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We go far beyond ordinary, run-of-the-mill tours & excursions, whether for corporate groups or individuals looking to experience something truly unique and memorable. To help you visualise what we have to offer, and give you some inspiring templates for your own bespoke itinerary around France, we’re delighted to share some of our favorite luxury tours with you: extraordinary private excursions and events that we created exclusively for our clients.

What Sets Our Tours Apart?

The answer lies in the fine details. As you know, true luxury is hard to achieve. For the bespoke tour designer, striking the right balance and achieving something like mysterious “alchemy” is essential. To state that we create some of the best luxury tours available will not convince anyone if we fail to deliver on our promises, or to exceed our clients’ expectations. A custom itinerary that simple shuttles you from one high-end destination to the next will not necessarily make your experience exceptional.

After all, you don’t need anyone else to look up and book a great palace hotel, secure a table at the best Michelin-star restaurants, or even to gain access to renowned and prestigious estates. When you work with us, you will get far more than all that. Following painstaking research and planning, we will realise your travel vision and make your experience a truly exceptional one– down to every fine detail.

Our dedicated team of luxury travel curators and private guides at Exclusive France Tours is at your service to design the travel experiences of your dreams. Whether you’re interested in a luxury French wine tour that involves meeting renowned vintners, discovering France’s historical and architectural heritage, a high-end adventure tour or staging a unique themed evening, you can be certain that we’ll craft an unforgettable experience– just for you.

Indeed, each and every one of our bespoke tours and events are carefully tailored to our clients’ desires, interests and personal vision. But we also aim to surprise you: to open your eyes and senses to the marvellous riches of France and all it has to offer. Our challenge is to match your imagination and vision with concrete ideas: we offer suggestions, and you make the final decisions on how your trip will unfold.

Our satisfaction lies in knowing that we make your high-end travel dreams a vibrant reality. Thanks to our dedicated team of expert travel curators, you will experience France in a truly exceptional way. The result? A getaway that you’ll most certainly never forget.

Some of our Favourite past luxury tours

Below are examples of some of our very best bespoke tours, exclusively conceived for clients who have become so special to us. Many of them will recognise their stories and adventures as well as their contributions toward making them come to life– for which we thank them!

Scroll through some of our “Hall of Fame” tours and see what inspires your imagination– then contact us so we can start crafting your own tailored luxury French getaway.

Wondering where to go? if you’re unsure about which French regions to privilege, browse our Destinations section.

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