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Private Monaco Luxury Tours: 4 Exclusive Themes

..From yachting to style & gastronomy

The French principality of Monaco is legendary for its elegance and prestige. Home to some of the world’s most exclusive palaces, yacht clubs, shops and restaurants, it’s also well-known for its powerful royal family (think Princess Grace and Stephanie of Monaco, two names that evoke incomparable glamour). Of course, anyone can book a flight to the Mediterranean city-state. To truly experience its exceptional corners, you’ll need to consider a private Monaco luxury tour. Read on for some inspiring and exclusive themes around which you might choose to build your dream getaway there– then contact us to make it a reality.

Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


Monaco is practically synonymous with high luxury. Yet taking a private tour can make your getaway in the French principality all the more exceptional. Anyone can visit– but not everyone can take advantage of its most exclusive places and activities.

Monaco by night

Yachting & Luxury Seaside Adventures

Monaco is one of the world’s most-sought-after destinations for yachting, owing to its azure, warm waters, prestigious ports and gorgeous natural surroundings. One way to make your trip to the principality truly exceptional is to charter a private yacht or luxury sailboat– and find out firsthand why the area is so coveted by the world’s ultra-elite travelers.

There are so many ways to enjoy the Mediterranean glamour of the area. You might savour in a gourmet French lunch prepared by your own private onboard chef, sipping a glass of superb wine while you watch the sunset fall over the cliffsides, harbour and sea. You may choose to sail to the breathtaking island of Saint-Honorat, situated directly across from Cannes and home to the centuries-old Lerins Abbey. Here, or on the nearby island island of Saint Marguerite, your expert guide will locate some of the most secretive and idyllic mooring spots on the Cote d’Azur, from which you can swim, snorkel, sea kayak or simply enjoy the silence. After all, isn’t peace, quiet and true privacy part of what defines luxury?

More of a beach and spa enthusiast? Monaco offers many gorgeous beaches and high-end spas. And with over 300 sunny days per year, there’s ample opportunity to enjoy these to the fullest. Your private itinerary might include a stay at exclusive palace hotels complete with private beaches and top-notch spas, from the Fairmont Monte Carlo to the Hermitage.

Private Shopping Tours & Concierge Services

Couture, jewellry, fine fragrance or antiques: whatever you most desire, Monaco isn’t likely to disappoint. But if anyone can stroll into a luxury boutique and make a purchase, choosing a private concierge service or even a personal shopper can make all the difference when it comes to exclusive shopping experiences.

Your bespoke shopping tour won’t just include a whirl through the celebrated Cercle d’Or, an area full of boutiques from leading haute couture designers and luxury jewelers, or down the prestigious Avenue de Monte Carlo. It can also include private visits to fashion designers’ ateliers, where you might have the opportunity to purchase exclusive and one-of-a kind items. Runway shows, bespoke perfume and accessories, and private fittings for your next special evening: all of these are more than possible. Your personal shopping guide will create a painstakingly tailored itinerary through Monaco’s most famous style houses, and help you to home in on the perfect items.

Hoping to come away with a superb painting or rare antique? Your shopping tour can also focus on auctions and meetings with some of the region’s premier art dealers.

Gourmet cuisine

Gastronomic Tours & Gourmet Experiences

For anyone wishing to expand their gourmet palate while enjoying a healthy diet, Monaco offers a superb balance. Its Mediterranean-based local culinary culture is centred around fresh fish, delicious fruit and vegetables, olive oil and herbs such as lavender and sage: ideal when you don’t wish to compromise on flavour.

Your private tour of the principality can focus on gourmet experiences, opening your five senses and helping you to deepen your appreciation of Monaco’s culinary culture. Why not embark on a market tour? Monaco counts numerous colourful and vibrant markets, where Provencal delights practically tumble from vendors’ stands, and visitors can enjoy local specialities, from cheese to olives and olive oil, sundried tomatoes, lavender-based items and fresh fruit.

We can also arrange for private French food tours or even classes with local artisans, initiating you to some of the city-state’s culinary traditions and cherished gourmet secrets. Whether you elect to take a cooking class, learn about cheesemaking, visit local wine sellers or prestigious olive oil farms, you can be certain that our private gastronomic itineraries focus on authentic experiences you won’t soon forget.

Of course, Monaco is also home to numerous world-class restaurants, including Le Louis XV- Alain Ducasse at the Hotel de Paris and Joel Robuchon-Monte Carlo. These Michelin starred-establishments and other culinary hotspots in the principality offer private dining options, meaning you can relish in some of the world’s finest gourmet creations away from the hubbub of the crowd.

Alain Ducasse cuisine
Monaco Casino

Glamorous Evenings…& Private Events

Last but certainly not least, Monaco is practically synonymous with glamorous evenings, whether at a private soirée, high-end casino or an elegant dinner and drinks event aboard a yacht.

Whether you wish to celebrate an anniversary, the signing of a contract for a lucrative business deal, entertain clients in prestige and style, or conclude your romantic honeymoon in France with an unforgettable evening, our team at Exclusive France Tours is dedicated to creating exceptional events that combine prestige with creative flair.

Why not reserve an opulent villa overlooking the Mediterranean sea for a private evening complete with a gastronomic dinner, live music, dancing and even fireworks? Or stage an opulent, old-world casino-themed soirée in a historic site in Monte Carlo? There are so many possibilities: let your imagination guide you in defining a few rough sketches–then watch as we bring the magic to life.

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Book a Private Tour of Monaco With Us

Have we inspired you to consider Monaco for your next luxury getaway in France? If so, get in touch with us. We’ll craft an entirely personalized itinerary for you– guaranteeing an experience that is both unforgettable and prestigious.

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