Feting a Contract With a Dom Perignon Champagne Evening

Synopsis: To celebrate the signing of a contract, clients enjoyed a classy private evening in the prestigious cellars of Dom Perignon Champagne, enjoying tastings, gourmet experiences and a wonderfully festive ambience.

Casting: 10 people


After several months of negotiations which lead to the signing of a business contract, both parties want to mark this new and challenging partnership with a festive and memorable evening, organised in one of France’s most-prestigious champagnes’ cellar.

Major scenes:

A magical setting: the event is held in one of Moët & Chandon’s magnificent private properties. A gifted soprano singer fills the air with vibrant, moving vocal tonalities. A gastronomic dinner prepared by two Michelin-starred Chefs are perfectly matched with “grand cuvée” bottles of Dom Perignon champagne: some of the world’s most-prized.

Length: One night.

Place: Champagne


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