Hiking in France with a nature guide

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Exclusive Activity: Trekking and hiking in France with a nature guide

For who: Nature lovers; beginners and experienced walkers

Why: Discover a region in a new way


There is nothing more revitalizing and energizing than a nature trek in the middle of nowhere with a local nature guide. Again, whatever the French destination you choose, we will organize some amazing walks for you which will sweep you away. Magic will be there. Come back to simplicity and authenticity by having a walk in nature. Hiking in France is trully fulfilling. Awaken your senses at every turn as you explore nature with a variety of landscapes and views. Whether you are climbing a treacherous mountain or following a simple nature trail. Soak up various panoramas. In the company of your naturalist guide, you will discover a multitude of unsuspected riches.You will appreciate the beauty of the countryside whether it be on the coast or in the uplands.


Go through some of the below suggestions of hiking in France. Take a look at what is partucilarly interesting for you…and contact us!

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Provençale in spirit and Anglo-Saxon in culture, I am a fervent follower of open nature activities. I am an art and gastronomy lover and am particularly fond of coastal regions. I enjoy creating experiences and bringing about encounters with artisans and artists.

Some suggestions for hiking in France with a nature guide...

Wandering through the heart of vineyards

When: Spring; summer; autumn

For who: Wine and vineyard lovers.

Why: Stroll in the vineyards; understand the “terroir”; give another dimension to wine.


Immerse yourself in a sea of vines, omnipresent in Burgundy. The bottles which have made you dream come from here, you will discover the mythical plots: Romanée Conti, Vougeot, Grands Echezeaux, Amoureuses… You will then understand even better the complexity of these great wines in the company of your guide who will decode for you the impact of the soil.In the end, for sure, you will fall in love with the beauty of the Burgundy landcapes and vines, and you will be amazed by the authenticity of your meetings with the locals.

Marvelling at the ochre soils in Provence

When: Spring; summer; autumn; winter

For who: Nature and Provence lovers.

Why: Discover some wonderful and warm landscapes.


One of the magic of hiking in France comes from some amazing surroundings you may cross. The ochre soils of Provence are part of it. Let yourself be seduced by the warm and wild beauty of the Luberon colourful landscapes. Let yourself be overwhelmed contemplating the majestic Cedar Forest, the surprising ochres of the provencal colorado or the impressive geological heritage that can ben seen at Forcalquier’s “mourres”. Your local guide will bring you on the paths of his native region and will be proud to reveal the multiple resources of these colourful territories.

Dune de Pilat escapade – Aquitaine

When: Spring; summer; autumn

For who: Nature and sea lovers; every aficionado of great outdoors.

Why: Be astonished by the beauty of the landscapes.


During the stay in Bordeaux, after vineyard exploration wine lovers can endulge a large bowl of marine air at about 1 hour from Bordeaux. The basin of Arcachon will instantly stupefy you with: the famous Dune du Pilat, the exploration of oyster villages and oyster farms aboard a pinasse with your local guide, the observation of hundreds of birds that populate the basin. To end your day you will appreciate an aperitif admiring colours such as mauve, pink and orange of the sumptuous sunset on the Dune the Pilat… These magical moments will remain for ever in your souvenir.

Customs footpath between ocean and wild nature – Brittany

When: Spring; summer; autumn

For who: Those who don’t care to have a bit of rain.

Why: Breath sea breeze. Fall in love with the beauty of greys and blues.


Discover Brittany through the symbolical customs trail. From the Emerald Coast to the bay of Mont Saint Michel, let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the landscapes. From the Grouin Point to Cancale, you will explore the north coast of Brittany in the smallest detail. At your arrival at Cancale, why not be be tempted by the speciality of the city with oysters tasting and a nice glass of white wine from the Loire Valley.

Trekking through the Pyrenees

When: Spring; summer; autumn

For who: Nature and hike lovers.

Why: Be amazed in front of the beauty around you; discover some pretty painted churches.


Escape for a day in the magnificent region of Luchon, “the Queen of the Pyrenees”. Thanks to the mythical Col de Peyresourde known by the fans of the Tour de France, the hiker will be in absolute joy and wonder: waterfalls, verdant plains, stunning peaks, picturesque villages, painted churches… this stroll in the Pyrenees will leave you with an unforgettable memory, source of well-being.


Wandering through the heart of Basque country

When: Spring; summer; autumn

For who: Basque nature and green lands enthusiasts.

Why: Discover a region in an original way, by walking.


Discover the Pays Basque in a different way by walking along the shores of the Marion and Mouriscot lakes on horseback or on foot with a nature guide and explore this verdant grove through the richness of its fauna and flora.

There are so many possibilities for hiking in France… whatever region you plan to visit, we will design for you a bespoke tour with great nature walks. Just contact us for a trully fulfilling experience of hikking in France.

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