering entirely to your interests and curiosities.



Senior Travel Planner

Provençale in spirit and Anglo-Saxon in culture, I am a fervent follower of open nature activities. I am an art and gastronomy lover and am particularly fond of coastal regions. I enjoy creating experiences and bringing about encounters with artisans and artists.

Some suggestions for your artistic explorations...

Tête à tête with an artist at his workshop in Provence

When: On demand

For whom: All arts enthusiasts and curious amateurs

Why: Discover a whole new world of artistic expression and method


If you’re hoping to experience cultural travel at its best, you may know that becoming one of the privileged few who get to observe artists at work is key to the experience. It is simply fascinating to see metal or wood take on a life of its own, or see a blank canvas transform under the painter’s inspired brushstrokes, forging a magnificent and imaginary world. Embark on a private visit of an artist’s studio in rustic Provence and experience firsthand the heady joy of artistic creation. Local artists will talk with you, sharing their inspiration and– if you have the luck– their techniques. Are you a budding Leonardo da Vinci yourself? This experience is essential. In between visits with living artists, see some of the places in Provence where famous artists from Matisse to Cézanne created some of their masterpieces.

In the cinematic steps of the Grande Vadrouille in Burgundy

When: On demand

For whom: Old French films fans; anyone interested in culture and history

Why: Discover the culture of Burgundy and the history of World War II through classic French cinema!


Explore Burgundy in a new way by tracing the history of a famous 1966 film shot there: “La Grande Vadrouille”. You will visit several film locations and learn more about local history during the period of the Second World War. Just like starring actors Louis de Funès and Bourvil, you will pay a visit to the “Kommandantur” (now the city hall of Meursault), and to the centuries-old Hospices de Beaune (a central location in the movie). Later, you’ll explore iconic landscapes such as the cliffs of Saint-Romain, and an expert will introduce you to the art of crafting a wine barrel designed to age fine Burgundy wines (and no, their use is not only to hide American pilots!) Every element of this legendary film will be drawn on to help you experience one of France’s most fascinating regions– and learn about an important period in its history. This is cultural travel at its most engaging and exciting– especially if you’re a fan of the “seventh art” of cinema.

A different take on the Louvre

When: All year round

For whom: Art lovers; those who love to learn

Why: Discover the Louvre Museum in a unique way


Finally, you can explore the Louvre museum in Paris at your own pace and according to your specific interests! Embark on a unique private tour with one of our expert guides, who will unveil the secrets of the largest art museum in the world. If you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo and encounter some of the collection’s lesser-known masterpieces, this visit is made for you! Otherwise, if you’d prefer to focus on a particular period or artist, we will ensure your bespoke tour of the Louvre corresponds precisely to your heart’s desire (and intellectual curiosities!)

See Chagall’s glorious stained glass at Reims Cathedral

When: All year round

For whom: Art and architecture enthusiasts

Why: Discover artist Marc Chagall’s sublime stained-glass windows at Reims Cathedral during a cultural tour of France


Known worldwide for its champagne cellars, Reims counts numerous other treasures. In between two luxury champagne tastings, don’t forget to visit the city’s cathedral, an architectural masterpiece dating to the Gothic era. By embarking on a private tour with us, you will encounter the magnificent cathedral in a profound and in-depth way. Climb the 249 steps of the tower to take in marvellous views over the whole city, or discover the wonderful, intricate stained-glass windows created by celebrated French artist Marc Chagall. Our guides will enchant you you incredible stories about the cathedral and even reveal how the windows were created.

Discover the artist within you in Champagne

When: All year round

For whom: Anyone aspiring to artistic creation

Why: Discover new artistic techniques and unlock your creativity


Are you still reeling at the beauty of Chagall’s exquisite windows at Reims Cathedral? Are you an art lover with a secret (or not-so-secret) desire to try your own hand at something new? If so, this experience is for you: under the guidance of an expert painter, you will learn intricate glass painting and thermoforming techniques. Working closely with you, the renowned and passionate local artist will help you to express your inherent creativity and deepen your skills.

A magical moment at the Nice carnival

When: Winter

For whom: Travellers interested in authentic local cultural events and festivals

Why: To enjoy a great street event in the sunny city


During the second half of February, there is a time-honored ritual in the coastal city of Nice: the carnival. The Nice Carnival is one of the biggest in the world alongside those in Rio or Venice, and it has been held since at least the 14th century. During your lively cultural adventure, you will witness colourful floats, enjoy live musical performances, and even attend a “flower battle”. Can’t make it for February? You can still experience the magic of the event by attending the carnival workshop, where many artisans construct elaborate floats all year long.

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