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Brittany is one of France’s most mythical and fascinating destinations. Offering an enchanting mix of breathtaking coastlines, opportunities for nature walks and wildlife observation, a rich historical heritage and a unique local culture that includes numerous gastronomic delights, the region is both charming and distinctive. Situated in northwestern France and bordering Normandy, it is a favourite destination among British visitors in particular. But no matter where you’re travelling from, a luxury Brittany holiday in France offers the perfect blend of relaxation, culture, and high-end adventure.

The region’s history stretches back at least 450,000 years, with archeological digs revealing an early settlement in the form of an hearth. Discovered in the town of Plouhinec, it is one of the oldest in the world to have been unearthed so far: Homo Sapiens settled there 35,000 years ago. Settlers from the Neolithic period left behind numerous immense and breathtaking megalithic formations around Brittany: ones that continue to draw thousands of tourists each year.

As you’ve likely gathered by now, Brittany’s history is incredibly rich. It also boasts a vibrant local culture: one that has often stood out from the rest of France. The Bretons are a furiously independent people and have always hoped for greater independence within the French Republic. But not to worry: this independent streak does not take away from the inherent warmth and welcoming spirit among locals!

Read on to learn all that this diverse and rich region has to offer, no matter your interests and travel goals.

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Sea and sand: 

Bordered on three sides by the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean, the maritime culture in Brittany is deeply rooted, and you will never be far from the sea. Make sure that your luxury Brittany holiday involves seafaring activities such as boating, fishing, oyster-tasting, or long hikes along breathtaking coastal areas such as the Pink Granite coast.

You can walk for hours in the sand, enjoying superb natural landscapes, fresh sea air and wildlife. Brittany is also the perfect place for a romantic escape or honeymoon: see here for one example of a wonderful bespoke couple’s getaway. 

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You can also indulge in a full range of adventurous and luxurious maritime activities: kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing, surfing, yachting and much more. Brittany’s remarkably well-preserved environment offers opportunities for outdoor enjoyment that are nearly limitless.

Megalithic monuments:

In Brittany, prehistoric architecture is remarkably present and visible. The region’s millenia-long history has left its mark in the form of megalithic stones, castles, quaint houses, majestic cathedrals and much more. The region also boasts a remarkable number of  UNESCO World Heritage sites, just waiting for you to explore them.

Local Culture:

Bretons are extremely proud of their local cultural traditions. You’l be surprised to see women of all ages sporting regional dress for special occasions such as festivals: rather than doing so to please tourists, these practices are deeply rooted rituals and customs. When you embark on a bespoke tour of the region with us, we will serve as a cultural guide and translator, helping you to encounter Brittany and its distinctive traditions in a truly authentic way. We’ll introduce you to a world you never knew existed– leaving you with unforgettable memories.


Breton culture is also acclaimed for its local gastronomy and cuisine. Locals know how to surprise and enliven visitors’ taste buds– so make sure not to miss out on sampling delicious regional specialities.  Try their famous “galettes”: a particular kind of savoury buckwheat crepe filled with cheese, ham, eggs and other delicious ingredients. Other local fare to indulge in include the “far breton” (a prune-flavoured flan), the unique “kouign amain” cake, and seafood in all forms. Oysters are a delicacy produced in Brittany that you should certainly sample during your holiday, ideally accompanied by a fine local white wine. In short, if you are a gourmet or a curious foodie, Brittany is an ideal destination. We can devise the perfect culinary tour of the region for you, opening your palate to authentic flavours and guiding you to some of the finest gourmet experiences Brittany has to offer.

Inspired yet? Contact us to start creating your own unforgettable Brittany holiday in France– and scroll down for visual examples of what to see and do on your luxury getaway!

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