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More than perhaps any other French region, Burgundy reserves many secrets and jealously guarded traditions– ones that are difficult for tourists to access. This is why our Burgundy wine tours are so exceptional: they offer insight into the remarkable region’s history and distinctive cultural character, and give visitors access to local networks of vintnering professionals. You will need their insiders’ knowledge and insight to truly understand the history and traditions behind Burgundy’s world-renowned wines.

The inhabitants of Burgundy– who have laid claim to a French “art de vivre” like no one else–  are a fiercely proud group. Their mentality is perfectly summarised in the chorus of the French drinking song, “Fier d’être Bourguignon” (Proud to be from Burgundy).

In addition to being home to some of France’s finest vineyards and winemakers, Burgundy is an immense living history book, boasting numerous palaces, castles, cathedrals and abbeys.  One Michelin guide book succinctly describes this region’s endless treasures: “Wherever you go in Burgundy, there’s a castle, a church, or a village to visit.”

Our Unique Burgundy Wine Tours

Our entirely private wine tours of Burgundy are guaranteed to transport you to the heart of French vintnering and its most-treasured secrets. Our savoir-faire and local connections guarantee extraordinary experiences and tastings that are inaccessible to most tourists. Embarking on a bespoke tour with us and our expert travel curators in the region, you will enter a timeless realm of tradition and exceptionality. You will plunge deep into the most coveted cellars and production sites, and sample Burgundy’s world-class cuisine alongside rare vintages. You will be part of a select few allowed to penetrate inner sanctuaries and family estates, where you will be welcomed like a special guest.

In short, for those who appreciate the finer things in life, Burgundy is the perfect luxury travel destination!


Amazing and exceptional wines: 

If you choose to visit this remarkable region, it will most likely be to experience one of our bespoke wine tours: after all, any Pinot noir lover worth his or her salt dreams of getting to Burgundy one day to experience this almost sacred wine-making area. You will observe, understand and taste some of the region’s greatest wines, from the Cote des Nuits to the Cote de Beaune. Thanks to us, you will have the privilege of penetrating the region’s greatest winemaking domains, and learning some of the secrets behind the production of their finest bottles.

In Burgundy, wine is more than just a drink: it is a passion. Our greatest objective is to allow you to experience that passion firsthand through our unique wine tours. We will painstakingly craft your dream excursion to Burgundy: no two of our tours are ever exactly alike, as they are designed with the tastes and preferences of each of our clients in mind.

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Unique scenery and breathtaking cultural heritage:

Burgundy offers breathtaking landscapes dotted with numerous castles, an infinite number of legendary and historical sites, and a beautiful capital city. This is a land of diversity, full of surprises and astonishment, so let yourself be drawn into the landscapes and taken on an unforgettable adventure. If you feel like a bit of carefree fun during your excursion here, why not see the region from behind the wheel of a 2CV vintage car? We invite you to discover our enjoyable 2CV wine tours here.

Culinary delights:

Pair the world’s greatest wines from Burgundy with some of the region’s delicious specialties: parsley ham, coq au vin, snails in garlic butter and remarkable cheeses are only a few. And to learn more about local gastronomy, you can even participate in a mustard-making class, autumn truffle tasting or learn how to bake the region’s signature pain d’épices (gingerbread). We can incorporate countless culinary delights into your bespoke wine tour: just tell us what interests and appeals to you, and we’ll make it an unforgettable part of your regional discovery!

Recharging your batteries:

There are so many fantastic ways to relax in the region. Barging in Burgundy is a must-do: it is one of the nicest places  to enjoy this boating style, as you float by picturesques villages, endless vineyards, and historic castles. The only thing that matters is your well-being. Relax in Burgundy and enjoy luxury spa experiences at your 5-star hotel, before casually biking along France’s first “green route” – a pedestrian/cycling greenway– or practice your swing at the region’s most beautiful golf courses.

Culture, history & architecture:

Stroll along old Dijon’s medieval streets and follow a guided tour of one of the most beautiful museums in France. Admire the tombs of the Dukes of Valois. Travel back in time with the Cistercian monks. Enter the inner Courtyard of the Hospices de Beaune and let yourself stand awestruck at its multicoloured glazed tiles. Visit the majestic Château du Clos de Vougeot, a building that’s been sailing on a sea of vineyards for over 700 years. Proof that the region’s “not only” about wine: you’ll have no lack of cultural encounters with France’s rich history during your stay here.

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