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Provence: the name is practically a song in its own right. Offering charming, picturesque villages, a breathtaking coastline associated with wealth and celebrity, healthy, delicious gourmet cuisine, and an artistic culture to rival Paris‘ own, the French region of Provence has it all. Discerning travellers looking for exceptional Provence tours certainly require privacy and luxury,  but also an in-depth, authentic encounter with the region.

From the Mediterranean coast and the Côte d’Azur, to the Luberon countryside where picturesque villages and fragrant lavender fields invite curious visitors to come discover quiet charms and rustic luxury, the heart of Provence lies in numerous places. Provencal culture is deeply permeated by its Latin and Mediterranean roots. The region offers a panoply of colours, flavours and perfumes, and a plethora of different landscapes– all of which are joys to behold. Our private Provence tours and bespoke itineraries are, by far, the best remedy against stress and gloom. Don’t even try to resist the charms of this exceptional region!


Sunshine & Sea

biking tour in France - little harbour in ProvenceIn Provence, you’ll enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year. So whatever the season you can enjoy it to the fullest– even in the late autumn and winter. You can sprawl out on a beach to sunbathe, swim, in the Mediterranean Sea, or enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or even sailing. The locals may find it too cold in winter, but many will judge it balmy! From Cannes to Monaco and the under-appreciated, ancient port city of Marseille, there’s incredibly diversity and a wealth of beauty to be appreciated along coastal Provence.

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A relaxed quality of life:

fountain in a village in ProvenceSeeking a getaway from the urban grind? If so, head for a luxurious and rustic break in Provence: Come and listen to the buzz of cicadas in olive groves and wander through nearly untouched areas such as Camargue, Verdon and Luberon. You can also try to play a very typical game that local people love involving heavy metallic balls: pétanque. It offers the perfect way to relax on a Provencal village square under the picturesque plane trees, perhaps while sipping a chilled glass of pastis (anise-flavoured liquor native to the region).


Inspirational scenery and landscapes:

The Provencal countryside has inspired famous artists and writers for centuries. Painters such as Cezanne, Van Gogh, Matisse and so many others took their inspiration from the landscapes and unique palettes that blazed in living colour around them. Daudet and Pagnol enjoyed depicting locals in their colourful tales. If Provence so deeply inspired these grand figures, why not give in to its charms yourself?


Old-world charm: 

One of the most mesmerising aspects of this remarkable region are its numerous tiny villages nestled in out of the way places: ones that have changed very little for centuries. The scent of lavender wafts on the breeze and through quiet monasteries, country residences and local farms. There is no sense of rush or stress, and people take time to enjoy life to the fullest. It’s a contagious way of being that you may soon grow used to….

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Gastronomy & Food Tours:

Provence is one of France’s great agricultural centers and one of the best places in the country to taste delicious local produce, from juicy tomatoes and flavor-packed olives and distinctive, scrumptious local cheeses. It’s also home to some fantastic restaurants and tables, some plunged in the countryside, some overlooking the Mediterranean. In all cases, Provencal cuisine is healthy, delicious and creative, full of sunshine and flavour.

Why not embark on a private food tour of Provence with us? You might explore local markets bursting with colour and vibrancy, take a French cooking class focused on Provencal specialities, or meet with local artisans to learn some of the secrets of olive harvesting or lavender production. Whatever the season, our gourmet tours of Provence are exceptional and unforgettable.

Excitement and Adventure:

A hot air balloon flight in ProvenceIn Provence, there is something for everyone! Whether you choose to explore the countryside or the seaside, touring by foot, car or bike, you will discover completely unique towns and cities, each with their own local customs, cuisine and cultures.

Avignon, St-Rémy-de Provence or Aix en Provence are cities full of culture and history; while St Tropez, Cannes, Juan les Pins, Nice or Monaco are famous for their many yachts and luxurious parties: don’t be surprised if you run into a celebrity or three…

Interested in our unique, totally private tours around Provence and the French Riviera? Contact us now so we can begin crafting your bespoke luxury getaway in the area.

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