France off the beaten path

..Why settle for the usual?

France’s diverse regions offer a wide choice of settings for your next adventure holiday.

Some visitors seek a physical challenge, some to get back in touch with nature, others simply a scenic vista to relax and unwind. We work hand in hand with you to design an exciting and inspiring getaway. We love creating new experiences and surprising our clients– and your sense of adventure inspires our creativity. We will help you discover France off the beaten path through authentic, unusual and remarkable experiences.

To start off, it’s time to choose a region to focus on. Which inspires you the most? The Luberon in Provence, with its striking ochre landscapes, or awe-inspiring fields of lavender there? The grand snow-capped mountains of the Pyrenees National Park? Brittany’s savage coastline?  Wild birds wheeling over rushing rivers in the Loire Valley? The awesome beauty of the Dune de Pilat and the Arcachon Basin? As a first step, explore France’s diverse regions and settle on one, two or three to focus on as part of your bespoke adventure.

Next, decide on some extraordinary activities to add to your bespoke itinerary. Gain a bird’s-eye view from a hot air balloon ride or ULM (microlight aircraft); explore France’s diverse waterways by kayak or on a luxury barge; take yourself back into the past in a vintage 2CV car, or speed down snowy hills on a dogsled. Even seeing unusual and little-known places in Paris can feel quite adventurous. There are so many ways to enjoy France: the sky’s the limit!

In keeping with Exclusive France Tours’s philosophy, your adventure will always be led by a local expert. Their expertise, passion and insight into local customs will greatly enrich your experience. They will share their favourite places that are often well-hidden from tourists: the best places to view local wildlife, the best café or bistrot, the best market: all slices of authentic French life. With their guidance, you’ll see and live France from an insider’s perspective.


Are you ready to discover France off the beaten path? Get inspired with some of our suggestions below– then contact us to start creating your one-of-a-kind getaway.

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Your discovery of France off the beaten track can be enriched by adventures of many varieties. Are you interested in exploring French history and culture? Are you a foodie who would love nothing better than to embark on a French food tour? If so, take a closer look at all we have to offer. You bespoke tour will be designed to perfectly match your interests.



Exclusive France Tours

Like every Breton, I am particularly attached to this county, drawn to its gastronomy and to its heritage. Horse rider in search of sensations, I am forever on the outlook for unusual activities and uncommon experiences.

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un marcheur des chemins de compostelle
Trekking with a nature guide

Hiking with a nature guide

A hike in pure, unadulterated nature can enrich both body and soul. Let yourself be moved by inspiring panoramas, encounters with wildlife, and the palette of colours formed by the sky, trees and mountains. Your local guide will offer you insights to heighten your appreciation of Mother Nature’s wonder.

Un couple à vélo pendant des vacances en Provence
By bike

By bike

Experience freedom as you explore France’s beautiful regions by bicycle! Enjoy the fragrance of the countryside, fresh air, the warmth of the sun and the ever-changing countryside.

Un vol en montgolfière au dessus des chateaux de la loire
In the air

In the air

Relax and drift carefree over beautiful landscapes in a hot air balloon, or steer you own path in a ULM over magical scenery below. Both provide lasting memories and a new appreciation of France’s breathtaking landscapes.

une croisière en bateau.


Discovering France by water is a romantic and magical way to travel. Time itself will seem to slow down as you enjoy the fresh air and the gentle waves aboard a luxury barge or  yacht.

une 2cv bleu das les vignes
For even more fantasy...

For even more fantasy...

With such an array of choices for your next French adventure, what are you waiting for? Your dream getaway starts here. We work tirelessly to help you bring your travel dreams to life.

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