Basque Country: Surf, Savor, and Strategize

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Dive into the Basque Country, a region with a vibrant culture, centuries-old traditions, and a wild coastline. Here, corporate retreats transform into epic tales of culture, taste, and timeless tradition—where your team can surf the waves and attend an executive meeting all in one day. Soak in the serene and peaceful atmosphere while experiencing the best the Basque Country has to offer.

Why the Basque Country?

Unique Flair: In the Basque Country, local culture and traditions are so strong and important, it’s no surprise that the Basques have long claimed independence! Imagine hosting your next strategic meeting in a villa overlooking cliffs or celebrating a deal at a centuries-old Basque farmhouse.

Quirky Fact: Did you know the Basque language, Euskara, is one of the oldest in Europe and predates the Romans? Talk about holding a meeting that’s truly time-honored!

Exclusive Venues & Cultural Gems

Featured Venues: Consider a private gathering in a Biarritz palace-turned-hotel, or a discreet strategy session in a secluded txoko (gastronomic society), where secrets are as well-guarded as the recipes.

Hidden Gems: Why not host a breakout session aboard a traditional Basque fishing boat, navigating the same waters that the locals have for centuries?

Basque Biarritz wave

Tailored Itineraries

Sample Itinerary:

Day One: Arrival and tapas tour in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Day Two: Experience hand-crafted embroidery with a local artisan or explore the region on a classic 2CV car tour.

Day Three: Wine tasting in a centuries-old wine house, where you will taste the Irouleguy, the most produced wine of the region—unique, intriguing, and of impeccable quality.

Gastronomic Delights & Vintage Ventures

Culinary Tours: Savor a progressive dinner through the streets of Biarritz, each course in a different restaurant, or enjoy a bespoke wine tasting in the hidden Irouleguy vineyards, known for their unique character.

Cultural Insights: Delight in a private Basque cooking class, learning to make local specialties such as bacalao pil pil from a revered chef, followed by a dining experience in a rustic farmhouse, or engage in a culinary competition where teams create their own versions of pintxos.

table nourriture pays basque

Connect and Discover

Getting There and Around: The Basque Country is seamlessly accessible, with direct trains or planes from Paris, with luxury transport options available to whisk your group to picturesque locales in comfort and style.

Ready to blend ancient culture with modern luxury? Let’s craft an unforgettable corporate experience in the Basque Country, where history and flavor make every moment a story worth sharing. Get in touch and let’s make your next corporate event legendary, so legendary that everyone will be talking about it at the coffee machine!

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