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Why are we your best ally?

Our expertise goes a long way. Enriching your immersion project in the authentic France is our forte, so finding an incredible place for you to stay just feels natural to us. Thanks to our precious network of local actors and experts throughout the country, we created a selection of unique and breathtaking places that will blow you away. Just point out the region of your choice and we will shape an unforgettable stay away from everything. From the transportation to the activities, the accommodation and your menus, Exclusive France Tours will accompany you, listen to your dreams and design the experience just the way you need to make the most of it. Each demand will be taken care of, each moment will resonate, each encounter will mark your life.

Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


Forever in search of something new, I love wandering through France to uncover hidden treasures. Epicurian by nature, I am enthralled by culture in every form, wine (with a special affinity for those from Bourgogne and Rhone valley), gastronomy and anything out of the ordinary.

How do we make it special?

The exclusivity of our selection is what makes this experience so special. There is a lot of rentals out there, but we decided to focus on exclusive, historical and out-of-a-fairy-tale places that are specially dedicated to our dear clientele. We believe that the sense of exclusiveness will take your journey to the next level, we are here for you to access the inaccessible.

Enhance your experience by living the life of a Frenchie. How about a staycation in an architectural wonder?

How it works

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Leave the stress behind

In these challenging times, health and safety are of the utmost importance and travelling again in the current context is as appealing as frightening. We all look forward to hopping on a plane and letting go, but the bother remains…unless you go on a turn-key bespoke vacation. Leave the stress behind and embrace the idea of spending great times, treating yourself and being amazed. It’s been so long that you deserve to embark on an epic, yet safe, adventure. Our private and exclusive services will allow you to fully enjoy numerous activities (wine tastings, culinary experiences, castle visits, biking…) and enable you to create moments of your own with your friends and family in your comfy and private accommodation.

How do we pick your accommodation?

Every single experience is tailor-made by Exclusive France Tours. As you reach out to us, the whole process of making your e-acquaintance will start. We take the time to listen to you, to dig into your preferences, understand the purpose of your stay (celebration, reward, relaxation, exploration, cultural immersion…) but also to find out what you don’t want. Every detail is taken into account, whether you want to be located at a walking distance from the beach, far from everything, close by a vineyard, at the heart of an old town, in a medieval castle…we will activate our network of local owners and prepare a selection of the most adapted places to be presented to you. Our team of experts master the art of reading between the lines, that is why we always come up with a perfectly adapted offer.

Our pool of properties is only composed by the most astonishing places you could ever imagine. They all have something special, from an architectural aspect to a role played in the French history, incredible surroundings or a stunning decoration, there is surely your dream place-to-stay here!

What’s in it for you?

Explore: Exclusive France Tours offers you the opportunity to arouse your curiosity and discover things from a new angle. Sit back and let our team set up the stay of a lifetime, let yourself be seduced as we bring to light the magnificence of France. Not only will you stay at a stunning place but the whole program of activities, specially created for you, will take the experience to a greater dimension. Whether you feel like strolling around Dordogne, driving an old 2CV through the vineyards of Burgundy, explore the Loire castles or have a sip of Normandy cider, or no matter what you might be dreaming of, Exclusive France Tours will strive to exceed your expectations and tweak each experience to surprise you.

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Re-connect with yourself

Awaken your senses through new emotions. Lick your lips as you savor the finest dish of a renowned Chef, inhale the heady scent of lavender as you cross a purple field in Provence, feel the touch as you pass your hand on a cheese rind and close your eyes as you taste Champagne in Reims. Marcel Proust reflected that « the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, ready to remind us… the immense edifice of memory »

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Client reviews

Marie, we are back to Monaco and I’m writing to you to say thank you for a great day we spend at Vougeot. All our friends are absolutely happy with the experience at this beautiful countryside of Bourgogne. The Citroen driving is definitely something, that we never tried before and it was so much fun! All our group and me personally would like to thank you Marie for a wonderful journey 😊 We plan to visit Bretagne in the end of May for my husband birthday, would you be interested to organize another trip for us? Hope you've got back home safely, maybe we could meet in Nice for a coffee sometimes 😉 Best regards,
What a trip! The honeymoon was wonderful, and planned incredibly well, we can’t think of anything wrong. The detail on the itinerary was perfect and the guides were outstanding. Everyone was very knowledgeable and easy going. The special tours and lunches were just that, very special. Lots of memories to keep! Thank you again for helping me plan a successful honeymoon. I look forward to the next trip. We will contact you for any France trips in the future. Thanks!
I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you so much for our wonderful tour. We all enjoyed every minute of it. In fact we were struggling to pinpoint what was our favourite moment as it was all perfect. Christine was such a lovely and knowledgeable person with great humour, she kept us entertained and we now know a lot of French history. So fascinating 😊 And Vincent was just wonderful, he attended to our needs perfectly and we enjoyed his company too. So definitely 14 very happy ladies who didn’t want to return home. (The weather was fabulous too!) Many thanks again!
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