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Périgord is not as renowned as some French regions, yet it has much to offer travellers looking for both culture and luxury.  Our bespoke Perigord and Dordogne holidays are quite tempting for those looking for a mix of culture, history, castles and rich gastronomy. This charming French region, rich with countryside and green spaces, also affords opportunities for great walks and bicycles rides as well as some easy kayak explorations.

Boasting the world-famous Lascaux Caves, Dordogne is one of the world’s most important spots for discovering prehistoric art and culture; it is also renowned for its flavourful and authentic local French cuisine: think goat’s cheese, duck and foie gras. It is the true touristic and cultural hub of the southwest.

From Sarlat, you can stroll along secondary roads lined with charming villages, prehistoric sites (including the impressive Grotte de Lascaux that no one should miss), and medieval fortresses.

Next, a complete tour of the region will have you wind through a hilly and undulating landscape: a perfect mirror of quintessential France, with its soft green meadows and vineyards hugging romantic chateaux, farms and bastides (fortified hilltop villages). To the East, ancient caves and rock shelters conceal Europe’s best treasure trove of prehistoric art.


Tasting typical French cuisine & fine wines: 

Périgord is a real paradise for foodies. You can find a wide range of local specialities to taste all of which are certain to regale you: from the well-known duck or goose foie gras to black truffles omelette, and traditional walnut pie. Vineyard wise, the region counts numerous high-quality wines, from solid and respected “appellations” such as Bergerac, Pécharmant and Montbazillac. Less well-known than its neighbours in nearby Bordeaux, these fine wines won’t be disappointing to taste and enjoy.

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Following the tracks of cavemen: 

With the largest number of Prehistoric remains in Europe, Périgord is a region full of caves, shelters, cave paintings, engravings and sculptures. The incredible Palaeolithic-era caves at Lascaux will not fail to take your breath away– and will take you back to humanity’s origins, tens of thousands of years ago. Mostly depicting large animals that were native to the region during the Ice Age, the paintings are an experience every traveler to France should see at least once. Learn more about the Lascaux caves here. 

Exploring scenic rivers: 

Abounding in gorgeous rivers, any traveler looking for a water-centric adventure will not be disappointed by a trip to the Dordogne and Perigord. You can easily rent a canoe-kayak, take a barge downstream for a day of relaxed exploration, fish in the river or simply swim. From the Vézère and the l’Isle to the Dronne and the l’Auvézère, there are so many rivers to enjoy– so go find your favourite.

Wandering around open-air markets: 

Saturday morning markets in the deliciously small and provincial old Roman town of Périgueux will make you realize how serious a business food is in this tiny capital. In Périgord, the cuisine is glorious: from seasonal local produce to duck, goose and and one of the most luxuriant foods known to mankind, black truffles, the is truly a gourmet’s paradise. For a food-centric traveler, what could be dreamier than having a local producer hand-pick the best foie gras, Bergerac wine or Cabécou goat’s cheese for you? There’s also the possibility of having a local expert take you on a bespoke food tour of the region: a surefire way to home in on the best products and meet local artisans.

Looking for exceptional Dordogne holidays or tours? Get in touch with us to begin crafting your private getaway to the region, whether you’re most interested in food and wine, outdoor adventures, or exploring the region’s rich history. We’ll show you the very best the region has to offer– in luxury and style.

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