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The southwestern French city of Bordeaux has gained global acclaim through its remarkable wines. It’s not surprising, then, that wine tours in and around Bordeaux are the elegant city’s principal tourist attraction. Wines from the surrounding Saint-Emilion, Medoc and Sauternes areas/appellations draw visitors from around the world, eager to taste some of the finest bottles the region has to offer.

Bordeaux has long been the symbol of France’s winemaking savvy and prestige. 2,000 years ago, during the Gallo-Roman era, the first vineyards were planted in the area. The city’s location along the Gironde estuary provided an ideal trade route with the British Isles. This gave local winemakers the opportunity to access different regions of the world; over time,    these trading routes gained Bordeaux its global reputation as a prestigious centre for winemaking. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or an amateur, come discover the secrets of Bordeaux’s legendary winemaking traditions.

Of course, the city and its surrounds have even more to offer than wine-tasting opportunities, including spectacular natural beauty and cultural riches. In addition to serving as France’s wine capital, Bordeaux is one of the nation’s most remarkable and diverse cities, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Arcachon Bay, only a one-hour drive from the city, will move with its stunning, wild landscapes, its surreal and enormous sand dunes and its spectacular waters.


Extraordinary wines:

luxury wine tasting Bordeaux region, in yquem castel, grape picking of sauternes

For centuries, Bordeaux has taken enormous pride in the distinctive and extraordinary wines produced in vineyards surrounding the city. Wine tours of Bordeaux and its many prestigious nearby vineyards and domaines is a must for any luxury traveler interested in experiencing only the very best. At the same time, wine-tasting in this region is a sophisticated part of the local tourism industry, meaning it is an ideal place to start when you want to explore France’s principal winemaking regions.

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Compared to more confidential and secretive regions such as Burgundy or the Loire Valley, exploring the cellars and domaines of Bordeaux is far more accessible for tourists. However, don’t let that convince you that there are no secrets to discover here. The area is home to a winemaking tradition that is at once traditional and remarkably diverse: Wines from the Médoc are completely different from the ones produced in St-Emilion; the gorgeous white wines of Sauternes are entirely distinctive as well. And the secrets of how to make them? These are carefully guarded ones: only a private French wine tour with a savvy guide will allow you to penetrate the mysteries of the most renowned bottles. That’s where we can help: embark with us on a tasting tour of Bordeaux and surrounds, and we’ll initiate you to some of the most extraordinary wines and cellars you’ve ever encountered.


Natural wonders:

The wider region of Aquitaine is multi-faceted: discover breathtaking natural landscapes and outdoor adventure in the Arcachon Bay, or in Les Landes which also offers remarkable natural features and wildlife. Squeezed between the   Arcachon Bay on one side and  the Atlantic Ocean on the other, the Cap Ferret is a gorgeous sight to behold (and wonderful to explore).  Also make sure to see the unique, enormous, and magnificent Dune du Pilat, the highest sand dune in Europe.

Arts and Culture:

If you are an art lover, this is one destination that is calling your name! From classical and contemporary museums to vibrant street art, Bordeaux has given its local artists the opportunity to turn the city into a flourishing and important centre of arts and culture. The region has given birth to many authors and artists, including French philosopher Michel de Montaigne.

History & Architecture:

In Aquitaine, you can enjoy many different forms of cultural heritage, from medieval castles to Roman churches and the Vauban fortifications, a UNESCO World Heritage site dating to the 15th and 16th centuries. Your bespoke tour of the region may also include explorations around prestigious and historic Châteaux, family domaines and mysterious underground wine cellars. Plunge into the past– and understand the vibrant present much more clearly.


Fine gastronomy and cuisine:

Bordeaux’s local gastronomy and cuisine is one of its true crown jewels.  Regional specialities are both numerous and delicious, from oysters to foie gras with mushrooms, and sweet pastries such as cannelés and noisettines. Your palate will be awakened, especially as you pair local delicacies with fantastic wines. The region also boasts many Michelin-starred restaurants, serving some of the most extraordinary French cuisine on offer.

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