Every art history lover has one dream destination. That is the Louvre tour. Those of you who want to explore the treasures of this amazing place have one question. That is whether there is the option of Paris private tours for the Louvre. Well, you shall be glad to know that you can surely go on a Louvre private tour when in France.

Want to Know Why to Go For a Paris Private Tour?

Keep in mind that a private tour cannot be compared with mediocre semi-private or group tours. Private tour is a wonderful experience. This type of tour is best for small groups. It is best for those people who want a tour that includes only their core circle like their family.

In the Paris private tours, you can skip the line. For this, all that you need is a timed ticket. You can expect VIP treatment from the tour organizer. So, if you are one who only selects the best then you have to experience the royal treatment of the Louvre private tour.

You get the freedom to choose what you want to see on a private tour. You do not get this liberty in a normal group tour. There is no need to see what every person visiting the museum gets to see.

Besides the famous artworks that everyone else sees you can check out some other stunning masterpieces. You get the chance to see anything you want from the large number of art pieces in Louvre.

For example, you might be interested in Vermeer. Or you may want to see the sword used for the French King’s coronation. There’s also a huge Rubens painting and fully furnished royal interiors that might interest you. There is also an Easter Island Moai figure in the Louvre. If you want to see these hidden treasures then a private tour is the right thing for you.

Come and Explore the Ancient World in Louvre:

Going to the Louvre is a special chance. Some of us may only get to go once. It’s hard to grasp how big the Louvre really is. This place is also a grand Royal palace. It was first built as a castle in the Middle Ages. It was later transformed into a Renaissance Palace. You shall be surprised to know that it is even bigger than the famous Versailles castle.

In this private tour, you can learn about the palace’s architecture. You can also check its history from medieval times to the modern addition of Ieoh Ming Pei’s pyramid.

One special place to visit in this palace is the Apollo Gallery. It was built for King Louis XIV. It now has the crown jewels. You can see one of the most stunning collections of royal gemstones over here. You can have a private visit with an expert gemologist to learn more about these precious stones.

Want to Know Some More Amazing Things about Louvre?

The museum is very big and you might feel lost. It has many corridors, three wings, three floors, and lots of stairs and elevators.

You shall be astonished to know that the museum has 35,000 artworks. It is not possible to see the entire museum in one go. You will have to spend many months if you want to see each and every artwork

Not only is the Louvre huge. It is also considered as one of the most popular museums in the world. It has more than10 million visitors every year. If you are visiting the museum for the first time then you will be surprised to see the large crowd in the museum.

One solution is to take Paris private tour and stay longer than most visitors. Do you have only two hours? Then you can see the famous masterpieces in the large crowds. The Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace, and the Mona Lisa are all in the same wing. If you have half a day, you can visit two wings. This is different from what most visitors do.

There are cafes where you can rest if you feel tired when going around the museum. This place is known for providing good facilities to the visitors.

Practical Details about the Louvre Private Tour:

Children under 18 and young adults under 26 from Europe can enter for free. But everyone needs to buy tickets online. Use the official Louvre website to book tickets.

It is a good idea to get a Paris Museum Pass if you want to visit many museums and places in a few days. Get an E-TICKET Museum Pass from the official Paris Museum Pass website. Then book a time slot on the Louvre website if you have the Paris Museum Pass.

You can get the Paris Museum Pass or the Paris Passlib from the Paris tourist office or online. The Passlib includes the Museum Pass, a cruise on the Seine, and public transport.

Visitors with disabilities and their companions can enter for free. The museum can provide a wheelchair in exchange for their passport.

If you visit this museum through a tour organizer then you will have a great experience exploring this place. But make sure that you always select only the best company that is known for arranging the best tours across France. Always opt for a company that has the best reviews and feedback.


If you want to see the Louvre museum then you must choose the option of private tour. It is best for those who want a customized travel experience. For the museum tour or French Riviera tours visit the website of Excusive France Tours. This is a leading company known for arranging the best tours for across France. For any assistance related to Paris private tours, contact their support team now.

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