What is great with 2CV, is that even if you can't drive faster than 60km/h (37,3 mph), you still have the feeling to be a Formula 1 racing driver! I had so much fun to take short turns, to hardly climb the stony roads, and to hit the slopes in the middle of vineyards. Our playground was perfect!

We made some stops to admire the scenery, and we have met Pierre, a passionated winemaker who told us a lot about his vines, Burgundy wines, and the famous "Climats" (terroirs), particularity of the region: here, a Climat is a wine growingterroir associating geographic plots, particular grape variety and ancestral expertise,  et savoir-faire ancestral, inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List… Which shows how important it is!

A delicious picnic and a wine tasting were waiting for us at lunch, still in the middle of vineyards. I am not very good to recognize grape varieties, nor to accurately describe it, be the wines tasted were fabulous!

On the way back, we made a last stop where Frédéric proposed us a barrel making workshop. It was very interesting and playful. He told us about Burgundy oaks, which gives an incomparable aroma to the wine. Frédéric showed us how to make a barrel: it's really magic because he uses nor nail, neither glue, just geometry, metal circles, a mallet, and an impressive technic!"

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