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France is remarkable for its distinctive regions and their unquantifiable riches. Their diverse landscapes, local cultures, architectural styles, cuisines and other traditions invite travelers to embark on a rich exploration of everything France has to offer. There are so many wonderful places to visit in France that it can be truly difficult to decide what, and where, to focus on when planning your getaway. That’s why we offer unique, genuinely bespoke tours in numerous French regions and destinations, painstakingly tailored to match your vision and interests.

Thanks to this rich diversity of destinations across France, even the most demanding traveler will be able to pinpoint one that he or she wishes to explore in more depth. We will help you match your travel goals and desires to the places and sites that appeal to you the most.

Thanks to you, our valued clients, we have expanded our knowledge and expertise to encompass most regions across the country, allowing us to to meet your specific demands for a luxury holiday no matter your preferred destination. Following years of carefully exploring and gaining expertise in numerous key destinations across France, we can advise you on their unique features and exclusive attractions. Each region, city and even small town has its own culture, scenery, gastronomy, history, and outstanding natural features, all of which we aim to highlight in our bespoke tours. You will come away from our authentic luxury tours with a profound appreciation for, and understanding of, whichever region or regions you choose to visit during your stay. Our aim, above all, is to meld luxury with cultural treasures and encounters.

discover the destinations that most appeal to you

Wine amateur or connoisseur? Discover Burgundy, Champagne or the Rhone Valley, by bike or 2CV vintage car, through the prestigious wine-producing estates that have built France’s reputation as a leader in the art of vintnering.

Passionate about gastronomy? Stop in Perigord, Alsace or the Bordeaux region to taste local specialities such as foie gras, choucroute, walnut pies, kouglof or cannelés… to name only a few. You won’t know where to start your food-centric adventure!

Keen on strong sensations and a bit of adrenaline? Experience dog sledding, skiing, hiking, climbing, kayaking, biking or other exciting outdoor activities. Whether visiting in the summer or winter, our beloved Alps and Pyrenees mountains will guarantee unforgettable sensations and breathtaking landscapes.

Passionate about history? Travel back in time to the Renaissance by wandering through enchanting Loire Valley castles; relive the dark days of the Second World War by walking along the landing beaches in Normandy; explore medieval history in secret niches of Paris…the possibilities for historical excursions in France are nearly endless.

Nature lover? Come and relax along the wild coast of the Basque Country, breathe the pure air of Brittany, or sunbathe on a beautiful Provence beach.

Pick the region you feel most drawn to exploring, then contact us to make your travel dreams an unforgettable reality! 

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