Dream dinners

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Exclusive activity: Dream dinners during your bespoke vacations in France.

For who: gourmets, epicureans and sweethearts.

Why: to discover French gastronomy in out of the way places.

Description :

Your vacations in France could not be fulfilling without experiencing unique dining venues. Whether you choose to dine at one of the numerous Michelin starred restaurants or to places known only by locals, you won’t be disappointed! The choice is wide, so you will enjoy weighing the pros and cons in order to come to a decision which suits you. We are ready to put our knowledge and experience at your disposal to enable you to come to the perfect option right for you.


Go through some of the below suggestions. You will certainly find some dining ideas to enrich your vacations in France. And take a look at what is particularly interesting for you…and contact us!

Would you also be interested in some other epicurian experiences, such as culinary explorations, cooking classes or even wine tours? Tempted about a more historical and cultural approach or a discovery of France off the beaten path? Just have a look of what we could offer you as well. Our France tours are made just for you, with you. Anything is possible!

Marie Tesson

Marie Tesson

Exclusive France Tours

Forever in search of something new, I love wandering through France to uncover hidden treasures. Epicurian by nature, I am enthralled by culture in every form, wine (with a special affinity for those from Bourgogne and Rhone valley), gastronomy and anything out of the ordinary.

Some suggestions for dream dinners during your vacations in France...

Enchanting show from Mother Nature – Loire Valley

When: Summer

For who: amateurs of nature and unique experiences

Why: a star studded dinner in the middle of the Loire.

Description :

Would you like to give a romantic feel to your so special vacations in France? Are you looking for a spot of magic for a special evening? Why not board a traditional river boat on the Loire for a surprise destination? You will be well placed to contemplate the wonderful show Mother Nature has in store for you at twilight. The birds put on their own show just for you. Slowly you will drop anchor on a wild island lit by the flaming colours of sunset reflected in the river. Tsigane music and an aperitif will surely work their magic for you.

Seventh heaven roads in Savoy

When: All year round

For who: epicureans and amateurs of high-flying gastronomy

Why: to live a rare gastronomic experience by one of the world’s greatest chefs.

Description :

The emblematic three starred chef, Marc Veyrat, has opened his new restaurant in his native region which is Savoy. He was the precursor of molecular cuisine and the use of plants form the Alps, yet again he wafts us away to seventh heaven by offering us a stupefying selection of textures, perfumes, savours and colours. Marc Veyrat, is a strong willed person, who conveys his unlimited culinary passion in a multitude of ways, just to please you. It is a moment you will not forget in the years to come. It is surely a rare human and culinary experience.


An unusual dinner in a wine ‘tank’ – Burgundy

When: All year round

For who: wine fans; unusual experiences

Why: Dinner in a unimaginable location

Description :

In a vintage wine house in Burgundy you will live a extraordinary dinner. After visiting the cellars dating back to the 15th century your dinner will be served in a wine vat. Surrounded by piles of wine and bottling chains. In this unique Burgundy surroundings, you will be served a gastronomic dinner with the perfect wine match. The wine sommelier will also share with you his passion for some of the divine wines of this wine house. If you are after wine and food vacations in France, such an experience is a must-do!

Oysters and breathtaking views- Cap Ferret, Bay of Arcachon

When: Spring,summer

For who: For those who love the sea and nature; for amateurs of oysters and sea food.

Why: To be in the front line of the incredible show which Mother Nature offers you in its entire splendor.

Description :

Sometimes there are places where the beauty of Nature will just leave you speechless. Facing the marvelous Arcachon Basin, you will have lunch at Cap Ferret tasting whelks, shrimps and/or oysters caught in the morning along with a delicious white wine from Aquitaine. The settings unfolding in front of you will remain engraved in your mind: it will be part of these reassuring scenes that you will remember forever.

Unusual dinner in the heart of Alsace heritage

When: On demand

For who: amateurs of culture and those in search of new culinary experiences.

Why: Dining in out of the way places; exceptional.

Description :

A unique experience awaits you at the Unusual Heritage Dinners in Alsace. You will dine in an exceptional place, which is not normally meant to be a restaurant (a castle, an industrial site, a museum…) and enjoy the cuisine of starred chef or ‘Meilleur Ouvrier’ of France, and even attend a small guided tour of the place.

Exceptional evening at sea off the French Riviera

When: On demand

For who: Dreamers, epicureans and romantics.

Why: drop anchor for the space of a dinner.

Description :

Are you on the lookout for a refined experience really out of the ordinary? A gastronomic dinner on a yacht just off Cannes, on the Riviera, has everything to seduce you. On board a yacht, you will be able to taste the best wines of the region in the company of a professional œnologist who will enhance extremely refined dinner. One of the strong points will be watching the sunset on the Mediterranean. the entire crew will be at your disposal in order to make your evening an magical unforgettable one.

Dinner in a friendly mountain refuge in the Alps

When: Winter

For who: Hikers, skiers, sportsmen and women, lovers of nature.

Why: To make the most of a comforting meal after strenuous effort.

Description :

An authentic and intimate retreat in the Vercors massif. In summer you can go there after a short stroll and in winter, you will enjoy this refuge after a good day of snowshoeing, skiing, snow-boarding or cross-country skiing. Local Vercors dishes such as a gratin of ravioles with spinach or a gratin of crozets with duck confit will certainly revitalize you after a day in the mountains. If you wish to lengthen the pleasure you can stay overnight, take a Nordic bath, or go horse riding, all depending on the season of course!

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