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Exclusive France Tours is a PRESTIGIOUS CULTURAL TOURISM AGENCY that specialises in creating luxury France tours and unique packages tailored to meet the requirements of INDIVIDUALS, GROUPS and CORPORATE.

Whether a dream holiday, pursuit of a personal passion or a strategic corporate event, Exclusive France Tours is your partner of choice. Constantly, we seek to create for you out of the ordinary discoveries, made of authenticity and rare experiences. You will quickly realize that our luxury France tours will bring you even more than what you could ever imagine…

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple and sincere; we recognise every client is different. Therefore, all our luxury France tours are unique. Our first step is to get to know you and understand what you are looking for- your interests and goals.  We then work hand in hand, combining our 20 years of travel and event management expertise with your ideas to create your unique experience.

Also fundamental to our philosophy is authenticity. Whether your interest is France’s rich history, its gourmet discoveries, its amazing wines or extreme sport, your experience will involve local people, the ambassadors of French culture. Artisans are the heart of every trade, dedicated to their regional peculiarities.  With skills passed down through generations, they welcome the opportunity to share their passion. Their intimate subject knowledge, their enthusiasm and their perspective brings your story to life. You will experience the living heritage of France, leaving you with much more than the visit itself. Our luxury France tours go far beyond enjoyable journeys: you will live, feel, breeze and taste France with all its specificities.

Marie Tesson

Marie Tesson

Exclusive France Tours

Forever in search of something new, I love wandering through France to uncover hidden treasures. Epicurian by nature, I am enthralled by culture in every form, wine (with a special affinity for those from Bourgogne and Rhone valley), gastronomy and anything out of the ordinary.

France has much to offer. It abounds in history, arts, culture, food, wine, magnificent countryside.  Read on and see where your desires and our expertise can take you. Our tailor-made luxury France tours and corporate events will leave you with an undying memory.

Immerse yourself in French Culture and Heritage

France’s heritage is an inexhaustible source of inspiration; history, arts, music, literature, fashion and architecture. Our team works to deliver an immersive experience – feel, breathe and live it. According to your interests, we work with the appropriate experts and specialists to provide:

Historical explorations that can include personalised visits to renowned historical sites or themed historical tours that can take on new dimensions through novel treasure hunts; night visits or photographic safaris by Segway.

Gastronomic wanderings; cooking classes with a master Chef; food tours and visits to local markets and food producers; workmanship discovery with a craftsman;

Wine appreciation is as fundamental to French culture as food, and is a special love of Exclusive France Tours. Through an in-depth knowledge and contacts, we can organise intimate encounters with winemakers, personalised tours of vineyards; wine lessons with professionals; tastings in the cellars of renowned estates; exploration of the vines in a jeep or by “2CV” cars; walking jaunts or develop a new concept to best meet your ideas.

Along your journey, one of the story lines will be meeting with local experts. As has always been the case, the artisans are the very soul of the country, the essence of French life. Your encounters with winemakers, chefs, cheese makers, craftsmen, farmers will bring more than their know-how. They will pass on the spirit of French culture.

Plunge into Sports and Nature based Activities

France offers an infinite variety of enjoyable nature breaks!

You will be spoilt for choice if you are looking for a close encounter with France’s natural wonders. There is an endless list of possibilities.  Exclusive France Tours adds another dimension through novel ways to explore your chosen areas.

Why not trek with friends in the heart of the breath-taking Pyrenees National Park? Accompanied by a local mountain guide you will discover the many facets of the region. Perhaps, an early morning balloon flight is more appealing. Imagine floating over the Loire River valley in the early morning light, drifting with the soft breeze as you enjoy breathtaking views of the stunning landscape dotted with fairy-tale chateaux. For the more adventurous, we propose a magical flight in a ULM over the renowned Mont Saint Michel surrounded by high tides.

Each season offers different possibilities. Looking for a break during your ski holidays? Why not go dogsledding or hiking in the snowy Alps mountains? Rafting in Ardèche near the Sainte Croix lake is sure to provide an adrenalin rush. Perhaps by an early start for a deep-sea fishing day with a professional fisherman? Summer hiking through the mountain pastures, enjoying the pure mountain air and stunning views.

Do you seek a cycling adventure? We can design a tour in any of our specialty regions. What better way to experience the wine areas of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne regions. Enjoy a picnic of the local delicacies.  For those looking for a more relaxed pace, take family and friends on a barge through Burgundy countryside for the perfect escape.

Of course, we can help with the ‘après’ activities to relax and recuperate with our best addresses for spas, massages, dining. Get ready for truly unique luxury France tours!


Themed Events

For special occasions with family and friends or corporate gatherings, one of our favourite  functions is themed evenings. All of the team take on the atmosphere and excitement, combining their creativity to find novel locations and themes.

An aperitif on top of the tower of a historical site to the musical notes of a soprano diva; fine dining in a wine tank with an oenologist; teatime with a Duchess in her fairy-tale castle; a refined gastronomic evening in a UNESCO listed historical site being entertained by comedians, playing roulette or black jack during a casino night in a castle; a gala dinner in a renovated abbey; a birthday celebration in a former movie theatre themed to the period or movie;

We work closely with you to ensure the perfect event unfolds to exceed your expectations. Our team will work to coordinate any travel plans throughout France and its neighbouring countries with the same attention to detail.

Throughout France and its neighbouring countries.

Wine Tours made of Passion and Authenticity

French wine is emotive and stimulating. Indeed, it was the love of French wine that inspired Exclusive Wine Tours’ founder, Marie Tesson to share its magic. 20 years later her passion has not dimmed and Marie continues to ensure that each client experience is authentic and personalised.

Through family and close friendship connections with famous winemakers, you can expect during your wine tour private meetings on the estates – some of which are usually closed to the public, guided wine-tastings and learn about the winemaking processes and cellar management.  The  friendly, personal atmosphere will give your individual wine tours or your corporate events both conviviality and originality.

We can help you choose which of France diversified wine-making areas – Burgundy, the Bordelais, Champagne, the Loire valley, Alsace, the Rhône Valley or Provence – will best suit your interests and plans. Thanks to our wine expertise over 20 years, we will be thrilled to share with you our knowledge and our contacts in the wine universe. Your private wine tour will be totally unique.

Who are we?

How it started… with Marie Tesson, owner of Exclusive France Tours

After studies in finance and international law, Marie worked some years at the Australian Embassy in Paris; she was part of the investment team. She then left Paris for Australia: she was appointed to be the Managing Director of the French Australian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney. There, she organized major luxury events and VIP receptions.

Once back in France, she settled down on a wine estate in the heart of Burgundy. It did not take her long to realize how promising wine tourism could be in Burgundy. This French destination was at that time just at the dawn of high end, authentic tourism related to wine. In 2001, she then created her first agency, with a deep desire of sharing and transmitting her love for wine, terroir and French culture. As a former wife of a wine producer, she naturally developed very privileged relationships in this exclusive region of France. This is where this long story started.

A dedicated team at your entire service

Little by little, client requests became more specific, other regions were demanded which pushed her to develop outside wine and outside Burgundy: Bordeaux, Champagne, Provence, the Basque Country, the Loire Valley, Lyon & the Cote du Rhone, Alsace… Besides, this never-ending journey is continuously fed with the fresh impulses received from clients asking for diverse requests in any field. It pushes her to go always further and to work on an always renewed approach. And the infinite variety of culture, heritage, gastronomy, humans offered by the French destinations does not stop inspiring her for designing marvellous experiences for you.

Now, Marie has surrounded herself by various personalities who share the same passion for well accomplished work.

Our approach:

Our AMBITION is to offer our clients the discovery of the unknown by creating tailor made, first rate stays and business events in France. We propose you a personalized approach to local and regional heritage; therefore, we will of course take into account your taste, your whims and eventually your very wildest dreams.


Hardworking, reliable, imaginative, organized, demanding, creative, sticklers for detail, rapid and passionate; these are the key words which reflect our VISION and our every day mission to be the best. There is no challenge we won’t take up. We understand your needs in a flash. Your satisfaction is what we aim to. YOUR PLEASURE is our ultimate reward.

Only up for simple services?

  • We do not sell hotels;
  • We do not book pre-set tours;
  • No vouchers;
  • Nor any standard list of restaurants.

Exclusive France Tours go much further!

What you will find with us:

We create your vision

Our ambition: to design a once in a lifetime experience for you

We transform your wishes into rare moments

We write the scenario of your French adventure. Then, we set up your dedicated storyboard.

Then…Action !

Some ideas of Exclusive luxury France tours


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