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A Gourmet, Private Paris: Most Exclusive Dining Options

A Gourmet, Private Paris: Most Exclusive Dining Options

Paris, world capital of gastronomy, has much to offer the discerning traveller in search of gourmet experiences. After all, in 2010 UNESCO officially declared French cuisine a precious part of World Heritage. But just about anyone can make a reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant, these days. If you’re after a truly exceptional evening that features world-class cuisine in an opulent and exclusive setting, read on. We’ve put together this guide for those seeking a fantastic and private Paris. From bespoke gourmet events and dinners in the capital’s most-prized restaurants to encounters and personal classes with renowned French chefs, learn how to get away from the crowds and experience the city’s renowned culinary scene- in total privacy.

Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


As the world capital of gastronomy, the French capital has much to offer the discerning traveller. If it’s a private Paris you’re after, we will make your vision a reality– curating exclusive culinary experiences in remarkable settings.
The outside of Le Pré Catelan after snow fall

Private Dinners & Events at Exceptional Restaurants

As part of your bespoke getaway to Paris, why not enjoy private gourmet experiences in some of the city’s very best restaurants– and even visit the farm of one France’s most famous chefs for an intimate lunch or dinner?

The French capital is home to an astounding number of Michelin-starred restaurants; 9 have the maximum three stars, or “macarons”, as the French whimsically call them. Of these hallowed institutions, several have breathtaking private dining rooms where you can enjoy innovative and delicious cuisine– but keep the setting all to yourself.

Le Pré Catelan (3 stars) offers private dining in its Belle-Epoque restaurant on the verdant Bois de Boulogne. Headed by Chef Frederic Anton, whose immense talents propelled the restaurant to earn top billing from Michelin, the dining rooms and 12 private “salons” here are full of light, warmth and elegant details. This is also an ideal venue for weddings, anniversaries or private galas that will stand out as truly remarkable. Wine tastings, champagne receptions, and other special events can be organised at “Le Pré”, too.

Other Michelin-starred restaurants in the capital with breathtaking private dining rooms and salons include Le Laurent, Lasserre, and the more contemporary Copenhague, near the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. The latter is a favorite spot of celebrities, royal figures and politicians– so the “see and be seen” opportunities are ample if you’re willing to eschew the private dining option.

For a romantic and old-Paris ambiance that’s both utterly chic and a tad bohemian, why not hold your private evening at Laperouse, an 18th-century restaurant overlooking the Seine that is situated in a mansion dating to the 15th century. Full of intimate dining nooks that are at once elegant and amusing, this is a unique venue for a private celebration or corporate gala.

Private Dining at Alain Passard’s “Farm”, Les Jardins du Bois Giroult
Looking to escape the city limits for a bit of fresh air and authentic gastronomic inspiration? World-famous French chef Alain Passard, at the helm of 3-star Michelin restaurant Arpège, grows his own organic fruit and vegetables in three gardens Paris, including at his magnificent Domaine, Les Jardins du Bois Giroult. Private lunches, dinners and even the occasional meeting with the Chef himself can be arranged at the “farm” for a privileged few. Here, you can revel in the organic garden, whose bounty is directly shipped to Arpège– Passard has revolutionised French gastronomy with his focus on fresh vegetables– and enjoy an unforgettable private meal. It’s not the easiest table to secure a place at– but that’s part of what makes it so exceptional. Why not try making this getaway to nearby Normandy part of your luxury Paris itinerary?

The Chef Alain Passart ©Douglas Mc Wall
Le Frank - Fondation Louis Vuitton ©Farida Bréchemier

Exclusive Events…In Treasured Museums

If you’re as passionate about fine art as you are about gastronomy and wine, why not dream big– and hold your next private event or celebration in one of the capital’s remarkable cultural institutions? There are several Parisian museums that can be privatised, whether for corporate events, private celebrations such as wedding receptions, honeymoons or anniversaries, or exquisite galas. Private chefs can be hired to cater your event (see below for more on this).

From the Louvre to the boldly modern Musee du Quai Branly, the latter offering superb views over the Eiffel Tower, your themed evening or soiree will be made all the more exceptional and memorable when you’re surrounded by treasured works of art. Some museums, including the Fondation Louis Vuitton and the Quai Branly, are works of art in their own right: designed by famous architects such as Frank Gehry and Jean Nouvel. They make unforgettable backdrops for your private event. Who says you have to overlook Paris’ top sights and attractions? You can instead enjoy these iconic sites in an entirely exclusive and original way.

At the Fondation Vuitton, one weekly event may be of interest to gastronomes: themed gourmet dinners conceived and prepared by the renowned French chef Jean-Louis Nomicos. Revolving around artistic themes and movements, these dinners aren’t strictly private, but they still offer an exclusive and intimate night out in the capital. The menus include wine pairings, allowing you to learn more about the majesty and diversity of French wines.

Hire a Master French Chef For Private Events

Prefer to hire a private chef for an exceptional event at the venue of your choosing, whether in an opulent old Parisian mansion, or at the penthouse where you’re lodging in the capital? Many experienced and knowledgeable French chefs who have earned their chops in renowned Michelin-starred restaurants now offer private services, including designing and personally preparing exceptional menus for catered events or smaller dinners. Bigger names include Joy-Astrid Poinsot, winner of Top Chef 2016.

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Whether you’re envisaging a more intimate soirée during your sojourn in Paris, or wish to hire a chef to personally create and execute an elaborate 6-course menu for your wedding reception, anniversary, private gala or corporate event in France, we will pair you with a true master of French cuisine.

Learning cooking skills ©Benjamin Schmuck

Private Classes & Encounters With Star Chefs

If you’ve longed to take private cooking classes in France, or learn firsthand gourmet secrets from some of the country’s acclaimed chefs, these are both ways to make your next trip to the capital memorable and exceptional.

Celebrated French chefs including Alain Passard (see above for information on private dining and meetings at his Jardins de Bois Girault farm and domain), Joy-Astrid Poinsot and Geoffroy Maillard offer individual classes and/or gastronomic encounters in Paris. Many other chefs don’t advertise classes or private meetings to the general public, but with the right contacts, they can be arranged.

As part of your private initiation to French cooking, you might visit a local food market to select the finest ingredients, select wines for the meal, and learn firsthand recipes and treasured techniques from Master Chefs. In some instances, your class and subsequent meal will take place in a hallowed Michelin-star restaurant, where you can go behind the scenes to better understand its secrets…

Group Events
Why not embark on a private group adventure at the Alain Ducasse school of cuisine? The 3-starred Michelin chef’s school is synonymous with excellence, and welcomes corporate groups, bridal showers, and other exclusive groups for events such as cooking challenges, food and wine tastings, and tailored culinary classes. The Atelier Guy Martin is another coveted choice for group classes in the capital, launched by the eponymous chef from Le Grand Vefour.

In addition to these, many other treasured culinary institutes offer private group classes and events around the capital. We will curate your bespoke gastronomic event in one of the city’s very best institutes, guaranteeing that all involved will come away with a unique experience– one that they won’t soon forget.

Remarkable meetings with Master chefs
Finally, if you’ve always dreamed of meeting particular Master chefs and learning some of their secrets– as they prepare you an unparalleled meal or initiate you to some of France’s prized culinary traditions– we have the experience and privileged contacts necessary to bring your sought-after encounter to life. Make sure to contact us to lay out your vision– and we’ll do our very best to realize it for you.

Baking Class at Alain Ducass School of cuisine ©Benjamin Schmuck
A Plate from the Arpege restaurant of chef Alain Passard ©Thomas Collin

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Create Your Bespoke Gastronomic Event in Paris

Have we inspired you to start planning a themed evening or exceptional dinner in one of Paris’ acclaimed restaurants? Do you dream of commissioning celebrated French chefs to personally design the menu of your next corporate getaway, or serve as chef at your high-end wedding reception in Paris? If so, get in touch with us. Whatever your preferences and wishes, we’ll work closely with you to create an exceptional and one-of-a-kind gastronomic evening in the capital.

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