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All the team of our French travel agency love working with our clients to plan their cultural and history tours. Why? France’s rich culture and history offers an overwhelming number of possibilities. Creativity come to the fore as we face the challenge of choosing from an almost infinite number of experiences. We work closely with you, explaining and refining the options until we are confident we have combination that brings your dream to life.

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France’s heritage goes beyond its marvellous sites and relics of the past.  A country’s cultural heritage is created and expressed through its people. As it was in the past, the French people of today are its living heritage. Your tour will include meetings and discussions with local people. Over a coffee and a pastry you will learn more of the artisans, the guardians of France’s traditions. They are the heart of the different trades and dedicated to their regional peculiarities.  With skills passed down through generations, they welcome the opportunity to share their passions.  You will understand the traditions and customs that “make” the French French!

So read on, get inspired… Let us be your French travel agency and contact us to start creating your project!

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Our private tours in France can offer you different approaches to exploring France’s rich culture. You may want to combine your cultural discoveries with other French experiences. If you are tempted by France’s natural wonders, consult France off the beaten path section. You may also be interested in discovering new epicurian experiences, such as our culinary explorations, cooking classes or our wine tours.Take the time to read the wide range of possibilities in A Glimpse of Culture.

Our French travel agency will design your France tours just for you, with you. Anything is possible! Contact us now!

Marie Tesson

Marie Tesson

Exclusive France Tours

Forever in search of something new, I love wandering through France to uncover hidden treasures. Epicurian by nature, I am enthralled by culture in every form, wine (with a special affinity for those from Bourgogne and Rhone valley), gastronomy and anything out of the ordinary.

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France private tours - Cathédrale à Reims
Our historical heritage

Our historical heritage

France’s dedication to preserving its past presents you with an array of truly awe-inspiring historic sites to visit; the Loire Valley with its fairytale chateaux, the Dordogne and its renowned prehistoric sites, Brittany and Normandy with their World War battle fields … without forgetting Paris and Versailles, which, by themselves, would satisfy the most eager of culture and history. Accompanied by local guides, you will see the past come to life such that you will feel you have gone back in time.

un berger dégustant du fromage de brebis
Meet with locals

Meet with locals

Every tour will involve contact with the local people as they are the guardians of France’s culture, the living heritage. You will gain so much more than the thrill and memories of the magnificent historical sites.  The painters, sculptors, glass blowers or potters will share their daily life, their passion, their expertise for a few hours and you will understand the backbone of France, the ones who make France French.

Poupée de verre - de l'art sur verre
Artistic explorations

Artistic explorations

Art is one of the most personal experiences; totally individual and it is truly lived and felt. France offers such an infinite number of experiences. Our goal is to ensure we tailor your tour to your interests and aspirations. The rounded experience will involve discoveries in museums, exhibitions, cultural and regional patrimony events. As important will be your local guide, bringing perspective and life to the journey.

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