Out of the ordinary Cheese Tour in France

..A Delicious journey through Paris, Lyon and Auvergne

Synopsis: Cheese Exploration through France


Casting: A small group of cheese enthusiasts



An American agency contacted us to create a cross-regional luxury gourmet tour in France for their clients with a strong focus on cheese. They were all foodies and expected to taste as many cheeses’varieties as possible! They wanted to start with Paris and nearby areas renowned for cheeses. We then suggested them to go to Lyon for its outstanding gastronomy and wine culture, and finally to have a proper Auvergne food tour: a lesser known area offering stunning landscapes and some of the best cheeses of the country. The “Cheese Route” there, mostly renowned by locals, also caught their attention. We searched for weeks for the most authentic farms and cheese producers in order to offer a complete gastronomic and cultural experience for the most irresistible trip!


Master scenes:

A privileged encounter with a MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in his workshop in Paris, along with an exclusive tasting.

A delectable food tour in a lesser known district of the capital with an expert guide to meet passionate artisans and share their passion for French produces.

A privatized visit of an 18th century cheese maturing farm with the owner and a tasting of awarded brie cheese.

A stroll within the “Temple of Gastronomy” in Lyon for an exceptional food and wine pairing experience.

A bucolic visit of a family-owned goat cheese farm in the Beaujolais.

An exclusive visit of an old railway tunnel which has been converted into a maturing cheese cellar by a renowned “MOF”.

A spectacular hike in the volcanoes country in Auvergne with a naturalist guide.

A homemade dinner made of a delicious Auvergne specialty in a very picturesque “auberge” in the middle of the mountains.

The discovery of delightful medieval villages where almost no tourist go to.

An intimate discovery of a very special 1000 years old cave where cheese are refined in troglodytic dwellings…


Length: 10 days


Place: Paris, Lyon, Auvergne


Craving some cheese tasting in France yet? We have some suggestions for you!! This Auvergne cheese tour is one amongst so many others, as a cheese tour in France can be done in so many different ways…

If so, get in touch with us to start creating your gourmet adventure. We’ll take care of every detail and ensure your trip is like no other! Also read more about other suggestions on where to take a cheese tour in France.

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