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..Our Favourite Addresses for Sweet Luxury

When winter is right around the corner, there’s little more heartwarming than indulging in a cup of smooth hot chocolate, or letting yourself be tempted by a delicious French pastry in one of the city’s most beautiful tearooms. But we won’t encourage you to land just anywhere! Here are some of our very favourite addresses for sweet moments in the capital. These prestigious spots are as much worth noting for their elegant setting as they are for their delicious specialties—so sit back and take in your harmonious surroundings as you sip your gourmet tea or tuck into your crunchy, delicate millefeuille pastry.

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Marie Tesson


Discover some of our very favourite addresses for sweet moments in the capital!

Angelina in Paris


Parisians have a preferred go-to spot for gourmet hot chocolate: Angelina. At this elegant address, which is styled after an old-world Vienna tearoom, you will taste what will likely be the best chocolate of your life– or at least as good as the one your grandmother once made. At Angelina, the hot chocolate is made from real, high-grade chocolate bars, and among their most delicious pastries are the “mont-blanc” (a house specialty) and a Viennese-style “pain aux raisins” laced with candied fruits. One of the first enthusiasts of this tearoom was the celebrated French writer Marcel Proust. Why not do as he did, and yield to temptation?


Ladurée is a centuries-old pastry maker made famous worldwide by Sofia Coppola in her film “Marie-Antoinette”. If you are in Paris, don’t even bother resisting the shop with its attractive pastel façade: head in to enjoy a colourful selection of macarons at the wonderful Rue Royale teahouse. In an elegant and theatrical setting, you will try surprising and delicious macaron flavours, such as griotte, salted butter caramel, orange blossom, and amaretto; some change with the seasons. Take note: There are also several additional locations across Paris, including a gorgeous tearoom on the iconic Avenue des Champs-Elysées.

Ladurée macarons
Pierre Hermé specialties

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé is a pastry chef known as the “Picasso de la patisserie”: his passion revolves around reinventing classic French pastries. . For this celebrated master of gourmet sweets, pastries are forever a new concept: he creates “collections” that change according to the seasons, similar to a clothing line. On the teatime menu, you can find delicacies such as a “2000 feuilles” with decadent hazelnut praline, an “Ispahan” macaron laced with delicate rose and lychee, or a “Mogador tart”, deliciously melding milk chocolate and passionfruit. Luckily for you, there are several locations throughout Paris.


If you are a chocolate lover, amateur or expert, Chapon is the place to be. Here, chocolate is an art: it is designed by Mr. Chapon himself in his laboratory, and the chocolate is roasted right in the shop. Let the child inside you emerge as you sample the mouthwatering chocolate mousse bar. Are you a bit of an origin snob? No problem. Choose the precise chocolate origin you prefer among the “grands crus”, just as you would choose a wine. Madagascar, Ecuador, Venezuela, Ghana and Peru: in this charming boutique, you will have the world’s delicate and distinctive cocoa beans at your fingertips.

Chapon chocolate
Christophe Michalak's mousse au chocolat

Christophe Michalak

Master patissier and very well known by the French public Christophe Michalak has several boutiques in Paris dedicated to his beautifully presented– and incredibly gourmet– creations. While they don’t serve tea, we’d be remiss if we left this key address for for exquisite French pastries and cakes off of our list. Try the Maitre’s uniquely delicious creations- from the “réligieuse” chou pastry filled with decadent salted butter caramel, to delicate millefeuille cakes, handmade chocolates and ice cream and decadent mousse au chocolat topped with crunchy hazelnuts and presented in a jar. It’s no wonder Christophe Michalak is widely considered to be one of the city’s grandest pastry chefs. He also offers classes, for those inclined.

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The list of our very best addresses doesn’t stop here!

Paris is home to so many exceptional, and renowned, chocolate makers, ice-cream artisans, bakers and other masters of sweet treats. To spend a convivial moment in an elegant and relaxing teahouse, and enjoy the best Parisian pastries, contact us. We’ll put together an unforgettable bespoke food tour for you that includes stops at some of these iconic addresses, and much more. Also see more about our luxury shopping tours in Paris.

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