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The core activity of Exclusive France Tours has long been to design one-of-a-kind, entirely private French wine tours. Even if we now offer a variety of luxurious packages centred around culture, gastronomy, outdoor adventure and more, wine-focused getaways remain some of our favorites. This is because we are passionately committed to sharing France’s prestigious heritage and traditions in this area.

What wine lover has not dreamed of exploring France’s breathtaking vineyards in their preferred wine-making region? Or of observing the painstaking and centuries-old processes by which the finest wines are produced, and getting the chance to meet renowned growers and producers? Who has not dreamed of a private wine cellar tour led by the grower, then enjoying an exclusive tasting session with him or her? Who has not wished to taste the most precious vintages from their favorite producer? Our bespoke wine tours of France and its most coveted domains will give you privileged access to all of the above, and far more. Read on to find out what makes our private adventures exceptional.


Discover our Unique French Wine Tours

From our knowledge of the area and the trust we have developed over the years with winemakers and various other local specialists, we invite you to share out-of-the-ordinary experiences: these might include private and personalised encounters with some of the great names of the wine industry; access to exceptional wine estates generally closed to the public; or tastings of prestigious grands crus in the privacy of an otherwise hard-to-access wine cellar. When crafting your bespoke excursion, we will design an adventure that will allow you to experience and explore Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, Alsace, and the Rhone Valley in any ways you wish. Our French wine tours are not only exclusive: they are also prestigious and authentic. Our approach is both original and in-depth: our primary aim is to give you a profound appreciation for the region or regions you focus on during your wine-centric holiday.

For individuals and small groups, Exclusive France Tours organises customized French wine tours, all supervised by fine wine professionals. Our regional excursions will allow you to discover their precious wine culture and heritage; with us, you will embark on a rare and privileged discovery of France’s main vintnering regions and their hidden treasures. Here is just a taste of what you can expect on one of our tours:

  • Cultural and wine-related programmes along celebrated vineyard routes
  • Organised tastings in wine domains normally inaccessible to the public
  • Practical courses aimed at developing wine-tasting techniques and knowledge
  • Personalised encounters and activities allowing you to learn more about local traditions

French Wine Regions We Specialise In

We offer exceptional wine tours around France. These are our particular areas of expertise, but we can put together a superb private tour in whichever region most interests you, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you don’t see your preferred one below.

Private Bordeaux Wine Tours

Are you interested in Bordeaux-area wine tours? We invite you to get a feel for what to expect by reading our dedicated article on the 5 Best places for Luxury Wine tasting around Bordeaux. You can find more ideas and inspiration related to the Bordeaux area here.  From the Médoc to Sauternes and St-Emilion, our tours show you the very best the Bordeaux region has to offer.

Private, Confidential Burgundy Wine Tours

Are you a wine lover interested in expanding your knowledge of great Burgundy wines? We already have so much in common! Burgundy wine tours are very different from counterparts in Bordeaux. They will be more confidential, and in some way more authentic: vintners in Burgundy open mostly their doors on request, whereas in Bordeaux the wine tourism industry is quite transparent and easy to access. These are two entirely different worlds!

For more information about Burgundy, see our dedicated Destination page. You may also enjoy reading our feature on the 10 most expensive wines in the world: can you venture a guess of who the winners are?

Touring the Alsace Wine Route: Storybook Charms

Meanwhile the wines of Alsace can be explored by foot, bike or luxury vehicle along the superb, rustic Alsatian Wine Route. You’re guaranteed to make some exceptional discoveries in this region: one that still gets overlooked by most visitors to France.

Exceptional Wine Tours of Champagne

Interested in discovering some of France’s finest champagnes? Make sure to see our in-depth feature on 24 Hours of Luxury in Champagne, with advice on how to visit some of the region’s most prized cellars and taste its phenomenal sparkling wines.

Luxury Loire Valley Wine Tours

The Loire Valley offers far more than breathtaking castles: it’s a magnificent destination for tasting some of France’s best white and sparkling wines, and also produces some truly unique reds. Find out more about our unique private wine tours  of the Loire Valley here.

Authentic Rhone Valley Wine Tours

The Rhone Valley produces some of France’s best wines. Embark with us on a fantastic private tour of the region’s finest cellars, including ones nearby Lyon, a French food and wine capital. 

Understanding the terroirs and their complexity

The notion of ‘terroir’ has an important place in all our French wine tours. This allows you to better encounter and gain a deeper understanding of  the variety of wines produced within the same region. The French led the way in demonstrating the unique character and essence of a given wine: one that emanates from the local soil, climate, culture, traditions and vintnering methods. The concept has since been widely recognized throughout the world by wine, alcohol and artisanal product makers.

However, the notion of the terroir has also long been a question of debate among many scientists and winemaking experts, since it refers to a rather intangible and fleeting sense of place. The terroir comprises a set of environmental factors that give a wine, a variety of produce or any other crop its specific qualities and characteristics. These environmental factors include geography, geology and other less quantifiable factors.

The terroir thus encompasses geographical, geological and cultural features, alongside others that give a vineyard and its products specific qualities. Our wine professionals and specialised local guides will transmit their passion for terroirs to you; they will help you to understand the secrets behind the great wines of celebrated terroirs, whether from Burgundy, the Loire, Bordeaux or the Cotes du Rhone. Well, at least some of their secrets– many remain zealously guarded by prestigious winemakers.

Using our local knowledge and strong relationship with wine growers and other local experts, we offer you the chance to meet with some of the big names of the wine industry and experience some truly exceptional, usually inaccessible places and terroirs.

By choosing a tour with us, you”ll benefit from in-depth and unforgettable encounters with French wine culture. You’ll embark on a remarkable and authentic cultural experience in the very heart of of some of France’ s most celebrated, and up-and-coming, terroirs and vineyards. To start your bespoke adventure, get in touch with us now and tell us a little about what you’re looking for!

Interested in more than wine?

For those hoping to add a more historical and cultural dimension, a culinary exploration or a discovery of France off the beaten path, just have a look of what we can offer you in addition to wine tours. Our bespoke tours are truly unique, tailored precisely to our clients’ interests and travel ambitions. 

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