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Skiing in the Alps is a classic and coveted attraction during the winter holidays: stunning landscapes of snow-capped mountains, great resorts, and endless slopes with magnificent powder await you. But while a ski holiday here is almost invariably idyllic, the region has far much more to offer, including opportunities for breathtaking mountain hikes in the summer. Taking a private tour of the Alps is a fantastic idea no matter the time of year. Read on to learn why.

Geographically speaking, the Alps comprise a wide expanse of territory. Few have not heard of Megève, Courchevel or the world-famous Mont Blanc. It is varied and frequently spectacular in it is beauty. Even in the summer, its snow-capped mountains scintillate in the sun. Rivers and lakes feed pristine, sparkling water around the mountain system, eventually leading to the distant Mediterranean Sea.

The region is renowned for the diversity of its cheeses and local dishes highly appreciated after a day on the ski slopes. If it is fresh bracing air you are looking for, perfumed with the aroma of wild mountain flowers the Alps is where you should be.



Let’s face it, most head to the Alps for one thing only: skiing! Stay in the most prestigious and internationally renowned mountain resorts, such as Megève and Courchevel. The hardest part may be deciding which is more ideal for your winter break. Skiing is an enjoyable activity for everyone, no matter their age or level. And even those not so keen on skiing can enjoy activities such as snowboarding snowshoeing, and ice skating. Of course, indulging in some self-pampering to soothe your tired muscles is also essential: make sure to beeline to one of the most luxurious spas in the Alps to give yourself over to total relaxation.

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Wild animals:

The Alps are home to a breathtaking wild life and many animal species, from the iconic to the reclusive. Thanks to protective measures, populations of wild animals are making a comeback in the Alps and can often be observed frolicking in their habitat.

Rich traditions: 

During your holidays in the Alps, discover the historical influence of human presence, the rich diversity of cultures, their different languages and traditions. You will see that it has resulted in a unique cultural landscape. Also, don’t forget to learn more about traditional farming practices that date back to Neolithic times. For instance, discover how honey is made traditionally in the Alps.

Sources of life: 

Springs, torrents and rivers abound in this region of outstanding natural beauty, each with its own specific character. Some sources were already known and used in ancient times for their many therapeutic virtues. There is a variety of thermal stations to be chosen from depending on therapeutic indications or specificities. Glaciers remain year-round in some places, allowing for exceptional ski sessions in the summer.

Natural Parks:

Here, rare wild flowers proliferate, while eagles and buzzards soar high in the azure blue sky. The Alps’ natural parks are among the most impressive and diverse in France. Explore them in summer or winter and they will show you the incredible beauty of the Alps.

Intrigued? Get inspired with some of the marvellous Alpine scenery pictured below. As you can see, ski holidays in the Alps are always recommended, but there is much more to do in this magnificent region. Contact us to start building your private tour of the Alps or luxury ski getaway in the area .

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