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The Most Romantic Places in France to Propose Marriage

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When you decide to propose marriage to the love of your life, you want to make sure the moment is nothing short of extraordinary. For couples who are passionate about travel, luxury and new adventures, getting down on one knee in a far-flung and prestigious setting will certainly make for an unforgettable moment. Read on for 8 of the most romantic places in France to propose to your sweetheart, from fairytale castles to fields of fragrant lavender. And since privacy and intimacy are essential, make sure to get in touch with us: we’ll plan the setting to perfection and ensure your proposal goes without a hitch. Or should we say, with a hitch on the near horizon?
Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


What could be more unforgettable than proposing to your sweetheart from the balcony of a French castle, or in a hot air balloon, floating over iconic vineyards? Read on for the most romantic places in France to get on one knee.

Hot air Balloon In Burgundy ©David Darrault ADT Touraine copie square

From a Hot Air Balloon Over Burgundy Vineyards

Assuming neither you nor your sweetheart are afraid of heights, why not pop the question in the open air, the breeze in your hair and your hearts full of excitement? Take flight in an old-fashioned hot air balloon, soaring over the world-famous vineyards of Burgundy and watching as flocks of wild birds wheel around in the sky.

On the day of your planned proposal, you might be picked up from your hotel in a stately Bentley or a 2CV Citroen, exemplifying old-school glamour and romance. You’ll feel like movie stars of eras past as you embark on a ride through Burgundy’s iconic vineyards.

Hopefully, your love will be utterly surprised when you arrive at the embarkment point for your hot-air-balloon ride. Decorated with flowers and equipped with everything you need to enjoy a glass of champagne and some delicious nibbles, you’ll soon take to the skies, ready to ask your beloved to take your hand in marriage as the sun sets over the green, rolling vineyards spread out over the far horizon.

Celebrating Your Engagement in Burgundy
Of course, following your totally unique and private bird’s-eye proposal, you and your beloved will want to celebrate your engagement in high style and romance. Our team will help you find the perfect place to fete your first day as an engaged couple. We can show you some of the most prestigious cellars and domains in Burgundy, where you can taste remarkable local wines together and learn tasting techniques from some of France’s celebrated sommeliers and winemakers.

We can arrange for you and your fiancé/e to enjoy a luxury-filled and totally romantic dinner at one of the region’s finest tables, from Michelin-star restaurants plunged in the vineyards to prestigious gastronomic tables in Dijon, Beaune or Chalon-sur-Saone. You can then spend a quiet and totally romantic evening together, staying overnight in one of the region’s rustic but luxurious domains or elegant chateaux.

In short? The sky isn’t actually the limit when you choose this kind of proposal. It’s just the beginning– of a wonderful life together.

2CV Stroll bandeau 093 Photo Alain Doire Bourgogne Tourisme
Chambord Castle

From a Private Balcony in a Loire Valley Chateau

If you’re looking for the ultimate fairy-tale proposal setting, look no further than the Loire Valley. Studded with some of the world’s most-picturesque and romantic castles, this region in close driving distance of Paris offers a blissful setting for you to ask for your sweetheart’s hand in marriage. While many of the most-visited castles tend to be too full of tourists to offer a private setting ideal for a proposal, some of them, including the legendary Chateau de Chambord, offer private “gites” (lodges) with gorgeous views of the main castle— affording plenty of intimacy and quiet during your special moment. Other prestigious but lesser-known chateaux in the region are also excellent candidates.

Imagine the scene: Standing on a private balcony or terrace at one of these storybook castles, you get down on a knee as you and your sweetheart look out over the wild Loire river and sprawling green hills in the distance. You enjoy a delicious glass of Loire Valley white wine or sparkling wine (crémant) and an assortment of expertly prepared gourmet French snacks, from cheeses to crudités. There’s little wonder why so many famous writers chose this place to set their dramatic, romantic novels. Now, your engagement becomes part of the story, too…

How to Celebrate Your Engagement in the Loire Valley?
There are so many ways to celebrate the big day following your proposal. Embark on a private wine tour of the Loire, tasting some of the region’s best bottles and learning all about what makes its wines so special. Take a tour of the other castles in area, hand in hand as you stroll through rooms where French royalty and famous writers once dwelled. Or take a boat tour on the river, admiring the area’s numerous species of wild birds and drifting gently along as you take in the marvellous scenery.

We can also organise a completely memorable and romance-filled engagement dinner for you both, set in one of the area’s finest restaurants or even private dining rooms. As you indulge in local gastronomic delights, expertly paired with Loire Valley wines, you’ll delight in the knowledge of a full life ahead, together. Now that’s a fairy tale worth celebrating!

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Loire Valley View
Cruise on the Seine River

From a Private Cruise on the Seine in Paris

There’s a very good reason why so many romantic comedies, old-Hollywood musicals and dramas featuring iconic couples are set in Paris: it’s a city that practically rhymes with romance. Sometimes, classic is the way to go: maybe your beloved prefers traditional displays of love and classically romantic settings. If so, why not plan to propose aboard a privatised cruise on the Seine River?

As you float along its legendary waters, admiring the soft glow of light from the Pont des Arts bridge, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, and countless other iconic sights and attractions in Paris, you and your love will enjoy the perfect setting for the big moment: soft candlelight, bouquets of fresh flowers, your favourite songs playing softly in the background, and a glass of champagne accompanied by nibbles.

When the time is right, and perhaps at the exact moment when the “Tour Eiffel” bursts into sparkling light at the stroke of the new hour, you can get down on one knee, in what is likely to become your sweetheart’s happiest memory.

How to Celebrate Your Engagement in Paris?
The possibilities are too countless to list, but our expert team of luxury travel planners will make sure your day as a newly engaged couple will be simply unforgettable and original. You can opt to enjoy a dinner onboard your cruise, expertly prepared by a private chef who will create a menu entirely suited to your tastes and dietary requirements.

You can also head back to shore for a stunningly romantic dinner in a private Parisian dining room, or even rent out a room in a museum for a dinner your beloved will never be able to erase from memory.

If you and your beloved haven’t yet settled on the perfect engagement ring, not to worry. You can embark on a private shopping tour of Paris, attending appointments with luxury jewelers who will help you find the perfect piece (or even allow you to design a bespoke ring together). It can be unexpectedly romantic to make creating your engagement ring/s a creative project that you undertake together.

If you’re both creative types and time allows, why not spend the day of your engagement (or the one following) participating in a private French cooking class or perfume-making workshop?

Alternatively, you can indulge in a session at one of Paris’ most indulgent spas, attend an opera followed by a dream dinner, or enjoy private wine tastings in some of the capital’s trendiest cellars. There’s so much to see and do in this romantic world capital– just let your imagination (and love) lead the way!

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Private Dinner in a Parisian Rooftop ©G de Laubier-Four Seasons
Sénanque Abbaye

From a Fragrant Lavender Field in Provence

Do you and your special someone love the rustic countryside, coupled with true luxury? If so, you may want to consider proposing in a fragrant lavender field in Provence. Famous for its rolling hills of “blue gold”, frequently grown outside breathtaking sites such as the 12th-century medieval Abbey at Sénanque, this region of France offers a brand of romance that’s completely authentic, yet classic.

Pick a day in the summer when the fragrant blue blooms are at their most glorious. As the breeze sends the scent of lavender wafting on the air, you can get down on one knee and ask for your sweetheart’s hand, blue skies overhead and the warm Provencal light making everything even more magical. Can you picture it? We can– and will make sure it’s all as enchanting as you’d imagine it to be.

Where to Celebrate Your Engagement in Provence?
Provence is a vast and beautiful region that offers newly engaged couples so much to do. You can stay in a historic, ultra-luxurious chateau or “bastide” (fortified lodge), overlooking the iconic bridge at Avignon. You can roam through the beautiful, Italian-influenced city of Nice, browsing boutiques, enjoying wonderful private beaches, or embark on a snorkeling trip from the jewel-like coastal town of Cassis.

If you both love scents, you can make your own in Grasse, perhaps using lavender notes to create a bespoke fragrance that alludes back to all the magic of your special engagement day. Who says memories can’t be bottled?

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French Riviera Sunset
Mont Saint Michel

From the Heights of the Stunning St-Michel Abbey

There’s something timelessly romantic and haunting about the Mont St-Michel Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has captivated imaginations for centuries. Not only is the medieval abbey stunning and awesome in its own right, built on tall slabs of rock and forming an imposing, dramatic shadow on the whole horizon.

The changing tides of the sea here are a natural wonder, dramatically changing with each passing hour, surrounding the Abbey and then drawing back out to the horizon, leaving the light to reflect in myriad ways on the sand and casting incredible shadows.

If your sweetheart loves history, architecture and nature, this is a remarkable and wonderful place to propose. Picture standing atop one of the Abbey’s dramatic terraces, looking out to sea as it rushes in to fill every nook and cranny around the Abbey, and getting down on a knee as seagulls and cranes cry overhead?

Or, when the tide is low and it’s safe to venture onto the paths surrounding the Abbey, choose a quiet spot and pop the question near the banks, as the soft light of Normandy casts mesmerizing reflections on the sand.

Where to Celebrate Your Engagement?
Situated at the border between Normandy and Brittany, Mont St-Michel is an ideal gateway to some of France’s most beautiful regions. Following your proposal at the legendary Abbey, you have numerous choices for an unforgettable post-engagement adventure.

Normandy is full of rustic luxury, from elegant, quiet estates to high-end spas featuring treatments made with local apples. Enjoy Calvados tastings in an exclusive setting, or visit some of the region’s finest gastronomic tables for a romantic and authentic engagement dinner, discovering local Norman cuisine as you celebrate your special day.

Meanwhile, Brittany is also an ideal destination for fiancés in search of both rugged beauty and luxury. Go hiking together on the Pink Granite Coast, where some of France’s most beautiful flora and fauna can be found. Or stay on a private lighthouse island off the Baie de Morlaix, waves crashing from the wild Atlantic just below. If you and your sweetheart love the sea, this region is certainly for you…

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Saint-Malo Britany
Proposal in an igloo

From the Snowy Slopes of the Alps

While most couples get engaged and married during the warmer months, some are snow enthusiasts who share a passion for winter spots and scenery. If that’s the case of you and your sweetheart, why not propose during a dream getaway to the French Alps?

If you share a passion for skiing or other Alpine sports, little would be more romantic than getting on a knee (if you can manage it) in the snow, between thrilling runs on the slopes and in the crisp winter air. You can also stage a romantic, post-ski moment at your private chalet, cozying up next to the fire and enjoying a steaming cup of mulled wine and watching the snow fall outside.

Read related: Why the French Alpine Town of Mégève is Perfect For a Luxury Ski Holiday

For some of us, after all, coziness, romance and high luxury go hand in hand. So take the hand of your beloved, and pop the question in a French winter wonderland.

How to Celebrate Your Engagement in the Alps?
Whether you choose to spend most of your time in Chamonix, Mégève, Courchevel or more low-key resort towns in the Alps, there are numerous ways to fete your first days as fiancés. Who wouldn’t find the region’s timelessly rustic and ultraluxurious chalet hotels romantic? At one of these legendary hotels, from the Four Seasons in Mégève to the Fermes de Marie and the L’Apogée Hotel in Courchevel, you can indulge together in some of the very finest après amenities.

Have a self-pampering soak and couple’s treatment at one of the loveliest Alpine spas in the region. Taste the distinctive cuisine of the Savoie region at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or hire a private chef to make you an unforgettable engagement dinner right in the comfort of your suite. Relaxation is de rigueur when you’re in the Alps, and this is the perfect time to get cozy with your love, celebrating your life ahead.

Ready to plan an unforgettable Alpine engagement trip? We’ll take care of every detail to make sure the moment is perfect.

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© Four Seasons Megève
Sunset Arcachon Bay

From a Private Helicopter, Soaring Over Dunes & Sea

This is another excellent proposal option for couples who are luxury-adventure addicts. Charter a private helicopter and soar above the magnificent Dune du Pilat, the largest sand dune in Europe and a natural wonder situated in the Arcachon Bay, prized for its gorgeous maritime landscapes. Between golden sand and bright azure sea, you and your sweetheart will be thrilled by the roar of the helicopter and the breathtaking sights stretched out before your eyes.

You’ll feel even giddier when you pop the question from the skies, in a moment that you’ll recount to friends and family for the rest of your lives together. While this might not be for everyone, adrenaline-seeking couples will find this sort of engagement scenario thrilling and unforgettable.

Where to Celebrate Your Engagement?
Planning your proposal on the Arcachon Bay affords so many possibilities for a romantic post-engagement adventure. For sea lovers and sports enthusiasts, head down to Biarritz for surfing or deep sea-diving lessons. After all, studies show that couples who experience new things together are the most adept at keeping their romance alive!

For wine and culture lovers, Bordeaux and its world-famous chateau wineries is just a short train or car ride away. We can arrange tastings at the region’s most exclusive cellars and wineries, from the iconic Margaux to the Chateau Guiraud, famous for its sweet, aromatic Sauternes dessert wine.

We can also arrange for a romantic getaway to St-Emilion, a walled medieval city surrounded by vines that’s favoured by many couples for its classic French elegance. Why not indulge in an intimate engagement dinner at one of the city’s fine Michelin-starred restaurants, tasting local wine and gazing out at the warm stone of the fortified walls?

Read our guide to the most luxurious things to do on the West Coast of France and our article on adventure travel on the West Coast for even more romance-filled activities in this region.

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Bordeaux by night
Private cruise on the French Riviera

From a Private Yacht on the Cote d’Azur

For couples with a taste for high luxury and fanfare, getting engaged on a private yacht can be incredibly memorable (and make for excellent photos as new fiancés). If you’re tempted by the idea of sharing one of your life’s most-special moments aboard a superb vessel, the Cote d’Azur is one spectacular place to ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage.

The pristine, blue waters of the French Riviera offer numerous private coves and gorgeous islands, making the perfect romantic circuit for a proposal. Board your private vessel and enjoy all the amenities you dream of, from a private chef to an onboard jacuzzi or cinema. As you and your sweetheart take in the scenery of the crystalline sea, waves crashing onto dramatic, flower-studded cliffs, and wild birds, it’s time to change both your lives forever. However you’d like the special moment to unfold, we’ll make sure it’s perfect.

Where to Celebrate Your Engagement?
There are so many romantic and extraordinary ways to enjoy the Cote d’Azur. Perhaps you and your fiancé/e are film buffs: why not spend the remainder of the day roaming the city of Cannes, whose iconic film festival and glamorous hotels have hosted countless legends? If you love art, architecture and history, head to places like Antibes and Aix-en-Provence: here, French painters from Cézanne to Picasso drew inspiration, and left their indelible legacies in the form of artworks and museums dedicated to their art.

You might also decide to moor your yacht in the glamorous principality of Monaco, embarking on a romantic whirl through Monte Carlo for a private shopping excursion or stay at one of the area’s high-luxury hotels. Alternatively, rent a private villa with sweeping views of the Mediterranean, and spend an unforgettable engagement getaway with your beloved.

Read our guide to the most luxurious things to do on the French Riviera for still more ideas on how to spend your first days as a newly-engaged couple. To decide where to stay for a romance-filled night, consult our article on the most luxurious hotels on the Cote d’Azur.

Ready to plan your one-of-a-kind proposal on the Riviera? We’re waiting in the wings to make it a show-stopper.

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Artist on a Lavender fields © hocquel alain vaucluse provence

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