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Above all, our greatest joy as private travel curators is to find new routes of discovery and adventure for our clients. We delight in helping you experience France in ways that are unusual, original, unexpected, luxurious and utterly charming. By embarking on a bespoke tour with us, you will experience the nostalgia of riding in a vintage 2CV, the liberty of riding a horse on a stunning beach, the relaxation of a luxury barge cruise and the intense pleasure of speeding along the water on jetskis– to name only a few possibilities. Whatever your interests and aspirations, we’re here to help you create your dream itinerary.

Intrigued? Scroll down for some of our most-coveted ideas for unusual things to do on your next trip to France. See what interests you the most– then contact us to start building your private, unique itinerary.

Our private tours of France offer you countless unique ways to enjoy and discover French culture, art, and history. Interested in learning more about the country’s rich history? Are you hoping to gain cultural insight and authentic experience through meetings with local experts and artisans? Do you wish to explore France off the beaten track, while still enjoying true luxury? Or are you primarily interested in embarking on culinary adventures, perhaps by taking an authentic French cooking class or private wine tour? Our private tours are entirely unique and bespoke– designed to perfectly match your vision. With so many luxurious and interesting ways to enjoy France, anything is possible!

Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


Forever in search of something new, I love wandering through France to uncover hidden treasures. Epicurian by nature, I am enthralled by culture in every form, wine (with a special affinity for those from Bourgogne and Rhone valley), gastronomy and anything out of the ordinary.

Some suggestions of unusual things to do in France...

Ride a Vintage 2CV Through Burgundy vineyards

When: All year round

For who: Vintage car and 2CV enthusiasts; Burgundy wine amateurs

Why: Enjoy a ride in a vintage 2CV in the heart of Burgundy’s iconic vineyards. This is one of the most unusual, rustic, yet glamorous ways to explore the region during your private Burgundy wine tour.

Description: Go back to the thrill of youth by taking a ride in a vintage Citroen 2CV and embark on a full day of joy, twists and nostalgia! Be ready to wend through valleys and villages and discover new terrain behind the wheel of your superb 2CV. Burgundy will reveal tits most beautiful landscapes and sights, from the Côte de Beaune to the Côtes de Nuit. Your horsepower will bring you off the beaten track, allowing you to explore charming country roads, villages of great renown and vineyards producing some of the world’s most sought-after wines…

Tempted by a bespoke tour behind the wheel of this oh-so-French vintage car? You may also like to read more about how to enjoy this experience to the fullest, here.

Jet Ski Outing in the Calanques

When: Spring; summer

For who: Adrenaline lovers and outdoor enthusiasts; anyone after unusual travel discoveries and experiences

Why: Discover the rocky cliffs around Marseille in an original way

Description: Enjoy a breathtaking jetski ride in the famous “Calanques de Marseille”. In this wonderful environment, full of cliffs, creeks and beaches, you can surf for more than 40 kilometers along the coastline. You will quickly love the adrenaline rush as you speed along, taking in fresh breezes and invigorating spray from the sea. From the Mediterranean Sea, you will enjoy superb views over the steep cliffsides and dramatic coastlines. On your jetski, don’t forget to take your time to explore the little creeks only accessible by sea, as if they were made just for you… This is, hands-down, one of the most unusual and interesting things to do during your luxury French Riviera adventure.

Horseback riding on Brittany’s beaches

When: Spring, summer and early autumn

For who: Horse and wide-open space enthusiasts

Why: Gallop along the beach; enjoy the fresh air; connect with a beautiful and powerful animal

Description: Right at the end of the Brittany point, at 200m from the beach is a riding school. Take the time to escape by enjoying a session of unrestrained galloping along a beach. Breathe in the fresh sea air and and enjoy the feeling of freedom this affords you. If you are a beginner, the professional and dynamic instructors will accompany you throughout the ride to guide you and help you enjoy it to the fullest! There are so many unique and interesting things to do during your Brittany getaway, and this one is simply epic…

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Seeking adventure in the Alps

When: Winter

For who: Those interested in winter activities; snow and nature lovers

Why: Enjoy an original break between skiing sessions

Description: Are you a lover of snow and wide-open spaces ? Dog-sledding enthusiast? If so, an excursion to the Alps during winter should most certainly be on your luxury bucket list. Live a unique experience by building your own igloo: one of the most unusual ways to make your French ski holiday in the Alps truly unique and unforgettable! Next, why not try to lead your own dog team as a real musher? A pack of Husky dogs will rush you to the snowy slopes of the Vergers, rewarding you with sublime Alpine landscapes and fresh air galore. At the end of your day, you will be revived with hot drinks and snacks on a reindeer farm. This experience is almost certain to leave you with a feeling of fullfillment and happiness…

Drive through the Luberon villages in a collection car

When: All year round

For who: Anyone who loves old cars; seekers of rustic luxury and charm

Why: Drive along the roads of Provence with your hair blowing in the wind

Description: The 2CV is an iconic French car– and as in Burgundy, it offers a fantastic and old-world glamorous way to explore Provence or the Côte d’Azur. Come along for an unforgettable experience on a vintage road trip. Behind wheel of your 2CV, in an intimate and peculiar atmosphere, you will discover beautiful seaside roads, small harbours, cliffsides and villages. In the hinterland, the low hum of the engine will not even wake up the locals as they peacefully nap under centuries old village olive trees. Fields of Provence lavender will also call your name, as you wend through landscapes dotted with “blue gold”. This is certainly one of the most enjoyable and unusual things to do during any luxury getaway to Provence.

Winter Sledge Ride in the Jura

Quand : Printemps; été; automne

Pour qui : Amoureux de vélo; châteaux

Pourquoi : Envie de campagne; sérénité; découvrir une région autrement

Description : Longez à bicyclette les berges sauvages de la sarthe et plongez au coeur d’un riche patrimoine historique et culturel. Découvrez les charmes uniques que vous réserve cette région. Au départ d’Alençon, pédalez entre petits villages de caractère Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei et Saint loenard des bois, jusqu’aux magnifiques rues pavées de l’ancien centre de Sablé-sur-Sarthe.

Star-Gazing in the Heights of the Pyrenees:

When: Winter

For who: Mountain and star-gazing enthusiasts, anybody who wants to spend a very unusual night

Why: To enjoy breathtaking panoramas and privileged views of the Milky Way

Description: Take the Pic du Midi cable car for a spectacular voyage to the summit at 2,877m and marvel at the 360-degree panorama over the Pyrenees mountains, stretching over 300 kilometres of sublime, jaw-dropping peaks. You’ll also see the plains of the south west and even the Massif Central mountain range in the distance.

The Pic du Midi was classified as a listed French nature site in 2003 due to the beauty and wildness of its landscapes. Have you ever dreamed of sleeping under the stars? Pic du Midi is the ultimate star-gazing destination. In fact, Pic du Midi is among the top 10 best places in the world to observe stars, and became the first in France to receive the status of an International Dark Sky Reserve in December 2013.

For over 140 years, researchers and astronomers have been observing, deciphering, and photographing the sky, planets, and most- distant galaxies from this magical place. Fill your lungs with that pure mountain air and come dream the dream. 

Enjoy a wonderful combination of the earthly and celestial realms and admire the Milky Way’s “star ballet”. Only 27 privileged people can stay overnight at the site each evening, accompanied by an expert guide. Another unforgettable and exclusive experience in France!

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Used in the proposal of Mont-Michel. Marie-San from exclusive France tours has been very kind from her first contact, she was flexible on the schedule and the budget to best meet my requirements. In the preparation phase, we were able to communicate with you immediately by phone and email despite the 7-hour time difference. Mrs. Christèle, our guide, and the photographer Mrs Pauline were also professional and very kind, and I was able to make a proposal that was very satisfying as a result. If you would like to succeed in the proposal during a trip in France, we recommend exclusive France tours.
Hiroki I.
Romantic proposal with the Mont Saint Michel as the background...
What a trip! The honeymoon was wonderful, and planned incredibly well, we can’t think of anything wrong. The detail on the itinerary was perfect and the guides were outstanding. Everyone was very knowledgeable and easy going. The special tours and lunches were just that, very special. Lots of memories to keep! Thank you again for helping me plan a successful honeymoon. I look forward to the next trip. We will contact you for any France trips in the future. Thanks!
Davis F.
3 weeks Honeymoon throughout France and Switzerland
Marie Tesson listens, internalizes what she’s heard, crafts well-thought out itineraries, isn’t afraid to suggest alternatives, and communicates earnestly with her clients. For our ‘Tour de France’, she has consistently gone beyond my expectations and I rate her new baby, Exclusive France Tours, a 10 out of 10.
Jaime D.R.
3 weeks extensive private tour across France
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