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Established by entrepreneur and cultural connoisseur Marie Tesson with 20 years of experience in the luxury tourism industry, Exclusive France Tours is centered around a philosophy of prestige, cultural authenticity, exclusivity as well as sharing. We know that luxury experiences are by necessity unique. That’s why we aim to give each of our clients an in-depth, bespoke experience, recognizing that every traveler who comes to us is seeking a travel adventure that’s entirely their own.

Our Philosophy

Creativity, expert knowledge and thoroughness are our core values. We do not « take » bookings, neither re-sell services nor sub-contract to another agency. We only act through our direct connections to the highest level, anywhere in France. We give our clients access to places, experiences, people that without us, they would not have been able to reach. We also take care of all overall logistics up to the most specific details.

Our tours are tailored to the personal interests and desires of our clients- but are also designed to surprise, delight and transport. Our luxury experiences go far beyond enjoyable journeys. We offer our clients a priceless added value, and, as discerned travelers, they are fully aware of what it means: we literally make their dream about France come alive by designing and organizing extraordinary experiences for them to enjoy in total privacy. We aim to make our clients live, feel, and taste France.

Our flagship features:

Here are 4 themes that perfectly embody our philosophy:

• Thrilling mini “tours de France” (cross-regional tours)
• One-of-a-kind wine tours
• Exceptional events & evenings
• Creative tailored wedding proposals

How we operate

Our first step is to get to know you and understand what you are looking for, taking careful note of your interests and wishes. We will then work with you hand in hand, bringing together your vision and preferences with our 20 years of travel and event management expertise. We will take all the necessary time to work out and create your dream project. Then it will be time to set it up and rely on flawless logistics.

Just before your departure, you will be given a travel booklet with all the information you may need. Once there, you will be taken care of personally and we will be in permanent contact with you, at your entire disposal.

The Outcome

 A completely bespoke high-end getaway far from the madding crowds and well off the beaten old tourist track. One that corresponds perfectly to your vision, personality, and travel dreams. We never offer pre-packaged tours or experiences. When you work with us, expect a genuinely personalized adventure.

Authenticity is just as fundamental to our philosophy

Whether you’re primarily interested in exploring France’s rich history, tasting its world-renowned cuisine, gourmet specialties and its amazing wines, or experiencing extreme sports and outdoor adventures in breathtaking settings, your experience will involve local people— the true ambassadors of French culture. If experiential travel means something to you, working with us will guarantee you actually achieve it.

French artisans and craftsmen

French artisans and craftmen are dedicated to sharing and upholding regional traditions, and form the heart of trades from cheesemaking to wine and woodworking. Having gained remarkable skills passed down through generations, they welcome the opportunity to share their passion. Their in-depth knowledge, enthusiasm and insider’s perspective will make your trip both unique and unforgettable. You will experience the living heritage of France, leaving you with much more than a mere visit.

The agency is continuously evolving, inspired by the desires and wishes of our discerning and passionate clientele. That’s why at Exclusive France Tours, Marie and her passionate team always seek to go the extra mile, continually perfecting and renewing their approach. Luckily, the infinite variety of culture, heritage, gastronomy, humans offered by French destinations keeps us inspired to design marvelous, bespoke experiences for you.

The Owner

A few words about Marie Tesson, the founder of Exclusive France Tours

A passion for bringing Happiness to people

When I was young, I wanted to discover the world through locals. I’ve uncovered several countries, but not as a «tourist»: I went several times to the USA as a student and each time lived with American families. I also had a long internship in Mexico and Spain where I stayed with the locals. Then I’ve worked for several years in Australia, that became a second home to me. Even when I was spending just a short time in a country, I’d manage to discover it as a resident, with native friends, or business partners. What I am interested in, more than anything, is the people. As for me, understanding a country goes through meeting the locals.

Meanwhile, I’ve always been obsessed with reaching excellence and going a step further, in any possible way. For instance during my studies (international finance and law) that I’ve completed in Paris, where I was born. Or the different positions I held: my first job as Investment officer at the Australian Embassy in Paris, the MD of the French Chamber of Commerce in Sydney, the high-end corporate events I got to organize in Australia and throughout France. In my love for wine and food. In the hidden places and once in a lifetime experiences I seek for my clients. My priority is to deliver the very best for whatever I’ve been asked to do.


A permanent quest for Excellence and Uniqueness

When I came back to France in 1999, I found myself immersed in the magic of the great wines of Burgundy. I got to know and understand their talented winemakers. I was totally fascinated by my new universe, so difficult to access for the non-insiders. I was eager to share my new passion with those for whom Burgundy wines meant a lot. My love for people combined with a never-ending quest for excellence naturally gave me the desire to make France discover in an intimist and exclusive way that no one could even dream of. This is how I set up my first incoming tourism agency in Burgundy.

Since then, year after year, supported by an amazing dedicated team, we have been developping our knowledge and local network throughout other regions of France. I’m often told that I have a contagious enthusiasm for introducing our clients to the hidden treasures of our beautiful regions such as Burgundy, Provence, Champagne, Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, the French Riviera, Normandy, but also lesser renowned areas such as Dordogne, Brittany, the Basque Country and Alsace. At last, how could you not be thrilled with so many treasures, unique characters and experiences that literally fill you with happiness?

I just can’t wait to hear about your project!

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