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Picturesque French markets

..A rainbow of aromas and colours

Visit some picturesque markets during our food and wine tours in France

Taste the local products

Visit France’s colourful and buzzing traditional markets, true human “hives” of activity and interaction. Sounds, smells and colours meld to capture your attention and bring you straight into the action. These markets offer a cultural experience like none other, with an incomparable, authentic ambience that is ever-so-French. The local vendors, calling out traditional market cries that are sometimes rhymed, beckon you to come taste their delicious and fresh products in hopes that you’ll buy some– ones that are mostly derived from France’s unique and high-quality terroirs. Striving to outwin their nearby competitors, they send their booming voices into the air, trying to get your attention and creating an atmosphere of cheer and vibrancy. These markets are numerous and varied, each with their own specific characters depending on the region– from Provence to Alsace and Paris. You will certainly get a chance to visit one or more of these when you embark on one of our private food or wine tours of France. Make sure to bring along your camera and an empty stomach: they will leave you an inimitable souvenir you may cherish for many a year to come.

Intrigued? Ready to explore some of these world-class French markets? If so, browse our suggestions below. Let yourself dream up your ideal food and wine tour in France, and then contact us so we can start crafting your private, high-luxury adventure.

We also invite you to have a look at some other nice suggestions related to our private French food tours: embarking on one with us will allow you to discover France’s incomparable and unique terroirs, as well as indulge in some incredible gastronomic experiences and gourmet dinners in remarkable places. And for anyone hoping to add a historical and cultural dimension or a discovery of France off the beaten path to their luxury tour of the country, the sky’s the limit. Each of our bespoke private itineraries is painstakingly crafted to fulfill your desires and correspond perfectly to your interests. No two are alike– we promise.

Marie Tesson in vineyard founder of Exclusive France Tours

Marie Tesson


Passionate about pastry and gastronomy, my greatest pleasure is to meet artisans. I like exploring new places, new products. I never hesitate to go beyond the demands of our customers, for a full satisfaction.

A few suggestions for discovering France's most picturesque markets

An unusual guest attending Mass in Provence: Truffle celebrations

When: Winter

For who: gourmets and truffle lovers

Why: To discover new traditions in a unique cultural setting

Description : In France, there are many curious and distinctive traditions surrounding truffles, a delicacy also known as “black diamonds” due to their expense and rarity. There is a world-renowned annual mass each winter that brings together lovers and producers of truffles. However, you needn’t worry should your private tour not coincide with this treasured local event: there are dozens such markets all over Provence that sell delicious truffles and related products throughout the winter months. We will also include fine dining experiences at local inns renowned for their mastery of the black diamond. This is certainly one of our most-coveted culinary tours in France– and it’s not difficult to imagine why.

Gourmet food tour at the renowned Bocuse market – Lyon

When: all year round

For whom: true lovers of gourmet adventure.

Why: because Lyon is a true gastronomic treasure trove

Description : Lyon is undoubtedly the capital of French food and gastronomy. By paying a visit to the gourmet Halles Paul Bocuse– names after the beloved and late Michelin-starred Chef– you will confirm firsthand that this market is legendary for good reason. Quenelles, St Marcellin from the Mère Richard, charcuterie in the purest tradition, brioche with praline and numerous other local specialities can be found here. Beyond the pleasure of tasting, your local guide will share the history of Lyon with you: one which is rich and full of culture, architecture, and Gallo-Roman treasures as well as brave acts of resistance during World War II. Take all the time you need for this very pleasant stroll through Lyon.

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A Picturesque medieval market on the Isle of Ré

When : all year round

For whom: early birds and gourmets

Why: for the pure pleasure of tasting excellent local products.

Description : The island of Ré has this special ambiance that will make you feel perfectly relaxed. Every morning, the local market peddles true gastronomic delights: a local ritual that it would be a pity to miss out on. In these picturesque market halls, farmers and vendors share moments of pure happiness with you. Here, you’ll literally taste the good life– French-style.

Aromas and flavours of Provence

When: all year round

For whom: those in search of gastronomic discoveries

Why: to better understand the traditions of Provence– and capture its soul

Description : The traditional markets of Provence are incredibly diverse, thanks in part to the richness of the region’s soil and the centuries-long savoir-faire of its farmers and producers. Come and choose between myriad colours and flavours: a full range of fruits and vegetables, herbs and plants, goat’s cheeses of all kinds and shapes, olive oil, honey and unusual jams. However, let’s not forget the famous French breads, from the Provencal fougasse to the perfectly crusty baguette– or even better still, traditional bread laced with dried fruit. Everyone will find exactly what their heart desires. One thing is sure: you will discover an exceptionally wide range of products and specialties. You might even meet friendly locals willing to share their tips on how best to enjoy what you have just bought. The opportunities for both gourmet enjoyment and cultural exchange abound…

The magic of Christmas markets – Alsace

When: December

For whom: lovers of Christmas both big and small.

Why: To experience the magic of the Christmas season, French-style

Description : At Christmas time, local life in Alsace practically revolves around its magnificent and magical French Christmas markets. Do not hesitate a second to swap your skis and the Alsace mountains for its warm, festive “Noel” markets and enchanting wine route. From the medieval market of Ribeauvillé to the tiny one of Eguisheim, passing through the brilliant market of Colmar, the magic will be all around you! Local producers and artisans will take the time to discuss their wares with you and to explain their traditions with a mixture of kindness and authenticity.

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