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The oldest wine route in France

Alsace is a region that deserves greater attention than it generally receives. Mainly renowned for its superb white wines and its cheerful Christmas markets, it also boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as breathtaking natural landscapes.

But what makes Alsace most remarkable of all is the extraordinary kindness of locals, who welcome visitors with a warmth that many find surprising.The Northeastern French region is a gem to be explored in depth– and it deserves to be discovered in an un-rushed manner.

Whatever you wish to focus on in the varied and culturally rich region, we will design exclusive and entirely personalised private tours and wine tours for you: ones inevitably coloured by the generosity and expertise of locals. We’ll help you encounter the region in authentic ways that allow you to understand it from an insider’s perspective.

Located on the border of Germany and Switzerland, Alsace brings together French culture and values with those from German-speaking countries.

This is the smallest region of France, spanning only 190 km from North to South and 50 km East to West. Located between the Rhine River and Vosges mountains, the area nevertheless boasts diverse landscapes, from mountains and forests to vineyards, flooded fields and the vast Rhine Valley.

Alsatian vineyards and wines are among the best in the world. Typical grape varieties used in regional wines include Gewurtztraminer, Sylvaner and Riesling; these produce white wines that are truly distinctive and full of character. All bottles of Alsatian wines share a slim, long shape, subtly pointing to the proud cultural particularities of the region and its winemaking traditions.

In the winter months, the region comes alive as Strasbourg, Colmar and other cities and towns host some of France’s best Christmas markets: cheerful affairs that feature rustic wooden booths, hot wine, sausages, and traditional toys and gifts.

Interested? If so, come and visit this remarkable region: taste its wines and discover its uniquely hybrid culture.

1400 y
the oldest christmas market
medieval fortified castles
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You're dreaming of...

Exceptional Wine Tastings...

Alsace is certainly the number-one destination for intimate encounters with winemakers.

The Alsace Wine Route is one of the most famous wine routes in the country. Between Colmar and Strasbourg, the route invites you to discover the beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages of the region while tasting some fabulous wines and meet wine growers.

It is always a great pleasure for us to organise personalized Alsace wine tours, that are in part so fulfilling due to the input and participation of local experts and vintners. You will benefit from charming vineyards wine-tasting lessons with professionals, who who help you to unlock the secrets of Alsatian wines. We will also allow you to experience private tastings in the exclusive cellars of renowned estates.

Gastronomic experiences...

Alsatian gastronomy is a world in its own right. It will surprise you with its uniqueness and distinctive, generous flavours.

From sauerkraut to pretzels, baeckeoffe casseroles, and yeasted cakes known as kugelhof, these local delicacies will certainly awaken your taste buds! Alsace is also famous for its beer, with Kronenbourg & Meteor as the most famous local brands.

Last but not least, Alsace also got a reputation for its Foie Gras, particularly from Strasbourg where it has been prepared since the 17th century.
Alsace offers so many different gastronomic experiences: dine in a three-starred Michelin starred restaurant, visit local bakeries to sample Alsatian cakes and pastries, or have lunch at a winstub, a typical regional restaurant.

Natural wonders...

Alsace is famous for its fine food and wine, but the region also offers far more than that. A private tour in the region will also allow you to discover Alsace’s distinctive Franco-German architecture, quaint medieval towns, as well as stunning mosaics of landscapes, numerous castles, and a nearly boundless number of mythical and historical places.
For outdoors enthusiasts, the Route des Crêtes in the Vosges witch passes through the iconic Valley of Munster, has a sublime countryside, panoramic views extending to the distant Alps and riding on the hills. Following a ridgeline route of 80km, the Route des Crêtes marks the border between Lorraine and Alsace, between the Romance and Germanic language worlds. At each mountainside, the road travels along bucolic countryside, opening up views of mountain passes, rounded mountains, lakes, rocks, pastures and forests of majestic pines.

Culture & Extraordinary welcome...

Culture is everywhere in Alsace. Come and visit the impressive Château of Haut Koenigsbourg, one of the most beautiful castles in France. The superb ”beaux-arts” Unterlinden museum in Colmar, the Abbey of Ebersmunster, Strasbourg Cathedral, The Kammerzell house or “The district on the waters” are among the region’s many other fascinating historic sites. Visitors with interests in medieval history will find the region particularly interesting.

What makes Alsace most remarkable of all is the extraordinary kindness of people, who welcome visitors with a warmth that many find surprising.

Everywhere locals swear by centuries-old traditions. For a unique, cheerful encounter with locals, Alsace is the place to go.

Every year, the whole of Alsace comes alive in a warm, enchanting festive ambience for the Christmas period. Wherever you turn, the air is heavy with the aroma of spices, honey and citrus fruits, children gaze in wonder at enchanting lights twinkling in the December nights, Christmas carols form the backdrop to the magical atmosphere that comes over every village. Strasbourg’s Christmas market, the Christkindlmarik is reputedly the oldest and biggest traditional Christmas market in Europe. It has been going since 1570!

Unusual Adventure...

You can also discover Alsace in unusual and off-the-beaten path ways:

By biking on the famous Route des Vins,

By hot-air balloon,


By river barge,

Or even by segway.

The views will be different each time– and so will the experiences!

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