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Jewish History & Heritage in France: Our Unique Private Tours

15th October 2018

France harbours one of the oldest and most vibrant Jewish communities in the world. In fact, after Israel and the US, the French Jewish population is the globe's largest. From the old "pletzl" in Paris, where generations of Jews have lived, worked and worshiped for centuries, to Provence where they at certain points found refuge during times of immense persecution, there are so many inspiring and moving sites to visit: places imbued with both cultural treasure and immense human tragedy. Read on to find out why to embark on one of our bespoke tours of Jewish France: we'll take you on an entirely private, personally tailored adventure around one or more regions, allowing you to discover countless historical and present-day riches. Read more

The 6 Most Beautiful Gardens in France: Luxurious Havens

2nd October 2018

French culture is well-known for its emphasis on aesthetic harmony and elegance. It's probably no surprise, then, that France harbours some of the world's most stunning green spaces, enchanting for their lush colours and landscapes, meticulously planned paths, fountains and trellises, and inviting you to moments of meditation and calm. If you're after a high-end holiday in France that includes some time strolling, picnicking and even staying nearby havens of greenery and relaxation, read on. Read more

Private Monaco Luxury Tours: 4 Exclusive Themes

19th September 2018

The French principality of Monaco is legendary for its elegance and prestige. Home to some of the world's most exclusive palaces, yacht clubs, shops and restaurants, it's also well-known for its powerful royal family (think Princess Grace and Stephanie of Monaco, two names that evoke incomparable glamour). Of course, anyone can book a flight to the Mediterranean city-state. To truly experience its exceptional corners, you'll need to consider a private Monaco luxury tour. Read on for some inspiring and exclusive themes around which you might choose to build your dream getaway there-- then contact us to make it a reality. Read more

Americans in France: 4 Key Places to Visit on a Private Tour

31st August 2018

The friendship between the United States and France is both historic and profound. One common joke is that the relationship is a bit like a stormy, passionate but faithful marriage: while the two countries have frequently disagreed and have had their low moments, the bond and mutual fascination endures. Read on for 4 key places where Americans in France have left indelible marks. Read more

5 Reasons to Take a High-End France Boat Tour

23rd August 2018
A cruise on the Seine in Paris

There's something idyllic, luxurious and perfectly relaxing about seeing a destination from the vantage point of a river. Drifting gently down the waterway, you can appreciate flora and fauna, rustic villages, and the fresh air at a slower, more poetic pace. Few places offer more picturesque and memorable adventures by barge than France. The country's many splendid rivers wend through storybook villages, magnificent cities, vineyards bursting with bounty, and countryside bursting with both wildlife and history. Read on for the 5 top reasons to embark on a high-end France boat tour! Read more

Autumn in France: Luxurious Ways to Enjoy It

15th August 2018

Autumn in France is inspiring and energising. There's a crispness to the air and beautiful light casts itself on vineyards in Burgundy or Haussmannian buildings in Paris. Peak tourist season is reaching its end, which means the ambience tends to be more relaxed and contemplative. Whether you're angling to visit some exceptional cellars in time for harvest season, explore some exceptional cities or enjoy a bit of wild nature by boat or foot, there are so many luxurious and authentic ways to enjoy a fall getaway to France. Read on for some inspiration! Read more

Top 6 Luxury Hotels on the French Riviera

3rd August 2018
vacation in France - a romantic evening on the french riviera

The French Côte d'Azur is synonymous with high luxury. From Nice to Cannes and St Tropez, there are few places in the world that count such a high number of exceptional establishments. When it comes to finding the best luxury hotels on the French Riviera, you're certainly spoiled for choice. But if you're after a stay that's truly exceptional and unforgettable, read on. Read more

Why to Take a Private Tour of Prehistoric Caves in France

28th July 2018
Cave men drawing in the Pyrénées

For anyone seeking a balance between culture, history and luxury on their next French holiday, a bespoke tour of the Dordogne and its many prehistoric riches is certainly a good idea. If you're interested in exploring this fascinating part ofthe country but wish to do so without sacrificing comfort and luxury, read on. Read more

Private & Luxurious Ways to Enjoy Languedoc Wines

25th July 2018
french wine cellar

Rustic, secretive and unpretentious, the Languedoc wine region doesn't make much of a fuss about itself. But visitors who are passionate about discovering France off the beaten path-- including lesser-known wine regions-- should certainly give a trip to the area also known administratively as Occitanie some serious consideration. Read on for a few of our favorite wineries and appellations in the region-- and learn how a private, personally tailored tour of this under-appreciated part of France can be an unforgettable part of your next luxury getaway. Read more

Luxury Paris Shopping Tours: VIP Experiences

22nd July 2018
The Eiffel Tower by night

As a global centre of haute couture and luxury goods, Paris is a natural destination for style-conscious travelers, or anyone hoping to find some exceptional items-- from finely made clothing to jewelry, accessories or even antiques and high-end homeware. World-famous for its emphasis on fine craftsmanship and impeccable style, the French capital truly has it all. Read on to find out how our private Paris shopping tours and fashion-centric itineraries will help you not only home in on some extraordinary pieces, but also immerse you in the fascinating past and present of French style. Read more

Luxurious Things to Do in Saint-Emilion, France

19th July 2018
Bordeaux wine tours: a village with vines

When planning a tour around France, not everyone puts the stunning medieval town of Saint-Emilion on their priorities list-- but if you have a dual love for wine and history, you absolutely should. Read on for the most luxurious and interesting ways to enjoy your sojourn in Saint-Emilion, France-- and learn why a private tour of its vineyards and architectural heritage can greatly enhance your stay. Read more

5 Best Places for Hiking in France

12th June 2018

For lovers of the great outdoors, France is a remarkable place to explore. The country's diverse terrain includes rugged, invigorating seaside cliffs, sublime and pristine mountains, rolling vineyards and even a dramatic sand dune that could be mistaken for the setting of Lawrence of Arabia. Read on for 5 of the most beautiful, unforgettable places for hiking in France. Read more

Provence Art: Key Places to See Famous French Painters’ Work

2nd June 2018

Endowed with warm, sublime light, lush, colourful flora, and inspiring, centuries-old buildings, Provence is an incredibly photogenic region of France. Is it any wonder, then, that it has served as muse for some of France's most brilliant painters and artists? Especially from the Impressionist period onward, when artists broke the moulds of classical painting and invented new ways of seeing, and expressing, form and light, Provencal landscapes and references have figured in some of the most iconic tableaux of the 19th and 20th centuries. Read more

Private Loire Valley Wine Tours: 4 Regions Not to Miss

29th May 2018

While the Loire Valley is perhaps most-famous for its sublime, Romantic chateaux, it is also exceptional for its varied, prestigious winemaking areas. It may lack the glitz associated with Champagne and the global renown and familiarity of Bordeaux, but the wines of the Loire are among some of France's most complex, sophisticated and delicious. Particularly lauded for excellent whites, from crisp Pouilly-Fumés to delicately sparkling cremants, the region also produces some distinctive and palate-opening reds, including from Anjou and Sancerre. Read more

California Wines Vs French Wines: 4 Key Things to Know

23rd May 2018

Both topping the world charts in terms of prestige and quality, Californian and French wines share some significant common ground. But they also couldn't be more different in certain respects, from how bottles are labelled to the general philosophy governing the wine-making process. If you're interested in learning more about the historical and present-day ties connecting vintners in France and California-- as well as what sets them apart from one another-- read on. Read more

5 Most Luxurious Things to Do on The French Riviera

20th April 2018

The Cote d'Azur counts many rivals these days when it comes to high-end destinations: St Barth, St Martin and the Italian Riviera, to name only a couple. Yet the classic, old-school glamour and rich cultural infrastructure of  the French Riviera set it apart, making it an enduringly appealing place for the most discerning travellers. Few places in the world offer its unique blend of prestige, natural beauty, architecture and culture. Read more

A Gourmet, Private Paris: Most Exclusive Dining Options

17th April 2018

Paris, world capital of gastronomy, has much to offer the discerning traveller in search of gourmet experiences. After all, in 2010 UNESCO officially declared French cuisine a precious part of World Heritage. But just about anyone can make a reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant, these days. If you're after a truly exceptional evening that features world-class cuisine in an opulent and exclusive setting, read on. Read more

The Most Luxurious Day Trips From Paris

10th April 2018

For travellers in search of exclusive experiences, Paris offers no shortage of these. Some of the world’s finest gastronomy, luxury boutiques, restaurants and theatres can be found in the French capital. But sometimes, a day or two away from the city can be refreshing: take in the fresh air, enjoy a moment of peace and quiet in opulent surroundings, taste local wines and other specialities. Read more

West Coast of France: 4 Luxurious Destinations

4th April 2018

The West Coast of France is a bit off the beaten path for most travelers. Relatively far from Paris and offering a more rugged vibe than the glamorous Riviera and its calmer Mediterranean waters, the west coast offers a unique blend of wild natural beauty, stunning cultural diversity, gastronomic delights and opportunities for adventure. If you’re interested in a French luxury vacation that offers some or all of these features, you should strongly consider exploring this fantastic stretch of the country. Read more

France Adventure Travel: 5 Extraordinary West Coast Escapades

22nd March 2018

If your ideal luxury holiday in France is one that includes plenty of adventure and pulse-raising outdoor activities, a trip to the gorgeous West coast is calling your name. Featuring wild coastlines with crashing waves, dramatic and breathtaking areas of natural beauty perfect for hiking and other natural excursions, the Atlantic coast offers extraordinary experiences for more intrepid travelers in search of new challenges. Read more

Gourmet Cheese Tours of France: Top 5 Regions to Explore

14th March 2018
@Laurent Reiz

If you’re interested in embarking on a gourmet cheese tour of France, there are myriad ways to enjoy some of the country’s finest specialities. From Paris to the Pyrenees, Dordogne and Normandy, numerous regions are famous for their distinctive, flavorful, creamy or delightfully sharp cheeses. Whether you prefer delicacies made with cow’s, goat’s, or sheep’s milk, or are an all-around amoureux du fromage (cheese lover), a luxury getaway that involves tasting traditional cheeses is a gastronomic experience that shouldn’t be missed. It’s almost always a good idea to pair these with fine wines, bringing out the flavours of both. Read more

Exploring The Alsace Wine Route: 4 Key Wine Tasting Tips

7th March 2018

Stretching for nearly 170 km through lush green landscapes and charming northeastern French villages, the Alsace wine route is prized for very good reason. It produces some of France’s most distinctive (mostly white) wines, from Riesling to Gewurtztraminer and Pinot Noir—and its local winstubs (wine cellars/taverns) have a distinctive charm all their own, often serving both regional bottles and hearty, delicious Alsatian cuisine. What’s more, like Burgundy’s own vintnering culture, Alsace is full of secrets and quietly prestigious traditions Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Take a French Cooking Class

28th February 2018

Are you a curious food lover who'd like to stretch your gourmet muscles on your next trip to France? Do you have a naturally adventurous palate and a desire to understand local culture through hands-on experiences, learning through encounters with experts? If so, you shouldn't hesitate to try your hand at a French cooking class while visiting the country-- whether privately or with fellow classmates. France's world-famous cuisine is so renowned that it's been named a UNESCO World Heritage treasure Read more

Exceptional Things to Do in Brittany, France

19th February 2018

With its deeply rooted Celtic and prehistoric cultural influences, Brittany is one of France's most fascinating regions. If it lacks the obvious glamour of destinations such as Paris or the French Riviera, it offers natural riches and opportunities for cultural adventure that more intrepid luxury travelers will relish in. Read on for some of the most exceptional, authentic and luxurious things to do in Brittany, all in coveted and not-to-miss destinations around the region. Read more

Spring in France: 20+ Ways to Make it Extraordinary

8th February 2018

Spring in France is the stuff of storybooks and legends. Who hasn't imagined riding on horseback through mythical green lands, past rushing rivers and magnificent, turret-crowned castles? For the more adventurous traveller, there's plenty to do in spring: from light aircraft rides over breathtaking landscapes to white-river rafting and cycling tours through miles and miles of vineyards and rustic villages. And if you're after culinary experiences, spring is a wonderful time for a food tour in France, too. Read more

5 Luxurious Things to Do in Normandy, France

7th February 2018

France's diverse regions, Normandy is less associated with luxury than some: when most people think of a high-end holiday in France, they often picture themselves in the Cote d'Azur, Provence, Paris or the Loire Valley. Yet Normandy, prized for its historical riches, breathtaking landscapes and stirring memorial sites, can offer the perfect balance between luxe and culture, privileged experiences of relaxation and genuine discovery. Read more

For Wine Lovers, This Event in Burgundy is a Must

25th January 2018 Uncategorised 0
St Vincent Tournante

Wine aficionados, take note: Burgundy is holding one of its most emblematic annual festivals over the weekend of 27-28 January. The Saint-Vincent Tournante Festival  pays tribute to the eponymous patron saint of wine, and offers a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the centuries-long secrets of Burgundy wine-making. Held every year at the end of January, the event honours a particular wine-making “appellation” in Burgundy each time, presided over by the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, an order created in 1934 whose mission is to promote and... Read more

6 Best Cocktail Bars in Paris For Luxury Lovers

22nd January 2018

Cocktail bars are a dime a dozen in Paris these days: New and trendy ones open on a rolling basis, with some standing the test of time and others disappearing almost as quickly as they popped up. Others are legendary, elegant addresses that exemplify old-world Parisian glamour, all the while staying up to the moment with innovative drinks and renovated interiors. Still others are exclusive, secretive places for a drink, often even affording you encounters with a celebrity or members of the international jet-set. Whatever your preferred ambience, read on for what we deem to be the 6 best cocktail bars in Paris for luxury lovers: exceptional places where the drinks are superb, and the setting is as opulent and prestigious as they come. Read more

5 Reasons Why Lyon’s Food & Wine Is Prized by Gourmets

19th January 2018
Paul Bocuse GrandMa Kitchen

While Paris enjoys more worldwide recognition as a destination for French cuisine, the old city of Lyon is France's true gastronomic capital. Gourmets know that the old Gallo-Roman city, while more understated and secretive than the French capital, harbours some of the world's very finest restaurants, wineries and local delicacies. Whether you've already visited or are yearning to discover the elegant city, read on to learn more about why the Lyon food and wine scene is so prized by gastronomes Read more

10 Reasons to Visit France in 2018

9th January 2018 The Latest News, Uncategorised 0

Looking for a good reason to visit France this year, even if your last trip was a recent one? The Telegraph has just published an intriguing list of interesting, adventurous and luxurious things to see and do in 2018, so make sure to have a look and soak up a bit of inspiration. Noting that France remains the world’s single most-visited destination, the piece offers suggestions for exhibits, special sporting events, festivals and other noteworthy ways to fully enjoy the diverse country. Here are just... Read more

Luxury France Honeymoon Destinations: 6 Dream Regions

9th January 2018

When planning a luxury France honeymoon, many newlyweds feel a bit overwhelmed by the choices on offer. The truth is that the choice will always be a highly personal one, and there are no “right” answers. Whether you choose to focus on one marvellous French city or region or opt for a more ambitious tour of the country renowned for beauty and romance, the most important thing is to find ways to make the experience entirely unique, luxurious and unforgettable. Read on for 6 honeymoon destinations that we recommend, coupled with ideas for exceptionally romantic, private activities and evenings. Read more

Wine Tasting in Burgundy: 5 Mistakes Not to Make

13th December 2017

For wine enthusiasts, Burgundy often seems steeped in mystery: alluring, yet a bit daunting for the uninitiated. Unlike Bordeaux, with its lavish domains and chateaux at the centre of a wine-making and tasting culture that is at once prestigious and relatively easy to access, Burgundy is a French region where small-scale vineyards and family winemaking traditions stretching back hundreds of years tend to dominate. Some of the most remarkable cellars and vintners are all but inaccessible to the general public. What's more, the region counts a dizzying number of exceptional... Read more

The 5 Best Paris Perfume Shops & Bespoke Scentmakers

8th December 2017

When it comes to choosing a perfume, personality, individual tastes and even cherished memories from the past play a part in the kinds of scents that end up winning us over. After all, the faculty of smell is the most primal and subconscious: a sweet whiff of vanilla might bring you back to childhood memories of cake baking in the oven; the sensual, woody scent of Moroccan oud might lead you to recall a first love, or an unforgettable trip from decades past. For this reason, personalised and high-quality scents are invariably... Read more

Provence Food Tours: A Season-by-Season Guide

28th November 2017
a french market in Provence.

Travellers with gourmet inclinations and curious food lovers, take note: Provence offers year-round treasures for the palate. When the gastronomically inclined think of the French region, their minds tend to fill with the heady, rich flavours of olive oil and black truffle, or call up the delicate scent and taste of fresh lavender and saffron, both cultivated in the area. The diverse region, which stretches from rolling inland farmland and poetic, rocky landscapes to breathtaking coastlines, also offers a generous number of traditional gourmet... Read more

The Best Christmas Markets in France

22nd November 2017
Christmas decoration in the Loire Valley

During a winter getaway to France, little is more magical than the annual holiday markets that pop up in cities and towns around the country. Traditionally presenting as Alsatian or Alpine-style wooden chalets manned by local vendors and artisans peddling traditional gifts, gourmet specialities and decorations, they bring instant warmth and festive cheer wherever they appear. Their soft lights, delicious smells, and brightly coloured wares are hard to resist, especially on a brisk winter day. While most major cities and many towns old their own, there are a few... Read more

When Art & Wine Come Together

14th November 2017 The Latest News, Uncategorised 0
The Claire Basler's exhibition in Maison Jabot cellars

Until the 26th of November at the Maison Jadot in Beaune, come discover an original creative melding between art and wine. The incredible artist Claire Basler’s exhibition “A fleur de vigne” is being held in the cellars of Maison Louis Jadot. This exhibition in Burgundy brings floral designs against a backdrop of giant winemaking vats. Showing both poetry and sensitivity, the artist Claire Basler succeeds in bringing the beauty of nature alive with a stunning energy: one that makes viewers feel as if they’re diving right into the... Read more

Why Choose Tours by Locals For Your Luxury French Getaway?

13th November 2017
horse ride in the countryside of france

When planning a luxury getaway in France, it can be challenging to sift through all the options and decide who to entrust your holiday to. Is it savviest to hire the most well-known luxury tour company you've heard of, who offers packages and tours in destinations around the world and considered by many to be the "safest bet"? Is joining large guided tours a guarantee of quality, or will the crowded conditions take away too much from the experience, making your holiday standard and predictable rather than... Read more

The Most Beautiful Loire Valley Castles to Visit

7th November 2017
The Chambord castle in the Loire Valley

Emblematic of France at its most Romantic, the Loire Valley is an essential stop for any traveler wishing to experience some of the country's most beautiful architecture and natural landscapes, not to mention superb wines. With its dozens of Renaissance-era chateaux dotted mostly along the breathtaking Loire and Cher Rivers-- themselves offering incredible opportunities for a luxury boat cruise and wild bird-watching tour--  the region is so precious that... Read more

Best Places for Tea & Pastries in Paris

25th October 2017
Pastries at angelina in Paris

When winter is right around the corner, there’s little more heartwarming than indulging in a cup of smooth hot chocolate, or letting yourself be tempted by a delicious French pastry in one of the city’s most beautiful tearooms. But we won’t encourage you to land just anywhere! Here are some of our very favourite addresses for sweet moments in the capital. These prestigious spots are Read more

Top Paris Museums With Luxury Amenities & Private Services

24th October 2017
Orsay Museum in Paris

As the reigning French capital of art and culture, it isn't surprising that Paris houses some of the world's best museums. From the Louvre to the Musee d'Orsay, the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Grand Palais, many of the year's most-attended exhibits-- and revered fine-art collections-- are held in Paris. Whether you wish to take in Degas' sublime pastel dancers, bask in Monet's water lilies or admire oddly beautiful, albeit alien, portraits from Modigliani, the city is a treasure... Read more

24 Hours of Luxury in Champagne, France

16th October 2017
wine cellar in France

When planning a luxury vacation in France that includes a stop in the acclaimed Champagne region, it can be challenging to decide what to focus on when your time is limited--  especially if you're visiting for only the day from nearby Paris. To home in on exceptional tastings of the pale golden, lightly effeverscent white wine, you have to be more discerning than most. After all, contrary to popular belief... Read more

Seeking Truffles in Burgundy

11th October 2017 The Latest News 0
A dog looking for truffes in Périgord

October marks the beginning of truffle season in France. This means that those few who are skilled in the fine art of unearthing the precious, deeply pungent and aromatic fungus from their hiding places in the ground are now hard at work, to the delight of all of us who can’t get enough of the gourmet stuff. This week, Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail has a fascinating portrait of one of France’s expert truffle hunters— and the canine companion who helps sniff out the... Read more

Why to Choose Megève For a Luxury Ski Holiday

1st October 2017
Skiing in Megève in the Alps

Of all the genuinely prestigious ski stations and towns in the French Alps, Megève is probably the most charmingly understated-- even as it has long attracted wealthy ski enthusiasts and celebrities including Charles Aznavour and Pippa Middleton. While it enjoys slightly less global renown than ultra-glamorous, sleek Courchevel, the thinner crowds, rustic ambience, and high-quality après amenities in Megève appeal to travelers more interested in savoir-vivre than... Read more

Vintage 2CV Tours of Paris and France

19th September 2017
France luxury tours - wine tour in 2cv vintage cars in Burgundy vineyards

For a luxury vacation in France that embodies retro chic, authenticity and relaxation, little beats an excursion in a vintage 2CV car. The iconic Citroen model, instantly recognisable by its bright colours and characteristic curved design, may not be easily be classed as a luxury car: when it was released in post World War II France, it gained popularity as one of the most accessible new vehicles on the market. It’s known in French as a “deux chevaux”– literally, “two horses” Read more

Top 5 Luxury Palace Hotels in Paris

11th September 2017
The terrace of a suite in the hotel Four Seasons in Paris

As a global center of art, fashion, high cuisine and architecture, it’s no surprise that Paris counts some of the world’s most sought-after luxury palace hotels. The term “palace” hotel has only been in official use since 2010, when the French government decided to award a small number of 5-star hotels the label as a mark of exceptional quality and prestige. We’ve selected 5 of these as our absolute favorites. Read more about our top 5 luxury palace hotels in Paris. If after reading, you’re tempted... Read more

Where to See Lavender in Provence

5th September 2017
france tours - Lavender in Provence

When you think of France’s Provence region, you may imagine driving or cycling past vast, bright fields of fragrant lavender, standing out in vibrant purple rows against a quaint Provencal farmhouse in old stone. This image is actually quite realistic: France has a long and rich history of lavender production that stretches back hundreds of years. The aromatic flowering plant, which is actually a member of the mint family, has been used since at least the medieval period to make traditional products from perfume and... Read more

The 5 Best Luxury Wine-Tasting Destinations Around Bordeaux

23rd August 2017
luxury wine tasting Bordeaux region, in yquem castel, grape picking of sauternes

The Bordeaux region is world-famous for its wines. If you’re a wine lover seeking to sample some of the world’s most exclusive vintages, a visit to the area and its prestigious domains should definitely be in your sights. Of course, certain wine-tasting destinations in the greater region stand out as truly exceptional: these are places sought out by oenology aficionados and amateurs alike, and where you can sample some of France’s most-prized bottles in an exclusive setting. Without further ado, here are our picks for the... Read more

The Ten Most Expensive Wines in the World

21st August 2017 The Latest News 0
Exclusive Burgundy tastings of expensive Chambertin wine.

You probably won’t be surprised that French wines are among the most highly praised and the most expensive in the world. Can you guess which French area tops the list? According to The Telegraph, seven of the 10 most expensive wines in the world are French. And they all hail from a single wine-making area: Burgundy! If you’re  interested in learning more, have a look here.  What makes Burgundy wines so coveted? They’re renowned wines produced in legendary “terroirs”– and they’re available only in very... Read more