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We understand that the corporate environment is competitive and you are looking for an edge. Since staff members’ mutual cooperation and motivation is integral to your company’s success, team-building programmes can be an important part of your business plan. As your corporate travel management agency for France, we design unique teambuilding events, activities and tours to help inspire and re-invigorate your staff.

Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


Passionate about pastry and gastronomy, my greatest pleasure is to meet artisans. I like exploring new places, new products. I never hesitate to go beyond the demands of our customers, for a full satisfaction.

For stimulating and engaging challenges

Exclusive France Tours brings you over 20 years of event and corporate travel management experience. Our philosophy is to work in close partnership with each of our clients, taking careful stock of their vision and goals. For our corporate clients, this involves building a full picture of the event or tour envisaged, but also of the company’s identity, clientele and business strategies. Working from our full profile of the company, we design painstakingly unique events and activities that correspond perfectly our clients’ corporate values and goals.

We believe that corporate travel management is much more than handling all the logistics and booking outstanding venues. It’s about creating unforgettable experiences for staff and managers that perfectly reflect the strengths, goals and objectives of your company.

Working hand in hand with you, we explore possible themes, venues and formats for your desired event or activity to arrive at an unforgettable result. What do we bring to the table? In addition to our extensive experience in event and travel management, we bring deep knowledge of France and all its riches– as well as a passion for helping our clients to discover them fully.

There are no bounds to our imagination and creativity as we work to design and produce your bespoke teambuilding events or activities. What might these look like? From leadership skill workshops delivered on the World War battlefields in Normandy to team abseiling in the Pyrenees and brand-building exercises in the cellars of Champagne, there are countless possibilities in France.

Corporate travel management inspired by France’s rich culture and history

We are proud of France’s rich culture and history and wish to play our part in honouring and promoting it. This philosophy differentiates Exclusive France Tours from other agencies. The authenticity of corporate events and activities are as important as their objectives. We partner with local artisans, ambassadors for France’s diverse regions, who greatly enrich the cultural experience for your participants.

France’s centuries-old culture, from food and wine to architecture and natural wonders, present so many opportunities for stimulating teambuilding activities. These might include treasure hunts; rallies in vintage cars; team exercises in prestigious vineyards; artistic creations; biking tours; auction sales, safari photo; cooking challenges, or creative workshops. Once we understand your objectives and goals for the company’s retreat, we will work with you to design the optimal program.

Intrigued? Get further inspiration by browsing our suggestions below. We would be thrilled to become your preferred partner for corporate events and activities around France. Simply contact us to start creating your bespoke project.

A few ideas for teambuilding activities in France…

Car rally in a vintage 2CV

Number of participants : from 20 to 80

Where : Burgundy, Beaujolais, Champagne, Provence

Goal : team spirit; social interaction.

Summary : Discover some of the exceptional sites and countryside that France has to offer from behind the wheel of an authentic Citroen 2CV. Wend through back roads and charming routes cross through rustic villages and vineyards producing divine wines– all the while building team spirit.

The 2CV, a genuine symbol of the French way of life, is perfect for backcountry roads. Rustic and just plain fun, its old-fashioned charm is a hit with every generation. Far removed from our era of high technology, the 2CV provides an alternative that inspires friendship, “joie de vivre”, and a change of scenery.

Each team will be given instructions and a road directory to direct them through the countryside on the quiet lanes. Along the journey teams will have to answer questions, and find objects as part of a treasure hunt: one which will unveil numerous mysteries and legends. Tales of old, prominent families, a sundial hidden in an amazing castle, an unfinished bell tower… the challenge is to follow the clues and not get lost amongst the picturesque pathways and charming villages.

Art workshops

Number of participants : from 20 to 140

Where : Anywhere in France

Goal : bonding; creativity; teamwork; communication

Summary : Whether it be sculpture, painting or pottery, art allows you to gain new insights into yourself and your colleagues. During your team art workshop, a professional artist will give instruction in techniques and assign a group project. The aim is to facilitate interaction, share new ideas and encourage all staff members to contribute creatively to the endeavour.

Often, the final artworks become part of the office décor– offering lasting memories and reminders of the team spirit that went into creating them.

Gourmet rally

Number of participants : from 15 to 100

Where : Several towns in France

Goal : team spirit; fun; gastronomic discovery

Summary : One of our most popular teambuilding activities. The ‘gourmet’ games allow you to savour the best of our regions’ local products – charcuterie, mustard and vinegars, gingerbread, blackcurrant liquor, cheeses, chocolate, the pink cookies of Reims, macarons and sweets– gastronomic discovery is the name of the game. Armed with instructions and a road directory, you will traverse the region, discovering beautiful countryside while trying to unravel all the clues so as not to miss any of the gourmet delights.

Bike rally

Number of participants : from 20 to 80

Where : In the middle of nature; amongst vine paths; the Pyrenees for the more adventurous

Goal : team spirit; challenge; sports

Summary : Come and discover the diverse beauty of France through its countryside, seaside or mountains. One of our favorite tours amongst several others is biking through France’s prestigious wine-making regions. Cycling along rustic, sun-drenched paths, enjoy the beautiful vistas of manicured green vines set against the rolling hills, trickling streams and blue skies. Fresh air, camaraderie, and a wonderful of sense of life and nature will prevail. Shared memories of a unique experience will bond the group.

Cooking classes

Number of participants : from 15 to 120

Where : Several towns in France

Goal : team spirit; creativity; social interaction.

Summary : Cooking is a fantastic activity to be enjoyed with a group of colleagues. Not only will you discover a unique culinary and dining experience, you will also realise that cooking really is fun, accessible and appealing! Cooking classes are above all a means to unite and inspire for the creativity within the group.

All classes are guided by expert chefs who have great passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge. Upon arrival, the group will receive an apron and prepare a full meal: starter, main dish and dessert. Under the direction of the Chef, the teams will prepare and then enjoy the fruits of their shared labour. Team spirit and a good collective mood are all on the menu!

Jeep rally in Burgundy vineyards

Number of participants : from 15 to 60

Where : Burgundy

Goal : Team spirit; social interactivity; a bit of action and adventure

Summary : Get behind the wheels of authentic army jeeps for a unique team adventure. Set in the middle of legendary Burgundy vineyards such as Pommard, Volnay, Meursault, Saint Aubin, Gamay, Saint-Romain, participants are divided into teams, and each assigned to a jeep. With their instructions and road directory in hand, they drive off along vineyard lanes to seek ‘treasure’: meetings with wine professionals to discover unique Pinot and Chardonnay wines; or with a geologist on the hillsides where Grand Crus are produced in treasured terroirs; or with a cooper who will introduce you to mounting barrels.

Along the drive, the participants will have to undergo different challenges to learn more about the region. The teams will celebrate the end of the rally in a prestigious wine domain.

Wine workshops

Number of participants : from 30 to 90

Where : Burgundy

Goal : Encourage team interaction; improve wine expertise

Summary : Discover more about wine from the professionals – wine makers and sommeliers – in private settings. These workshops will help you understand the complexities of wine. Your team will develop a deeper understanding wines and learn the art of tasting. Impress your clients and work colleagues when you next select wine to accompany dinner.

Horsemanship discovery

Number of participants : individual or small groups

Where : Provence; Aquitaine

Goal : management; self-confidence; team leading

Summary : On the Camargue beaches, in the shadow of Mount Sainte Victoire, or during the Transhumance festival, meet the “Guardians”. Also known as the Provençal cowboys, you will get to know their horses, their cattle and their herding dogs. Experience an ethology workshop to understand animal behaviour.

You will discover an entirely different way of life, built around of a language with ancient gestures and accent. Discover your ability to manage and relate to horses, the Masters of the human being. You may reveal hidden management talents!

Photo safari by segway

Number of participants : from 30 to 100

Where : Different towns in France

Goal : team spirit; social interaction

Summary : Move along in silence aboard a segway, even across long distances. Driving a segway is totally intuitive and is as if the machine were an extension of your body. In order to create a true challenge, you can be equipped with a camera, allowing you to capture the best moments of your trip. Accompanied by professional photographers, you will be briefed on how to take outstanding pictures based on different criteria: the most artistic, the funniest, the most originalTry and catch the best moments on a given theme. The team with the best photos will be named victorious!


Number of participants : from 30 to 120

Where : Numerous locations- upon request

Goal : team spirit; management; social interaction

Summary : Join in an exciting adventure where strategy will be the focus. This team-building exercise is founded on true cooperation and joining of strengths to strategize effectively.

Compete with other teams in an unusual auction in which activities, rather than paintings and luxury goods, will be up for bidding. The group will be divided into teams, and set challenges requiring a wide range of skills and knowledge. Each person will be required to contribute; intellectuals as well as athletes, strategists and support staff. There will be a grand finale auction: a challenging test to determine which team will emerge victorious.

Historical treasure hunt

Number of participants : from 15 to as many as required

Where : Different towns around France

Goal : team spirit

Summary : Treasure hunts with a twist! We develop themes that prove challenging – guaranteed to fire up the competitive forces. Team rivalry builds strong bonds and identity accompanied with many laughs. These entertaining and challenging competitions foster team spirit, heightened morale and boosted motivation.

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Marie,I wanted to thank you for this Eductour which allowed us to discover the Burgundy high places, to live moments of rare emotion (the ULM...) and magic (the evening with chefs) and to meet a wide range of partners.Contacts taken during the appointments were very interesting. The organization on the theme "la Grande Vadrouille" was successful with playful epics across the vineyards... (although we came back home exhausted- but happy with such a rich, extensive and hectic programme!).Thank you again!

Marie Tesson had created for us in November 2017 a tailor made journey around vineyard in the Burgundy region.Our clients from different cultures and backgrounds but all of them with high expectations were absolutely delighted.Ms. Tesson did a great job, her knowledge, her skills and her capacity to listen and to adapt were key factors for the success of our journey.I highly recommend Ms. Tesson to any client who wishes a high quality event.

Highly recommend. I am not easily impressed, but Marie managed the impossible throughout our entire Champagne experience. She was able to secure private and exclusive access to prestigious houses, which is a privilege reserved only for major distributors and celebrities. Each visit was unique, exclusive, educational and delicious. Looking forward to working with her to explore the rest of France.
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