10 Reasons to Visit France in 2018

..Luxurious & Interesting Things to Do

Looking for a good reason to visit France this year, even if your last trip was a recent one? The Telegraph has just published an intriguing list of interesting, adventurous and luxurious things to see and do in 2018, so make sure to have a look and soak up a bit of inspiration.

Noting that France remains the world’s single most-visited destination, the piece offers suggestions for exhibits, special sporting events, festivals and other noteworthy ways to fully enjoy the diverse country. Here are just a few pinpointed in the piece:

Taste Calvados, a signature apple-flavoured liqueur, in Pont l’Eveque, Normandy, then head to the forested city of Compiègne or the arresting Cathedral of Amiens to celebrate the centenary of the end of World War I.

Enjoy live music in Lyon, an under-appreciated cultural capital of the Rhone Valley area, perhaps before or after embarking on a private wine-tasting tour in the region. Or jet over to Paris to see the masterpieces of French artist Delacroix at the Louvre.

There are so many more ways to fully take advantage of France’s beauty, culture and diversity this year. See here for more from the Telegraph, and then visit our Private Tours, Wine Tours and Destinations pages for more inspiring ways to build your own exclusive itinerary in 2018. From luxurious food tours of Provence or Basque Country to world-renowned wine auctions in Burgundy and stays in exclusive, brand-new Alpine resorts for ski season, the possibilities for luxury and discovery are all but endless.

Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


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