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Exclusive France Tours is a boutique agency that specialises in luxury travel experiences. For twenty years now, we have been welcoming top-of-the-range foreign clients to France to help them discover and experiment all the beauties of our beloved France. Personalized, friendly experiences, but at a very high level.

Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


Forever in search of something new, I love wandering through France to uncover hidden treasures. Epicurian by nature, I am enthralled by culture in every form, wine (with a special affinity for those from Bourgogne and Rhone valley), gastronomy and anything out of the ordinary.

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What makes our tours stand out?

An uncommon thorough knowledge of France in many confidential and exclusive ways – built year after year, driven by our clients. This is how we now manage to get privileged access to places usually closed to public and to people who do not receive tourists.

A strong belief in sharing & creating privileged encounters: How could you possibly grasp the soul and culture of a country without getting to know its locals? Artisans, farmers, prestigious wine makers, chefs, Best Craftsmen of France, curators, historians, musicians and artists: DNA of the living heritage that is unique to each region, they will share their passion with you and lead you into the very heart of France.

A passion for tailoring well designed, thrilling programs, with an ever-increasing focus on environmental protection. Our tours could be on a single theme, on a specific area or on multiple areas as we can also offer cross-regional thrilling tours and even “mini Tours de France” with remarkable happenings and rare rendezvous to make these tours outstanding. Even the most touristy places will become yours for a while as we will make them discover in a way which will make you forget and eventually avoid the crowds.

A strong expertise in the wine industry in the different French wine-making areas thanks to Marie’s personal connections with various actors of the industry throughout all the wine regions of France: winemakers, owners of famous castles, gifted sommeliers, wine professionals. Our wine explorations are all inspired by passion, authenticity, expertise and insight.

A strong creativity potential, nurtured by our clients’ desires and dreams. The more challenging the request will be, the more inspiration it will generate in us: evenings, celebrations of any kind, honeymoons, family trips. This is also certainly why we got recognized as “tailored proposals designers” as the word of mouth spreads amongst people who ask us to write and set up a scenario to propose their fiance.

A developed sense of listening and understanding our clients ‘needs beyond words. From our experience and solid knowledge, we become experts at foreseeing and shaping our clients’ journey to fulfill their high expectations.

A first-class mastery of logistics, with a capability to react efficiently on the ground in case of a last-minute issue. Every single tour made for our individuals benefits from our procedure in logistics based on the same rigorous standards that the ones used for major luxury corporate events.

An invitation to limitless luxury and adventure

France has so much to offer. It abounds in history, art, culture, food, wine, magnificent landscapes and countryside, architecture and much more.

Do you have a dream? Whatever you have in mind, dare sharing it with us, it will become soon your reality!

Willing to have some fabulous family holidays in Provence, in a picturesque privatized Bastide and a tour designed to accommodate the youngest and the eldest?

Eager to dive into prehistoric times and to discover blissful countryside of Dordogne, away from the crowds?

Looking for a surprise one-of-a-kind celebration weekend with a strong flair of “bon vivre à la française” and access to extraordinary venues?

Fascinated about the Impressionists and dying to follow in their footsteps, from Normandy to Provence with key encounters?

Dreaming about getting to understand in-depth wine & food pairing with talented experts?

Ski enthusiast, wishing to combine your passion for ski with alongside exciting activities for your children?

Keen in WWII and interested in reviving the longest day with a local expert?

Your bespoke private getaway starts Now!

Call us or email us, we are eager to start building your project to make it alive.

Get inspired to embark on your own private adventure in France by scrolling through some of our suggestions below. Read on and see where your desires and our expertise can take you. Our carefully tailored luxury tours of France will leave you with lifelong memories and unforgettable experiences. Then, get in touch with us and give us a sense of what you’re looking for, so we can start putting together the exclusive getaway of your dreams.

Our examples of bespoke luxury tours in the section may succeed in inspiring you, and stimulating your imagination.

And for those mainly interested in our unique bespoke wine tours, you will find more information about it here.

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FOOD LOVERS, gastronomic delights await! Whichever part of France you choose to visit, you will be spoiled for choice. The celebration of food is an essential part of French culture. You will come to appreciate the French passion and devotion to food and its importance in bringing French families and friends together.

In designing your culinary tour of France, you can opt for a varied itinerary or focus on particular experiences: discover traditional ingredients, prepare classic dishes with a chef or savour a gastronomic meal in a luxurious, classic setting.

The Ingredients…

The awakening of the senses begins with a visit to local markets, the heart of French life. A profusion of colours, smells and evocative sounds are all part of the authentic market experience. The scene is out of a dream: Some red, ripe Gariguette strawberries; rich and gourmet purple Sollies figs; the pungent waft of Laguiole cheese; the amazing variety of Provencal goat cheeses; the delicate flavour of saltbush lamb; a freshly baked “Socca niçoise” (a thin pancake made from chickpea flour); exceptional Gillardeau oysters opened by the vendor right in front of you; or the friend bartering with stall owners. It may all seem like a well-produced act of theatre, but remarkably, this is simply part of daily French life.

… and their Terroirs!

You will also appreciate the importance of the terroir, or regional qualities, that are native to different produce, and that shape traditional methods and practices around them. Meet the artisans who create renowned French specialities such as regional cheeses. Visit a sturgeon fish farm and sample the renowned caviar of Aquitaine; hunt with a truffle producer, and following the “cavage” taste Luberon black truffles; pick Provençal olives and sip their delicious oil; harvest oysters and snack on some of the catch during an early morning excursion in Cancale, Brittany or Cap Ferret, near Bordeaux.

Creating the Specialties

Would a private cooking class or culinary workshop be of your interest? If so, you will work with chefs and artisans to recreate their specialities: take a private pastry class to perfect France’s signature croissant and baguette or create a stunning gateau or crème brûlée. You might also uncover the secrets of Provençal cooking by working under the instruction of a passionate, highly experienced local chef.

Immersion in the full experience

Combine all the knowledge you will have gained on your bespoke culinary tour to enjoy a finale for your palate and senses: gastronomic experiences and dream gourmet French dinners. From the simple auberge where you will encounter local, traditional family cuisine, to wonderful, reasonably priced “gastronomic bistrots” and Michelin-starred restaurants headed by a Master Chef, the true guardians of French haute gastronomy, these all represent important dimensions of France’s rich culinary culture.

For many, the authentic French culinary experience would not be complete without fine wine. Personal encounters with winemakers and private tastings in wine estates and champagne houses are central to what makes our tours so special– and exclusive. We have nearly endless ideas for those interested in experiencing some of France’s finest bottles and terroirs: see more on our ultra-luxury wine tours here!

If your passion is experiencing the country’s rich culture and history, the options are many and varied: revel in an excursion to the Loire Valley with its fairy-tale chateaux; the Dordogne and its renowned prehistoric sites; Brittany and Normandy with their moving World War battlefields … not to mention Paris and Versailles, which alone might satisfy those most eager to encounter French culture and history. Whichever region or particular historic period interests you, we work with our local experts to design bespoke itineraries and themes that closely match your interests and desires. These cultural curators and high-end travel guides will bring France’s rich history to life, right before your eyes.

Historical heritage

Undoubtedly, French heritage is one of the richest in the world. During your France private tour, our guides will help you to vibrantly encounter the country’s long and rich history, tailoring the visit according to your personal interests and desires. Whatever the region you choose to explore, you will be astonished by the multitude of breathtaking historical sites you encounter along the way: the Loire and the abundance of its castles, Dordogne and its remarkable prehistoric sites, Brittany and Normandy for their memorial sites commemorating both World Wars– and of course, Paris, with its millennia of artistic and cultural contributions.

France has 43 cultural and natural sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage register. These include whole or part of cities and regions such as Paris, Lyon, Avignon, St Emilion, Bordeaux, Carcassonne, and Strasbourg. Other breathtaking examples are the vineyards of Burgundy and Champagne; the historic sites of le Palais de Versailles, Reims Cathedral, Vezelay Basilica, the prehistoric sites of the Dordogne and the Alps; and the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela. A whole lifetime would not be sufficient to explore them all in full. No matter what sites you wish to prioritise on your bespoke tour with us , we will work with you to design your dream cultural itinerary.

French Art and its infinite riches

Whatever genre of art or design appeals to you most, France has much to offer. Your areas of interest will serve as a template for us to create an arts tour that brings together the past and present. Encounters with painters, sculptors, glass blowers or potters will be organised to illustrate different regional specialties. Of course, we include current exhibitions as well as galleries and museums on your bespoke itinerary, all offering infinite riches. Paris alone boasts the Louvre Museum, the Musée d’Orsay, the Orangerie, the Natural History Museum, and dozens more prestigious artistic institutions.

Recognising that the choice can be overwhelming, we work closely with you to prioritise your personal tastes and areas of interest. Other regional museums and sites in France may inspire you to build your stay around them: the impressive and innovative MuCEM in Marseille, devoted to European and Mediterranean cultures, the Bayeux Tapestry Museum, or the D-Day Landing beaches are only a few. Your private tour will be painstakingly curated to match your interests.

Meet the Locals: cultural experiences come to life

While the past allows you you appreciate France in the present day, its heritage goes beyond these marvellous sites tasked with preserving its history. Just as France’s cultural heritage was created and expressed through its people in the past, so do they work to continue its prestigious traditions– and create new ones. It is these traditions and customs that allow France to maintain its own particular mystique and allure— to preserve its distinctive character and personality, even in the midst of globalisation.

The cultural experience of France would not be complete without including the living heritage of France on a bespoke tour. Discussions with local people over a coffee and pastry offer great insight into the past and the present. Artisans are the heart of the different trades, and are dedicated to preserving regional traditions and particularities. The skills of these remarkable craftsmen and women have been passed down through many generations. They will welcome the opportunity to share their passion with you: whether your personalised excursion includes encounters with bell casters, perfume creators, lavender producers, oyster farmers, olive growers, or winegrower, your journey will no doubt be enriched as a result. Our private tours are always composed of genuine, authentic cultural experiences.

Are you tempted by the idea of getting away from everything, enjoying nature and fresh air? You will not be disappointed. Again, France has so many experiences to offer, whether you seek a physical challenge or relaxation and contemplation. We love creating new experiences and surprising our clients. Your sense of adventure and curiosity own inspires our creativity.

Our private tours of France always reflect and exceed our clients’ wishes: it’ s as simple as that! So if you are looking for an even more surprising experience, leave it to us to create one for you. Your quest for novelty, originality, and travel from an unusual angle is one we are eager to fulfill. Let us know your wishes and we will be most happy to surprise and bring you that little something, that “je ne sais quoi” that you would not expect.

By foot, by bike, in the air & on the water

There is nothing more revitalizing and energizing than a trek in wild nature, leaving civilisation well behind. Local guides can take you on an unforgettable adventure in their favourite, secret places. Sweeping views, natural wonders, and encounters with local wildlife will create long -lasting memories and refresh the soul.

The Pyrenees National Park is without question a wonderland for nature lovers. Trekking over a 3-4 days period with one of our trained guides, you’ll be allowed time to explore one inspiring valley after another. You can expect breathtaking scenery, landscapes, and wild encounters, from intense ice-blue lakes, spectacular rock formations, and the occasional visit from an inquisitive marmot. The walks are chosen to suit your needs. For those seeking more of a challenge, there are snow-capped peaks to climb.

Allow your artistic side to emerge and share a bond with the impressionist painter Cezanne. He found inspiration and a muse of sorts in the Sainte Victoire Mountain which featured in more than 80 of his paintings. Wander through the maze of narrow walking trails to become immersed in the surroundings. Your local guide, an artist, can introduce you to sketching– a very special way to preserve your memory of the walk. An informal aperitif enjoyed while taking in this stunning scenery a sunset over the Montagne Sainte Victoire is the perfect way to end the adventure.

Unforgettable emotions

The Brittany seaside is a also source of artistic inspiration, with a constantly changing interplay of light and colour between earth, sea and sky. The stunning Chemin des Douaniers will take you along a series of dunes, coves, rocky headlands and beaches. This centuries-old trail was used in the 1700s by smugglers. Reflect in an atmosphere of time immemorial. From the Mont Saint Michel to Cancale, passing through Saint Malo, enjoy the ever-changing blues of the sky and sea. Read more about some of Brittany’s exceptional destinations here in our blog, and start dreaming up your own dream itinerary in the region.

Unusual & rare journeys

If you are looking for time to relax and unwind, we suggest you consider a few days floating on a barge. Instantly, you will feel your life stresses and strains fade away. Enjoy the peace of the water as you drift along. Relax reading on the deck, go for a walk alongside the canal, bike along the riversides, explore some picturesque hamlets and cultural marvels… or just do nothing more than watch the stunning landscapes glide past.

Feeling oneself at one with Mother Nature onboard a hot air balloon is a magical experience. Time seems suspended. The peace and tranquillity will chase away your daily pressures. Enjoy a new perspective of famous abbeys, castles and historic places as you pass overhead. Truly a unique experience: one in which the senses are heightened by the fresh early morning air.

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Used in the proposal of Mont-Michel. Marie-San from exclusive France tours has been very kind from her first contact, she was flexible on the schedule and the budget to best meet my requirements. In the preparation phase, we were able to communicate with you immediately by phone and email despite the 7-hour time difference. Mrs. Christèle, our guide, and the photographer Mrs Pauline were also professional and very kind, and I was able to make a proposal that was very satisfying as a result. If you would like to succeed in the proposal during a trip in France, we recommend exclusive France tours.
Hiroki I.
Romantic proposal with the Mont Saint Michel as the background...

What a trip! The honeymoon was wonderful, and planned incredibly well, we can’t think of anything wrong.The detail on the itinerary was perfect and the guides were outstanding. Everyone was very knowledgeable and easy going. The special tours and lunches were just that, very special. Lots of memories to keep!Thank you again for helping me plan a successful honeymoon.I look forward to the next trip. We will contact you for any France trips in the future.Thanks!
Davis F.
3 weeks Honeymoon throughout France and Switzerland

Marie Tesson listens, internalizes what she’s heard, crafts well-thought out itineraries, isn’t afraid to suggest alternatives, and communicates earnestly with her clients. For our ‘Tour de France’, she has consistently gone beyond my expectations and I rate her new baby, Exclusive France Tours, a 10 out of 10.
Jaime D.R.
3 weeks extensive private tour across France
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