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..Claire Basler at La Maison Jadot

Until the 26th of November at the Maison Jadot in Beaune, come discover an original creative melding between art and wine. The incredible artist Claire Basler’s exhibition “A fleur de vigne” is being held in the cellars of Maison Louis Jadot.

This exhibition in Burgundy brings floral designs against a backdrop of giant winemaking vats. Showing both poetry and sensitivity, the artist Claire Basler succeeds in bringing the beauty of nature alive with a stunning energy: one that makes viewers feel as if they’re diving right into the scenes depicted in her large-format paintings.

Basler is an unconventional artist. Accepted for admission into the Beaux-Arts (one of the most prestigious art schools in France), she moved to quit the school only three months into the programme, owing to a lack of accord between her artistic vision and the school’s. For the young artist, art has to at once embody gentleness, brutality and sensitivity. Nature is omnipresent in her haunting work, and haunts the viewer in turn.

The exhibition has been curated to appear in perfect symbiosis with its environment, with works of art hung in the rustic cellars of the winemaker Maison Louis Jadot in Beaune. The eye-opening coming together of art and wine is a true high point of the show, and well worth experiencing yourself.

Free entry every day from 5th to 26th November – 12:00 PM to 07:00 PM in the cellars of Maison Louis Jabot – 62 route de Savigny, 21200 Beaune.

Contact: visit@louisjadot.com Baptiste Quinard: 06 11 73 76 33.

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Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


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