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Original and tailor-made team building activities

Looking for a team activity to facilitate the integration of a new class? Exclusive France Tours will assist you with activities that meet all types of international groups’ needs: promoting networking, strengthening team cohesion, enhancing French culture

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Marie Tesson


Always on the lookout for new things, I love to travel around France and to find hidden treasures. Epicurean by nature, I am passionate about culture in all its forms, wine (with a soft spot for Burgundy and the Rhone Valley…), gastronomy and the unusual.

Friendly, stimulating and unifying challenges

Together with you, Exclusive France Tours will define your objectives and wishes, in order to offer you the most appropriate team activities. We will define together the concept that will meet your expectations and integrate your requirements. Develop leadership; strengthen team cohesion; facilitate communication; energise; educate through playful means; consolidate your brand image; take up challenges together; develop group synergy; learn to manage stress…

For friendly, stimulating and unifying challenges: treasure hunt; rally in a 2CV; team building activities; walking rally; artistic challenge; incentive in the form of an activity auction; culinary challenge; creative workshops…. Tell us the spirit you wish to instil in your promotion, and together we will choose the ones that best suit you.

Take inspiration from our experience and a case study we have carried out. Then contact us to build your project together.


Why choose us for your integration seminar?

An unforgettable stay that forges for the future

Remember your first school trip? The feeling of freedom, the excitement of a challenging adventure, the sense of togetherness as classmates get ready to experience something new. An unknown place, a surprising program, a whole lot of emotions that will create everlasting bonds and memories with your fellow companions.

Now, let’s transpose the magic to a major event in a student’s life: Integrating a new group.

At Exclusive France Tours, we help business schools celebrate the commitment of fresh MBA students through an experience of a different kind: a unique “get-away” that will not only unite a group but also emphasize academic core values. Emotions and excitement are often the best vectors for cohesion and team spirit. It is our pleasure to see more and more academies requesting bespoke seminaries for their MBA, MS or PhD students.

We are happy to introduce our vision for a fun, yet sharp integration get-away.

What awaits the participants?

Lots of fun! Games, challenges, hands-on classes, parties and great food will of course, be part of the journey, but rest assured that every single service is to be shifted around a specific theme or preset goals to foster learning and guarantee a big pay-off.

A successful integration visit can have a decisive impact on a student’s life, well-being and chances of success:
– Reduced anxiety
– Social and emotional benefits
– Cross-culture dialogue

As always, Exclusive France Tours strives to select the most adapted accommodations and design a hyper personalized program based on your needs and objectives. Our team is committed to accompany you in finding the right balance between the enchantment of an immersive journey and a successful teambuilding.


Case study

Participants : 42 new students in MBA + school team and managers

: Burgundy

Objectif : The teaching staff of a renowned business school wants its students in the Master of Business Administration programme to meet and test themselves. As most of the students are foreigners, the objective is to create cohesion while introducing French culture.

What awaits the participants?

– Discovery of the Abbey of Reigny, conducted by its owners

Introduction to the wine industry and its environmental issues in Bailly Lapierre Cellars, aiming to learn about Bourgogne Wine and Créments de Bourgogne

Simulation of vineyard management by teams – Who will manage it best

Walks or bike rides in the Burgundian countryside

Possibility to drive the famous Citroën 2CVs

Outdoor games, French games such as ‘pétanque’

A serious game: simulation of an auction by teams

Lively evenings with singers, dancers and happenings

Interested in Your Own MBA Integration Weekend for a new Promotion?

Get in touch with us to start designing your customized event. We will take care of every detail and ensure your trip is as unforgettable as for this ESSEC group.

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Our awesome clients!

clients’ reviews

Marie,I wanted to thank you for this Eductour which allowed us to discover the Burgundy high places, to live moments of rare emotion (the ULM...) and magic (the evening with chefs) and to meet a wide range of partners.Contacts taken during the appointments were very interesting. The organization on the theme "la Grande Vadrouille" was successful with playful epics across the vineyards... (although we came back home exhausted- but happy with such a rich, extensive and hectic programme!).Thank you again!

Marie Tesson had created for us in November 2017 a tailor made journey around vineyard in the Burgundy region.Our clients from different cultures and backgrounds but all of them with high expectations were absolutely delighted.Ms. Tesson did a great job, her knowledge, her skills and her capacity to listen and to adapt were key factors for the success of our journey.I highly recommend Ms. Tesson to any client who wishes a high quality event.

Highly recommend. I am not easily impressed, but Marie managed the impossible throughout our entire Champagne experience. She was able to secure private and exclusive access to prestigious houses, which is a privilege reserved only for major distributors and celebrities. Each visit was unique, exclusive, educational and delicious. Looking forward to working with her to explore the rest of France.
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