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Exclusive Ways to Celebrate the New Year in Paris & France

Exclusive Ways to Celebrate the New Year in Paris & France

Celebrating the New Year in Paris or other destinations in France can be a truly elegant affair– or a mediocre and stressful one, especially if you find yourself in crowded conditions. How to avoid the throngs of tourists and bring in New Year’s Eve in style, luxury and refinement? If you’re after an evening that’s both exceptional and memorable, full of joy and celebration while steering away from some of the less pleasant forms of December 31st-revelry, read on. We’ll show you how to enjoy the final day of the year just as you’ve dreamed it up, whether you’re seeking intimacy and privacy or an elegant fete or dinner to attend in excellent company. Read our suggestions for 2019-2020, then get in touch with us to craft a bespoke & unforgettable New Year’s evening in France or the city of light.

Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


If you plan to be in France to see in the New Year, we will ensure your celebration or intimate evening is nothing short of exceptional. From Paris to Champagne and around France, here’s how.

© Le Meurice Paris
Opéra National de Paris

Paris: Exceptional Dining & Soirées

The French capital is by far the most-coveted spot in the country for New Year’s soirées and celebrations. But many of these are overcrowded, rowdy and not always in very good taste. Who wants a one-size-fits-all evening, after all? True luxury is synonymous with uniqueness. It’s always possible, however, to experience the joys of the coming year in more refined settings– you may just need a little expert advice to help curate the perfect experience. We’re here to help you do just that.

Exceptional New Year’s Eve Dinners at Top Parisian Tables
Perhaps your idea of the perfect December 31st is a superb six-or-seven-course gastronomic experience at one of the capital’s most distinguished French tables. And this can indeed be an elegant and prestigious– not to mention delicious— way to greet the dawning of a new year.

In 2019-2020, top Michelin-starred restaurants including Le Pré Catalan, Le Meurice , and Le Bristol are festive and ultra-gourmet New Year’s Eve tasting menus complete with wine and champagne in their sumptuous dining rooms. If you’re looking for exceptional views, you might opt to dine at Le Jules Verne, the gourmet table situated near the top of the Eiffel Tower, or Les Ombres, situated in the heights of the chic and modern Musée Branly.

Private Dining and Soirées in Paris
If you’d prefer to see in the “nouvel an” in a more intimate and private way, many prestigious options are possible. Why not hire a boat on the Seine and throw your own intimate soirée, complete with private chef and sommelier, live music and dancing, and sumptuous decor that you choose yourself in consultation with our team? As your privatised boat floats down the river, you’ll enjoy views of iconic Parisian monuments and the dazzling display of light from the Eiffel Tower as midnight strikes. We’re experts at curating exceptional evenings and themed soirées of all varieties in France, so we would be delighted to help you design yours.

You might also opt to privatize a mansion in the Marais, museum in the Latin Quarter, ballroom in a palace hotel or chateau outside the city, or other exceptional places around the capital to host your one-of-a-kind New Year’s evening. It doesn’t matter whether you have five or 50 attendees: the importance is to create an unforgettable and magical experience for all who attend. We’ll work to fulfill your brief as precisely as possible: dream something up, and our luxury travel curators will do everything they can to bring it to fruition.

Music in Unforgettable Settings
Why not enjoy an opera, ballet or super concerto on New Year’s eve, perhaps prior to dinner in one of the exceptional places listed above? There are many possibilities, including attending a remarkable performance from the French National Orchestra, recorded live at the Maison de la Radio.

Just let us know what your preferred style and ambience is, from classical to jazz, and we’ll do our best to arrange for an enchanting evening of music, dance or other performances.

Masked Balls
Do you enjoy a bit of fantasy and old-fashioned decadence? In 2019, some of the more exclusive after-dark venues in Paris, including Le Pavillon des Etangs in the prestigious 16th arrondissement of Paris, are holding events such as masked balls and VIP soirées this year. Why not don your best Louis XIV-style costume, find the perfect mask to match, and embark on a Parisian evening you won’t soon forget.

Masked ball

Private & Remarkable Evenings in Champagne, The Loire…

While Paris tends to be the focus for most luxury travellers around year-end, those of you who value privacy and unique experiences above all will perhaps opt for a tailored New Year’s celebration or completely original themed soirée elsewhere in France. The sky’s the limit and we encourage you to use your imagination, but here are a few ideas to get your inspiration flowing as easily as the champagne will on the night!

Stage a Themed Dinner and Dance Soirée in Chic Champagne Residence
A little over an hour from Paris, the Champagne region offers the perfect setting for an exceptional New Year’s event–or even a quieter soirée among friends or family. Why not privatize a chateau close to the striking green vineyards where the world’s most famous sparkling white is produced, and host an elegant evening of gastronomic delights, dancing, music, opulent decorations, and– of course–excellent champagne? If you’d prefer, you might be able to hire a cellar in the region, celebrating underground in an atmosphere of mystery. If you so wish, you can even stage your own masked ball or other costumed event. What could be more exclusive and intriguing than a private fete in the winding subterannean quarries of Champagne?

Hold an unforgettable evening in a Loire Valley Chateau
More romantic luxury travellers may be drawn to the idea of a superb evening saying your auld lang synes from one of the stunning chateaux of the Loire Valley. Whether you opt to dine at one of the region’s exceptional restaurants, enjoying a tasting menu accompanied by local wines, or hire an entire chateau or private dining room for a one-of-a-kind event. We’ll take care of every sumptuous detail, from custom decorations to private chefs, musical performances and even fireworks.

Hire a Private Yacht in Cannes or Monaco
Another decidedly extravagant way to see in the new year in France? Why not hire your own private yacht and throw a soirée aboard as you toast from the water? The French Riviera is an ideal place to host such a tony affair: head off the coast of Cannes or Monte Carlo, invite your distinguished guests aboard, and enjoy exceptional views over the Mediterranean and the glittering shoreline while you dance the evening away.

Other Destinations
Bordeaux, Provence, Alsace– there are so many beautiful places in France where you can fete the New Year in style and utter prestige. If you’ve been wishing to explore some of these other regions and think an end-of-year event or excursion is ideal, just let us know. We have privileged partners around France and would be delighted to help turn your vision into reality.


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Create Your Bespoke New Year’s Celebration in France

Have we succeeded in piquing your interest in an elegant New Year’s Eve in Paris or elsewhere in France, themed precisely around your preferred celebratory style and personal interests (music, fine wine and dining, prestigious chateaux, etc?) If so, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Whatever your dream evening looks like, we’ll work with you each step of the way to make your special celebration exceptional and memorable. And it’s not too early to plan well ahead, for an unforgettable private soirée or other event in 2020-2021.

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