..Enjoy luxury barge, sailboat or river cruises

Exclusive Activity: Head offshore for sailing or luxury barging in France

For who: Those who like to take their time

Why: Recharge your batteries; escape from the stresses and pressures of daily life


Experience the charm and relaxation afforded by an all-inclusive luxury river cruise in France, and discover magnificent countryside, breathtaking river ecosystems and poetic canals.

Are you more drawn to the idea of barging in France than you are to sailing? Our bespoke cruises will take you through the heart of some of the country’s most beautiful places. Enjoy bucolic scenery and picturesque villages that are famous for their vast cultural history and art. This is “slow living” at its very best– and most luxurious.

Otherwise, sailing in France along the Mediterranean or Atlantic coastline is just as compelling and inspiring. You will embark on a sailboat and be carried by the wind and waves to charming harbours. We will make sure your bespoke adventure on the sea is both relaxing and stimulating, offering nature, culture and true luxury. You won’t likely tire of France’s beautiful coastlines. Everyday life and its stresses will rapidly disappear,  replaced by peaceful and exciting moments on a barge, yacht or sailboat. This is the French way of life to the letter: enjoyment and contemplation of the finer things.


Inspired yet? Scroll down to see some of our suggestions for magnificent waterway tours across the country. Whether you’re most interested in barging or sailing in France, we’ll build a bespoke adventure that will exceed your dreams and expectations. Take a look below to decide what appeals to you the most, then contact us to start crafting your getaway.

Exploring France via its magnificent waterways will give you a different perspective on its natural and cultural riches. We can  make your experience even richer with some adds-on: stopovers in charming villages for history, art or architecture tours; authentic encounters with local artisans; a bike tour in the french quaint countryside; epicurian experiences such as gourmet French food tours, cooking classes or even wine tours. With so much to explore in France, the sky’s the limit: and we ensure that your bespoke exploration will be both unique and unforgettable.



Exclusive France Tours

Like every Breton, I am particularly attached to this county, drawn to its gastronomy and to its heritage. Horse rider in search of sensations, I am forever on the outlook for unusual activities and uncommon experiences.

Some suggestions for sailing or barging in France...

Go Outside of time in Burgundy aboard a barge

When: Spring; summer

For who: Wine, bike and boat lovers

Why: Slow down; hike with your family


Embark aboard a charming barge in the beautiful and rich wine-growing region of Burgundy. Bell towers, picturesque villages and vineyards as far as the eye can see: that’s what you can expect from Burgundy! Floating gently downstream, you will be amazed by the beauty of the villages and their distinctive local culture. A few miles down the river, you will disembark and discover a wash house, a castle transformed into a guest house, or even a superb restaurant that the locals have proudly kept as a secret.

Magical moments in a cruise around Corsica

When: Spring; summer; autumn

For who: Anyone seeking freedom, brisk free air and maritime adventures

Why: Breathe in the invigorating sea breezes; swim; discover Corsica from the sea


For sailing and cruise lovers, Corsica is a true paradise. This island, with its long beaches of golden sand, wild coasts and deep bays, remains remarkably wild. What could be better than discovering its rugged beauty from the sea? From Calvi, Ajaccio or Bonifacio, the prettiest Corsican harbours, you will be guided by our skippers who will enable you to discover sailing, open spaces and dream anchorage spots.

St-Emilion, le Medoc and Sauternois along the river

Quand : Spring; summer

For who: Wine; nature enthusiasts

Why: Visiting; tasting wonderful wines; enjoying sublime countryside landscapes


If you are a lover of the wines of Bordeaux but would prefer to explore the region without relying on a car the entire time, we have found the perfect solution for you. Embark on a barge hotel that we will privatize for you: floating on the luxurious vessel, you can simply enjoy the moment without having to worry about anything else. Along the banks of the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers, you will explore the St Emilion, Medoc and Sauterneswine-making areas. Your barge cruise will include stopovers in these famous “appellations” for exceptional wine tastings, visits to vineyards and explorations of charming little villages. You can even take your bike to cycle among the vines!

Nature, good food and friendliness on the Rhine in Alsace

Quand : Spring; summer

For who: Alsace lovers; luxury travellers seeking warmth and authenticity

Why: Meet locals and feel close to nature


If you wish to discover Alsace peacefully, one wonderful way to do so is to take a cruise along the Marne canal. This enjoyable journey will allow you to discover the region in a more authentic manner, bringing you closer to its inhabitants and their unique Franco-German cultural traditions. You will explore a land of character: admire the breathtaking Vosges mountains, and storybook villages such as Saverne, with its magnificent half-timbered houses. Finally, you will go through countless river locks during your boat trip. Wine tastings on the Alsace Wine Route are also a possibility: get away to a land of old-world charm and cherished traditions.

See the astonishing Canal du Midi aboard a barge

Quand : Spring; summer; autumn

For who: Culture and nature lovers

Why: Discover an under-appreciated French region with remarkable traditions and natural landscapes


Imagine yourself sailing on a barge on the calm waters of the mythical Canal du Midi and sunbathing on the deck of your boat… A barge cruise is the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries and take in the fresh air. The cruise will enable you to visit magnificent cities such as medieval Carcassonne (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), to taste local specialties such as the cassoulet of Castelnaudary, and to taste wines magnificent wines from Corbières, Minervois, or Côteaux du Langudeoc.

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